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Dash (DASH) Exhibits 22% Plunge Over the Last Month

Dash price movement in the last 30-days was quite adventurous. The currency began the month around $88, and within the 10 days, the price counter stroked $37. The tremendous fall brought almost a 50% plunge in the price. The traders were devastated and were looking for some improvement in the coin. Well, the same has arrived, and on March 20, the DASH coin regained momentum and touched $76 mark.

In the last seven days, the currency has been showing a tight hold around $69 mark. Despite a heavy plunge in mid-March, the chances of a price recovery are ripe and look like in the coming period, and Dash would outshine many of its competition. The investment in the coin seems fruitful.

Dash Price Analysis

Dash price was spotted trading at $88.72 on March 04 with a slight bullish impact. The price escalated to $93 in the next 3 days by 5.47% hike, but the coin faced sharp fall, and the price dribbled to $69.93 on March 09, and the same level was maintained by coin till March 11 with a spike at $75. Later, the DASH coin faced a massive fall of 48% over the next 2 days, which took the price to $37.37. The price improved to $52 on March 14 and hanged around the same level till March 16.

Further, the currency took a slight plunged to $38.93 on March 17, but in the next 4 days, the price escalated to $76.04 by a considerable hike. From this high, the DASH coin price dropped again to $62.73 by 17.50% on March 23. However, the coin regained its price momentum and reached $71.03. Later, in the following 6 days, the currency marked moderate fall and dribbled to $60.

On March 31, the Dash price spotted trading at $66, but later, it closed the month at $64. April 2020 has started with a slight improvement, and over the last 3 days, the currency has reflected an overall 10% growth and brought the price to $69. As per the MACD indicator, the signal line has overlapped the MACD line and thus forming bearish crossover.

As per the current momentum of DASH currency, it might soon breach the next resistance level at $70.3. However, if the coin traded downwards, it may find the next support at $65.

Resistance & Support Levels

R1: $70.3, R2: $73.02 and R3: $75.57

S1: $65.03, S2: $62.48 and S3: $59.76

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