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CryptoKitties: A Look at Some of its Less-cute Crypto Concerns

Cryptocurrency captured wide media attention around December 2017 but faced a major set back owing to the crypto market crash in January 2018. But CryptoKitties, the collectible (cat) crypto game survived the crash and lives on till today with the same spirit and adventure.

Recently at SXSW, industry experts expressed their views regarding the collectible games backed by blockchain.  CryptoKitties co-founder Dieter Shirley and founding member Kim Cope participated in the session.

CryptoKitties is not so much a sumptuous game as it is a graphic illustration of data kept on the Ethereum blockchain encrypted in cat artwork.

Dapper Labs’ creation is what makes it a game, nonetheless the creation is patent protected. The CryptoKitties terms of service allow the use and transfer of the art related to any cats a player directly owns.

Rather than putting up questions like who owns cats and the related parts, people should be more concerned about who has the right to ownership of blockchain-backed legal, medical, and other intellectual property documents and records. Is it the customer whose private key it is and claimed ownership: Is it the maker of the property like a hospital and game developer who has the ownership rights? 

The answers to these questions aren’t ascertained yet. Real-life trials and mistakes would help come up with a definitive answer. This appeared to be the fundamental sentimentality behindhand Shirley’s answer concerning creation ownership.

CryptoKitties is an example of venturing into blockchain for newbies; it’s also an eye-opener that there are profound, worldwide queries that need to be resolved concerning the use of blockchain technology in collectible games.

Erica Lee

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