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Yellow Card to integrate USDC on the Stellar network

Yellow Card, the sole certified stablecoin in Africa and the largest, is poised to introduce USDC, a Stellar network-based digital stablecoin. In the context of international treasury control, settlements, and cross-border payments, the Stellar network is an open-source, decentralized blockchain that is revolutionizing these elements.

Yellow Card is a Fintech company that operates in 20 different nations across Africa. It is positioned to increase user visibility through the integration of USDC into the Stellar network. This integration consolidates the attributes of the network, including accelerated transactions and economical transaction fees. Users of the Yellow Card application are granted the capability to transmit USDC to the Stellar network via the incorporation. 

By utilizing USDC on Stellar, Yellow Card users are granted access to accelerated transactions and increased visibility. This partnership will increase the acceptance of digital currency and bring about a paradigm shift in international payments. 

Chris Maurice, the chief executive officer of Yellow Card, describes the USDC’s migration to Stellar as a monumental step for the company. This will offer the African populace an entirely new and distinct encounter within the realm of digital currencies and global transactions. Stellar has successfully processed substantial quantities of transactions and is a viable option for financial institutions and creators worldwide.  

One of the most significant aspects of the Yellow Card-Stellar integration is the ability for users to transmit and receive digital dollars internationally immediately. Users without conventional bank accounts are also eligible. 

Hidden fees are one of the greatest obstacles that Africans encounter when attempting to make international payments. On the contrary, when compared to alternative blockchain networks, the fees associated with Yellow Card are remarkably affordable.

The application will serve as a central point of access for both individual users and enterprises to leverage Stellar’s network acceleration capabilities. USDC on Stellar carries virtually no transaction fees, facilitates instantaneous settlements, and completes transactions in just three seconds. 

Yellow Card is prepared to transfer $5 USDC to users who utilize the Stellar network on the application and transmit at least $3 USDC. 

Yellow Card operates in twenty countries and is an African fintech company. They allow users to purchase and sell USDC, USDT, and PYUSD using their domestic currency in conjunction with their Payments API.

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