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Bermuda Government Grants Omega One Crypto Exchange License

The government of Bermuda has granted the license to Omega One to operate as a crypto exchange in the country under the provisions of the Digital Asset Business Act. Omega One is the first business to be awarded such a license.

Omega One had recently announced the official launch of Omega Dark, a dark pool focused on instructions within the crypto sphere.

The executive team of Omega One includes CEO Alex Gordon Bander, ex-US Commissioner Bart Chilton, Commodity Futures trading commissioner Jeff Abramczyk, and many more. 

Few comments on Omega One,

Few comments on Omega OneThese are done via the VWAP coupled with an intuitive order slicing. The other characteristics that users can expect from this platform are a diverse portfolio with enhanced trading environs, AML/KYC, reporting of taxes, insurance, and an analysis of existing risks.

Omega Dark is welcoming applications to its Early Access Project. They have found a way to join forces with different liquidity providers, hedge funds, trading desks,  exchanges, market creators.

As this is only the pilot stage of official endorsements, Omega One, is working to offer a lot more. The organization is also looking to grab licenses worldwide and the United States in an effort to broaden its outreach.

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