AIKON and Algorand Foundation Team Up To Encourage Blockchain Tech

AIKON & Algorand Foundation team up

AIKON and Algorand Foundation are excited to announce their partnership. The AIKON’s ORE ID secure blockchain will be integrated into the Algorand Blockchain. This will be encouraging for the Algorand developers and users to adopt the blockchain technology. 

AIKON is the latest beneficiary of the 250M Grants Program by Algorand, which will help the teams of both the organizations to make the ORE ID accessible to the developers and applications. Algorand is the first blockchain protocol that offers the best security services and is decentralized completely as per today’s market requirements. 

The two main objectives of this partnership are: 

  • AIKON will be integrating Algorand for providing core service ORE ID, which will allow the customers of the enterprise to adapt and shift the existing users to the Algorand blockchain.
  •  Along with this, the partnership will also develop the Algorand plugin for ChainJS. ChainJS is an opensource blockchain library that makes it for the developers to shift from the existing decentralized applications to Algorand.

There are already many projects that are in the process of forming the integration on ORE ID. Everipedia, The Wiki Encyclopedia for Everything, WordProof, etc., are a few of the projects under process. The project works securing information and protects the content and verifies the information for the visitors on the website. 

A team member from Algorand Foundation, Fanfang Chen, stated,   

Fanfang Chen stated

AIKON is quite enthusiastic about working with such an efficient team that helps to build Algorand and solve blockchain-based fundamental problems. This partnership of AIKON and Algorand Foundation is somehow the beginning of the brighter future of the crypto industry.