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e-Grains becomes first company to offer Tokenized Agro Commodities

El Salvador’s National Council for the Administration of Digital Assets (CNAD) grants e-Grains authorization to become a provider of tokenized digital assets. This represents a momentous milestone in the organization’s journey towards innovation and compliance, as it receives an exclusive certification. Consequently, e-Grains will be incentivized to issue tokenized digital assets backed by economic regulations pertaining to agricultural commodities in accordance with the country’s policies.

The certification received by e-Grains speaks volumes regarding the company’s focus on matters of integrity and safety measures related to tokenized digital assets.

In the days to come, the certification will help the company significantly expand its footprint, not just in El Salvador but also across borders. The company’s role now is to give tokens backed by contracts for goods while also providing investors with a secure mechanism to engage with the emerging digital asset industry.

As stated by Rodrigo Mendes, the CEO of eNor Group, they devised a strategy to integrate with the regulatory framework of El Salvador by borrowing an approach from Volcano Bonds. They are currently anticipating the allocation and are merely awaiting a suitable time.

After obtaining the prestigious certification, e-Grains has submitted its initial token for distribution under the guidance of $ESOY. The $ESOY is a digital asset whose characteristics revolutionize the financial sector. There are plans to limit the release of $ESOY tokens to $100,000,000.

e-Grains has established partnerships with industry titans such as Fireblocks, Consensys, and Polygon Labs, which demonstrates the company’s dedication to ensuring seamless integration with compliant decentralization protocols and providing investors with novel alternatives. According to DeFi Llama, the placement of $ESOY across the Polygon and Ethereum blockchains facilitates e-Grains’ access to a $29 billion TVL market.

The $ESOY token enables investors to participate in trading activities continuously and facilitates their access to the markets. The token is well-balanced and fully backed by the rights associated with the well-established International Physical and Futures Contracts for Soybeans.

An asset class will provide investors with a return in addition to investing in one of the most valuable resources accessible. Investors have the opportunity to profit from the volatility associated with $ESOY and different Soybean contracts through the utilization of arbitrage options. Additionally, an assortment of customized and settlement alternatives are accessible to investors. By utilizing a physical product, $ESOY functions as a hedging instrument to protect their collections.

As an industry leader in agro-commodity investment, e-Grains transforms the sector by offering diverse assortments of tokenized agricultural products backed by tangible assets. Offering a transparent, adaptable, and interconnected entry point to agro-commodity investment, the organization’s mission is to foster innovation.

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