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Cryptocurrency ATMs Worldwide Installation Doubled to More Than 4000 Machine This Year

Data Light, a crypto analytics firm has recently published a report on Twitter that revealed an interesting fact that on an average 2018 saw seven new Bitcoin ATM machine installation in every 24 hours.

The total number of Crypto ATMs in the world is 4,051. Out of these 4,051 machines almost all of them offer the world’s largest cryptocurrency- Bitcoin (BTC), whereas, 2,421 machines offers Litecoin (LTC), 729 crypto ATMs offer Dash, and half of the ATMs worldwide offer Ethereum (ETH.) Other crypto coins are also offered, such as Zcash is available in 67 machines, Dogecoin is available in 79 ATMs, and Monero is available in 128 ATMs. These ATMs were installed mainly in the initial months of this year when the Bitcoin’s prices were still relatively high. These numbers reveal a growing acceptance of the digital currency in the masses, that is a promising sign for the growth of the crypto landscape.

As per ‘Coin ATM Radar’s reports, (an online service that helps the users to locate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency ATMs, and other alternative crypto cash exchange services), 4,085 cryptocurrency ATM machines were installed in 76 countries this year. As per the Coin ATM Radar’s map, there are 1,258 Bitcoin ATM machines within the US. Among these machines, 1,000 ATMs support Bitcoin Cash. After adding the number of ATM machines from North America, the total number reaches 3,157.

In the United Kingdom, there are more than 200 cryptocurrency ATM machines, whereas in central Europe there are 750 machines. South America is slowly getting into the scene with 65 ATM machines, whereas South America is still pacing up with 54 ATM machines being installed.

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