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Shoppers of Amazon can purchase products including cryptocurrency

As per the recent report published by a financial portal, shoppers of e-commerce giant Amazon can now be able to buy their favorite wide range of products, with the help of cryptocurrency.

As compared to $700 spent by nonsubscribers with 90 million U.S.-based Amazon Prime members, the regular subscriber spends roughly $1,300 every year on the e-commerce site. For $119 a year, users can have everything from day-to-day domestic goods to accept bags shaped like a corgi butt shipped to your doorstep in just two days or even within a few hours in some places. Thus, having recognized as a loyal clients base around the world, the giant company Amazon has even started branching out into new services. An employee of the tech titan can aid you to connect keen appliances in your home, and you soon may also be able to get health care via Amazon’s internet contributions.

When asked the firm what type of products they feel contented purchasing in the Amazon brand, 12.7 percent of the respondents named cryptocurrencies. Other supposed Amazon-branded products involved prescription drugs (9.3 percent), medical marijuana (13.5 percent), coupons and deals (10.6 percent), computers (72.9 percent), and healthcare (15.3 percent). Shoppers were allowable to pick more than one choice.

Earlier this month, Amazon won two patents related to methods for protecting the integrity of digital signatures and improving distributed data storage. Amazon isn’t just any online retailer. It has an established consumer base of millions of people who enjoy its products and services enough to remain loyal subscribers to Amazon Prime, often for years. Compared to a new Amazon-branded computer (73%) or local coupons and deals (52%), which a majority of shoppers were comfortable buying from the Amazon brand, other offerings including health care coverage (15%), public transportation (13%), and cryptocurrencies (13%) could make shoppers more hesitant. While many were less confident about buying medical marijuana (13.5%) or prescription drugs (9.3%) through Amazon, respondents anticipated Amazon would eventually provide those services.

As per a press release shared with Cointelegraph Nov. 28.E-commerce giant Amazon had recently organized their new two services called as Amazon Managed Blockchain and Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB).

CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Andy Jassy, reportedly stated that the product would be accessible, you’ll have a much more flexible and robust set of APIs [application program interfaces] for you to make any changes or adjustments to the ledger database.” On the product’s website, Amazon gives a broader description of the new service:

CEO of Amazon Web Services said

There’s no disagreeing Amazon has a troublesome effect in nearly every industry it trials with. From a client retaining perspective, the assistance of a Prime membership may rise loyalty among shoppers. More than 90 percent of customers stayed registered in the facility for more than a year, and over a third were Prime members for four years or longer.

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