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STEX To List Luxury-Focused Cryptocurrency Elitium (EUM)

STEX which is named one of the ground-breaking multi-currency cryptocurrency trading policy has recently stated that it would take down extravagance concentrate crypto Elitium called as EUM and not only this but it will be with EUM/BTC transactions available from the month of March 2019.

Elitium is converting the upcoming of extra over its blockchain type policy created on EOS. The Elitium System is Elitium’s achieved bionetwork that places the treat existence inside the reach of many customers, wherever in the biosphere with advantages that has An AI-enhanced virtual executive assistant an easy-to-use worldwide expenditures system, a modified smart contract, and a complete luxury existence smartphone application. The Elitium Network is Elitium’s managed ecosystem that puts the luxury lifestyle within reach of any consumer, anywhere in the world.

The Elitium System assures a safe, less expensive cross-border payments system sponsored only the honesty of the distributed ledger to bring to another state treat knowledge. Elitium also gives insurance that is tokenized an answer wherever in the biosphere with advantages that has a through a distinct bitcoin. Also, the ecosystem has a created plunders database that proceeds a fraction of devoting in the system again that is sent to the customer same to protuberant credit card firms.

Raoul Milhado, Elitium co-founder and CEO says that “Elitium is combining artificial intelligence, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency to deliver the future of luxury lifestyles. Our team believes everyone in the world deserves to enjoy their version of luxury – Elitium can make that happen.” He further added that the technologies we have at our disposal today can give people some time back – hours they can spend getting on and enjoying the finer aspects of life.”

About Elitium:

Elitium makes a final luxury knowledge in an achieved bionetwork named as the Elitium System. The net allows a good existence for anybody, wherever in the world, from a moveable app which has Artificial intelligence improved custodian, all-in-one entry all types of facilities as well as services, Connected ATM as well as a fiat-cryptocurrency exchange. The team of Elitium has changed as a self-insurance strategy with the help of Elitium-i (EUMI). The cover token of EUM, EUMI defends customer funds in the event of hateful movement. Members in the Elitium System not only advantage from the characteristic refuge of blockchain technology, but they also get a holdup of a tokenized insurance facility. The bionetwork has a built-in plunders program that returns a fraction of devoting in the system back to the customer same to protuberant credit card firms. Over here EUMI lets Elitium give away the stolen money in the occasion of loss, a hack, or if there is a compromised of an account.

About STEX:

STEX the name itself is known to be a ground-breaking multi-currency cryptocurrency dealing policy which emphases on altcoins. The company is called as greatest undervalued, although nicely reinforced, for all the cryptoexchanges in the cryptocurrency place having more than 300,000 operators believing the exchange. STEX potentials 99.999% obtainability with cold and hot storage behind security with interchange subscriptions covered at 0.5 percent amazements.

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