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Ricardo Salinas stresses on Bitcoin with Naira going under

Ricardo Salinas, owning the Salinas Group, a business worth more than $14 billion, encourages its faction to go for Bitcoin since the Naira is slipping downward. 

The currency of Nigeria is witnessing the worst of its times currently, with the government being extremely concerned and pitching in to try and bring its value to a respectable figure. Some measures are being taken, which entail compelling operators to extricate the currency from their respective platforms as fears grow that they are being engineered.

Their best efforts are failing to bring about any positive impact. 

This is all the more reason for Salina’s inclination and encouragement towards Bitcoin, seemingly on the way north. 

In Argentina, the Cardano Foundation has forged a public deal, combining Rogelio Frigerio, Governor of Entre Rios, and Rafael Fraga, the Latin American Head of Business Development of the Cardano Foundation. This will push for mass acceptance of blockchain technology, an essential part of the foundation’s pledge to create blockchain groups, along with furthering technology updates. 

As per the security authorities in Argentina, known as CNV, the introduction of their virtual assets solution provider (VASP) Registry will offer 100 business houses and individuals the option to operate their digital asset based businesses in Argentina. Only the listed companies will come under this scheme. As a matter of fact, there are presently 35 separate enterprises that have received the green flag from the CNV to run their certified operations, including 4 foreign exchanges.

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