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Adamant and Chainlink Price Feeds Integrate for Secured Liquidity Vaults

Chainlink Price Feeds and Adamant have integrated the Polygon mainnet to diminish the exploits of possible flash loans and improve the safety of the users. Beginning with support for Chainlink Price Feed with MATIC/ ETH, Adamant has accessed the absolute, up-to-date, untampered market date to ensure the safety of liquidity vaults. 

It planned to integrate Chainlink Price Feeds as they are the popularly used oracle solution in the industry. They have already banked billions for DeFi protocols all around blockchains. Chainlink has the most extensive market data collection for various cryptocurrencies, indices, stablecoins, and others as the industry’s standard oracle solution. Moreover, Chainlink is highly secured, and the data provided by it is far from any data manipulation or any other kind of tampering. 

The market is currently filled with elements that fraudulently tamper data to draw maximum profit. Price feeds like Chainlink have taken stern action to combat that. It is speculated that the coming period will be forgery-free. The current scenario of Chainlink Price Feed is giving hope to many. 

The latest rash of flash loan attacks in context to yield aggregators has included depositing assets in a vault, tampering with the price of the assets associated with flash loans, and then manipulating the rewards tokens minted to the assets via multiple means. The blocking of smart contracts becomes easier with Adamant’s vaults. This means manipulating the reward would now be under control, and those assets would come under better security. 

The price calculator will rely on the decentralized price oracle and mint ADDY for better protection at a minimum. This will completely eradicate the possibility of price manipulation. 

Chainlink Price Feed provides reliable and tamper-resistant outputs and inputs to Adamant’s difficult smart contracts to ensure that the liquidity vaults have best-in-class security.

Edward Nash

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