dfuse Partners With Solana; Collaborates on a Powerful Data Solution

dfuse Announces a Partnership With Solana

dfuse is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Solana, the world’s first web-scale blockchain platform. The collaboration aims for technical integration. dfuse will primarily focus on providing a powerful data solution for Solana’s high-end blockchain productivity. 

This collaboration will enable dfuse to integrate with the web-scale blockchain of Solana. dfuse will be providing dfuse search, a search engine that will provide real-time, historical, and fork-aware search results. Along with this, it will also provide many more foundational building blocks to the Solana ecosystem. dfuse has disabled the developers from building high-performance applications on top of a public blockchain which is only possible with the Solana protocol. But it will continue to provide the best past and real-time user experience.

Talking about the partnership, Solana’s Co-founder and project lead, Anatoly Yakovenko, stated,

We are excited to partner with dfuse as the team is at another level when it comes to serving blockchain data. They have a history of shipping non-stop, a very deep understanding of the protocols they integrate, and high standards in terms of reliability, performance, and innovation with the data services they bring about. Having dfuse on Solana will tremendously accelerate the onboarding of new projects to Solana.

After the integration, dfuse will offer data services to Solana developers which will be fulfilling the needs of applications to have access to transaction history, check on the previous state and trace the execution process. 

dfuse is a blockchain API company, that helps the developers to develop an efficient application by assembling decentralized data across the globe. The company offers a powerful suite of features that makes it easy for the developers to contrive and deliver the best user experience. Its products include dfuse Search, dfuse Lifecycle, dfuse State, and dfuse on Demand Networks.