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BankSocial releases the BankSocial Wallet 2.0 application

BankSocial, a top open banking platform meant for credit unions, has delivered its BankSocial Wallet 2.0 application. This will be accessible through the App Store, Google Play, and online at The BankSocial Wallet is an inventive multichain, Hedera adaptable, and self-custody wallet that comes with incorporated staking abilities.

The BankSocial application has been developed via the entity’s exchange adaptability, such as KYC and staking functions. The BankSocial Wallet has been created with the prime purpose of being simplified, accelerated and user-friendly. It provides access to the BankSocial exchange, as well as various more DEXs. The new functions that will soon be added will have the backing of a safe credit union framework.

Mance Harmon, Co-Founder of Hedera and Co-CEO of Swirlds Labs, believes that multichain associations play an important role in expanding business and individual acceptance in an ever-changing sector. This latest BankSocial multichain self-custodial wallet with integrated one-button staking is a step toward true open banking.

In the words of the Chief Executive of BankSocial, John Wingate, the BankSocial Wallet application will be the base for their open banking platform. Users will have the option of owning an inherent and safe toll for maneuvering the maximum that Web3 provides. In the case of credit unions, they gain from a futuristic tool that they can deliver with immediate effect to their community, sans the requirement of onboarding, lesser costs, and quicker incorporation processes.

BankSocial is a collaboration of credit unions and DLT specialists who are engaged in developing an open banking platform. This combines the space of credit unions and conventional finance with the Web3 and DeFi arenas. The BankSocial financial platform brings together and strengthens individuals and enterprises by offering balanced connectivity with similar financial tools for everyone.

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