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Ethereum Foundation Re-Launches Community Website With New Features

Ethereum Foundation earlier had launched a community website called, but due to some reason, Ethereum Foundation had removed it off. People who knew about the Ethereum community website might be happy to hear about this news, that Ethereum Foundation has once again re-released the website for Ethereum community with additional features. Members of the community can now access the website if they want to gain more knowledge about Ethereum or what to know what Ethereum is all about.

Ethereum official posted a tweet on 30th April 2019 and informed that Ethereum Foundation has agreed to launch the succession of with added tools.

The Ethereum team stated:

“This is a website for a community that is busy getting things done; onboarding new developers and users, educating ourselves and each other, and building.”

According to recent Ethereum Foundation web-blog post, includes a lot of study material and will be like a warehouse, the material is created by the Ethereum community. The website consists of materials like documentation and tutorials for beginners and also for those who are experienced. The will be updated with the materials on a periodic basis to assist the members of the Ethereum community who are interested in accessing this information.

The material is divided into four sections and is available on 4 different pages of the website namely ‘Beginners’, ‘Use’, ‘Learn’ and ‘Build’. The Ethereum development team also said that the existing website is in its initial stage out of various advanced plans and the extra features will be added by the Ethereum Foundation to the website. More of the development will be announced in the days to come.

Each of the four pages has a link; the user can access the material by clicking on the link they wish to. The content in the link will help users if they are getting started with Ethereum or want to gain in-depth knowledge of what is going on in the crypto world and even help them how to develop Ethereum based projects. is not a new website, it was present before it was removed and now again the website is back. It is just the re-launch of its older version with most needed upgrades to stay tuned to the Ethereum community.

According to the source, the Ethereum Foundation has collaborated with Protocol Labs acquired by Filecoin. The partnership aims at building a new Verifiable Delay Function (VDF). VDFs are basically a new type of cryptographic tool that will protect the platform against harmful users who try to exploit the program for private gain using pseudo-random number generators.

It was also mentioned that the Ethereum Foundation was distributing research grants of their Ethereum Foundation Grants Program. Ethereum Foundation Grants Program usually funds several communities for developing Ethereum based projects. Recently, researchers of Yale and Columbia had developed a smart contract by using the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and DeepSea language and were among the few to receive the grant.

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