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DIA Announces Partnership With Takepile Protocol

DIA announced its partnering with Takepile Protocol. This coming together spells out that DIA’s much trusted and highly dependable open source Oracle service will work in tandem and be hand in glove with Takepile Protocol, which is a stability ensuring Perpetual DEX on the Fantom Network. The whole game plan was to come together and deliver its perpetual exchange services successfully. 

This joining of hands between DIA and Takepile Protocol further means and entails that DIA now will be in the leisurely position to use its complete Oracle services in passing on all kinds of reliable and valid data feeds to DeFi Protocol, whose on-chain operations will eventually receive and will duly see a tremendous surge. All of this will inadvertently take place simply because Oracles play a significant role in decentralized exchanges, putting DIA in the position and place of making valuable contributions to the ultimate upgradation and powering of the infrastructure of the Takepile Protocol. 

The COO of Takepile Protocol, Sonic, has this to say regarding this important partnership is that with the participation of DIA and its services, it will assist in creating excellent quality data feeds, which will then take possession of endless amounts of tradable assets, all the while upgrading and making continuous improvements on their protocol. Following all of these activities, the users will be the real and ultimate beneficiaries because the resultant factor will bring about stability and faith in matters of precision-based pricing, coupled with the end of the fear of erroneous liquidations. 

Similar sounding statements were made by the DIA Association President, who says that the prime activity that Takepile Protocol is engaged in, the creation of a perpetual DEX on Fantom, and the contribution and support that will come from the DIA stable will be in the form of dependable and trustworthy price references which will further strengthen the open-source end-to-end Oracle infrastructure. One factor they both completely agree on is that the final will be the user. 

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