Thailand Governmental organization NECTEC utilizes blockchain technology in Voting


According to the Bangkok Post, a government organization in Thailand, NECTEC, has created blockchain technology for e-voting. National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) of Thailand operates under the administration of National Science and Technology Development Agency and the Ministry of Science and Technology. NECTEC’s prime function is to support the promotion of the development of electronics, IT and telecommunications.

This technology can be utilized with traditional voting. This is because Thais have become more advanced in terms of technology. NECTEC declares that once 5G is entirely acquired, all the votes will be connected using the new blockchain technology.

Chalee Vorakulpipat, being the head of the cybersecurity laboratory at NECTEC, reproaches:

“Nectec developed blockchain technology for e-voting that can be applied to national, provincial or community elections, as well as business votes such as the board of directors. The goal is to reduce fraud and maintain data integrity.”

Vorakulpipat added that in order to function properly, a system requires a controller, voters, and candidates. Controller verifies voter identities and candidate qualifications. Furthermore, voters will be able to vote through email. However, this process will be verified through a mobile camera.

Yes, it is true that using amazingly powerful and innovative blockchain technology for e-voting can make elections faster, safer and cheaper. But to ensure that each voter has a definite reach to a mobile internet connection, and can perform his/her identity verification properly, is a time-consuming process.

Vorakulpipat thinks that blockchain voting can easily be brought into action in a closed environment. For instance, all the Thais who are living abroad can visit the embassy in order to vote and verify their identities. Vorakulpipat further adds that this system could be tried out in smaller elections at organizations like universities, regions and committee boards.
Blockchain technology is a quite disruptive technology that can boost the growth of various sectors like healthcare, medicines, logistics, finance, and cryptocurrency. That is the reason behind the adoption of this amazingly powerful technology by more and more industries.

Other countries such as the US, Switzerland, and Japan initiated the utilization of blockchain technology in their elections for enhancing safety and data integrity. This step can lead to better governance and a neat and clean system in the countries. And utilizing blockchain reduces fraud and misuse of voting.

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