SMS Cryptocurrency Wallet CoinText Continues To Expand Around World

The Cointext SMS Bitcoin Cash (BCH) cryptocurrency wallet plans to expand its presence all around the world. Residents of South America and three more in Europe can now have an access to the service. Last week, the US-based cryptocurrency startup allowed sending Bitcoin and other digital assets with the help of SMS also set process in Brazil as well. Users can now send currency to BCH addresses or cell phone numbers even if there is no internet connection, no extra accounts or the requirement to download any apps.

In order to send Bitcoin to other address, this new text message-based payment procedure is very simple and flexible. According to CoinText’s CTO Vin Armani, the SMS resolution will give support to many users to considerably increase the approval of crypto because of the straightforwardness of transactions.

In regards to the latest introduction of SMS cryptocurrency wallet into the Slovenian market, Armani highlighted that Bitcoin Cash is tremendously prevalent with local businesses. In Slovenia, BCH has the maximum merchant adoption rate in the world, as stated in Today website.

Of all the new locations, the fintech startup sounds most passionate about its expansion into Brazil, and not just because it is the largest market in South America, with more than 200 million people. “Brazilians have been suffering from corruption and bad monetary policy,” said Vin Armani, founder and CTO of Cointext. “Cryptocurrency offers a way for them to peacefully opt out of a corrupt system.”

Cointext has rapidly expanded throughout the world since the company launched the service in March of this year. The startup’s entry into its four newest markets brings the total number of countries that are connected by the Cointext service to 29. The locations now supported include the U.S., Canada, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, the U.K., Germany, France, Austria, Portugal, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Israel, Palestine, Argentina and Turkey.

The company appears set to continue growing at this rapid pace, as it aims to expand into every European market before the end of this year.

Since the company launched the service in March 2018, Cointext has quickly extended all over the world. Cointext has started offering its SMS BCH wallet in Brazil, Poland, Croatia and Romania. Other locations that at present has supported include the U.S., Canada, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, the U.K., Germany, France, and much more. The firm seems to grow at such a rapid pace, as it aims to add Poland, Croatia and Romania. These countries will bring everyone closer in connecting the entire continent of Europe, Armani said.

As per the report published in Bitcoin News, Cointext’s end-of-year goal is to allow every 740 million residents of Europe to SMS currency through cryptocurrency wallet to each other’s mobile for pennies. CoinText also revealed that the phone doesn’t require apps or logins, and it works on any type of mobile phone including iPhone, Samsung, and even old Nokia flip phones.

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