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OKX Ventures funds ETH’s native liquid restaking protocol

OKX Ventures makes an investment in, a decentralized, non-custodial delegated staking protocol with a liquid staking imitative token. OKX Ventures, for those unaware, serves as the investment division of the globally recognized authority in cryptocurrency exchanges and a leading Web3 technology company, OKX. is a protocol that enables users to stake ETH in exchange for eETH, a decentralized and natively restaked liquid staking token that powers DeFi. This facilitates DeFi charging and decentralizes Ethereum. Users who possess eETH are eligible to receive ETH staking rewards, points, and EigenLayer points. Furthermore, they possess the ability to maintain possession of their tokens. Additionally, they have the capability to establish connections with various DeFi applications through partners such as Aave and Pendle.

The platform has established a collaborative partnership with OKX Wallet. The most notable feature of this partnership is that it enables users to connect their OKX Wallet to the interface. Furthermore, users will be provided with the capability to mint eETH directly from the OKX Wallet.

OKX Ventures, which handles investments on behalf of the industry-leading Web3 technology company and cryptocurrency exchange OKX, has an initial capital commitment of $100 million. Its primary objectives are to investigate the most promising blockchain initiatives worldwide, provide backing for advanced blockchain technology advancements, foster the sustainable growth of the worldwide blockchain sector, and allocate resources towards enduring structural value.

OKX Ventures, with its commitment to aiding entrepreneurs who contribute to the development of the blockchain sector, assists in the formation of creative enterprises while also providing blockchain ventures with global resources and historical expertise.

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