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Digital Asset Research Provides Blockchains Institutional Level Price Data

Digital Asset Research (DAR), an entity engaged in the deliverance of advanced levels of price data, research-based data, and perceptions and educated opinions related to digital assets, is now going to be utilizing Chainlink, to and with the vision of being in a position to offer world standard and extremely high-level data, to the ultimate doorstep of relevant smart contract applications. 

On the other hand, Chainlink serves the industry quality parameter controller in all cases, such as creating, judging, and selling oracle services required to upgrade hybrid smart contracts on any blockchain. 

Chainlink also has the added massive responsibility of looking into and properly maintaining every safety aspect in DeFi, Insurance-related matters, the online gaming arena, and other prime industries.

On this front, as in the present time, Chainlink is actively involved with and dealing methodically and carefully with billions of dollars, whose every safety and security issue is duly looked into and formally undertaken.

Additionally, it successfully and effectively connects large enterprises and top-notch data providers to all relevant blockchains. Now, through and with the supreme support of Chainlink, DAR is able and in a comfortable position to adequately and effectively offer clean price data for 1000 digital assets.

As a result of all this, Chainlink can unite DAR to Blockchain applications and, in the act of doing so, has successfully used up more than a staggering 4 billion data points from within the Chainlink Network.

Edward Nash

Edward Nash is an editor and analyst with over 10 years of financial market experience. Prior to joining CoinNewsSpan, he worked in several famous financial institutions. He has been active in the cryptocurrency market since 2011, specializing in technical analysis of current crypto trends and offering analytical opinion-based pieces.

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