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Binance Lists ETH and XRP Contracts

Binance has announced new listings on the platform. Binance options lists ETH and XRP contracts; the update is available on the brand new version of their mobile app.

The profit will be calculated after the first premium is subtracted from the balance of futures wallet. It is rarely possible that this deduction will be causing the futures position to enter liquidation. The users have to be cautious about having an adequate marginal balance before placing an order. The profit should be larger than the premium to make the net profit. The profit can be somewhere between 0 to infinity, and the premium will be having fixed value to be paid in the beginning.

The trades are implemented on the market at the current market price. It can’t be assured that the value that the trader sees on the screen is the exact price of execution. Smaller orders or the orders that are executed during the usual market behavior are generally exact. The difference arises when there are large orders or orders during unpredictable market behavior.

It is not guaranteed that the option purchase will execute the profit after the premium is deducted. Mostly the optional purchases are not profitable, except the minority. The users are requested to use it at their own discretion.

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