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After 5 years, Satoshi Nakamoto tweets, spurs crypto speculation

Satoshi Nakamoto is believed to be the creator of Bitcoin. That is not their real identity, but only a pseudonym to hide the actual self. The last update from Satoshi’s X account, formerly a Twitter account, was published in October 2018. Now, after five years, the account is found to be active with a post that calls Bitcoin a predicate machine.

This has caused speculation in the crypto community. Many of them believe that the prices of BTC may now shed the tag of crypto winter for a better rise. Others are worried that there could be a scammer behind that account, considering how easy it is to get a verified tick with the subscription service.

Assuming there is a scammer, then followers and other members of the crypto community may have to exercise caution while interacting with the account. They could potentially be redirected to a website that later turns out to be fraudulent.

Nevertheless, a recent post from the X account of Satoshi said that they will revisit the purpose and the original whitepaper of Bitcoin.

Another speculation is that Craig Steven Wright is behind the account. He did previously claim to be operating under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. What’s really putting everyone on edge is that the real Satoshi would not at least use the mobile application to better conceal their identity. Also, they would avoid getting a subscription service to, again, better protect their identity. All of it puts their identity at risk of becoming public.

The post on X has, so far, gathered 6.3 million views. The announcement has done very little to kick the price up. Bitcoin SV – BSV – outpaced BTC and ETH on the previous day by rising by 11%. It has now come down by 9.42% to touch the $36.69 mark. This could be the effect of users not giving any air to the account unless there is genuine proof of the account being authentic.

Similarly, BTC is down by 0.10% in the last 24 hours. The token has managed to float above $27,000, giving holders hope that it could soon touch the $30k mark, with that being the end of October 2023.

As for Wright claiming Satoshi to be his alternate identity, supporters are not getting up with that sentiment, especially since Christen Ager-Hanssen publicly announced his resignation from the chair of CEO for nChain Global. This has brought to light the internal disputes at nChain.

Wright now faces a tough time if he is unable to prove that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. Calvin Ayre has said that he would cease financial support for his legal battle if he did not provide substantial evidence to support his claims.

Prominent members of the crypto community are coming forward to join the discussion. This includes the likes of John E. Deaton, Crypto Rover, Adam Cochran, and Kraken NFT.

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