Bitcoin Secret Review 2020


Bitcoin has gained immense popularity as digital currency all over the world. To make the trading more convenient for the user’s bitcoin robot has been introduced, which has gained immense popularity over time. One such bitcoin robot is “Bitcoin secret “.

In the coming sections, bitcoin secret review has been done. The bitcoin secret review will provide you an insight into the working of this bitcoin robot and the various aspects of it. After going through this review, you will get a better understanding of Bitcoin Secret and its relevance for you in bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin Secret Review

For bitcoin secret review, its official website has been visited, and trading has been done with a minimal amount to get a better insight into its working. Bitcoin secret is an automated robot that will help you to accumulate profit during bitcoin trading.

To begin trading with the bitcoin secret has been changed to the name bitcoin revolution. It’s the same software with more up-gradation to make it more reliable and legit. The review has been done considering its reliability and trading efficiency. The pros and cons of the website have also been considered. At the end of the section, the final verdict has been made as to whether it will help you to earn more profit with bitcoin trading or not.

Bitcoin Secret Review – Overview of Bitcoin Secret

What is Bitcoin Secret?

Bitcoin secret is a kind of auto trading software that has been recently upgraded with a changed name as a bitcoin revolution. You can visit its website named on bitcoin revolution to get the idea of the working of the Bitcoin secret. Some of the major claims of the websites are as follows –

  • Bitcoin secret has claimed a success rate of 99.4%, which has been toned down to 88% when it has been upgraded as the bitcoin revolution.
  • Minimum deposit required is of $250
  • Platform except for both debit and credit cards.

Major Highlight

The new version of the bitcoin revolution is an automated application for cryptographic money trading. Its major highlights are as follows –

  • Bitcoin secret’s working is both manual and automated.
  • In manual working, settings can be done by you for bitcoin trading.
  • In algorithm mode, all exchange is made automatically by the robot itself.
  • Accessible on any gadget with an internet connection.
  • In automated mode trading robots analyze the business sector to fetch reliable information for trading.
  • Bitcoin secret has been revamped to the bitcoin revolution with better bitcoin features.

How reliable is bitcoin secret?

Bitcoin’s secret in its earlier version has received a lot of criticism on its authenticity and the claims it has made. But bitcoin secret‘s latest version as the bitcoin revolution has gained more faith and positive reviews from the user’s all around the world.

Bitcoin secret has a lot of drawbacks attached to it, which has been very much sorted out in the bitcoin revolution. Below is the comparison table to give you an insight on the working of an old and new website, of both bitcoin trading platforms, so that you get an idea of its legitimacy.

Bitcoin Secret Review – How Bitcoin Secret Works?

With the review of all up-gradation and the testimonial provided by the authentic users for the bitcoin website, it could be said that the new version of bitcoin secret is a completely true, reliable, and secure platform. It‘s working has been made simple and conveys the claimed result with the generation of income for you. Bitcoin secret has made all the changes to make it a legitimate and more efficient bitcoin platform.

How to sign up for Bitcoin secret?

To initiate the trading on this bitcoin platform, the first step required to create an account. The new version of the website of bitcoin secret, named as bitcoin revolution, also has the option of demo sessions. The steps involved to sign up the bitcoin account are as follows –

Step 1:

Registration: Visit the bitcoin secret’s new website named as bitcoin revolution. And fill the form to create the account on this bitcoin platform. It requires basic information as –

  • Your full name and address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Country of residence

Bitcoin Secret Review – Start with Bitcoin Secret

Step 2:

Demo Account: you can create a demo account, on this bitcoin platform, before beginning the real trading. You will be provided a quick tour of the functionality of the account of bitcoin secret. You will also get a credit of $1500 in your account as a demo currency to begin your demo trading on this bitcoin platform.

Step 3:

Live account: on the creation of an account on bitcoin platform, you will reach the live trading room with following features provided-

  • Control panel: It has set and profiles information on the bitcoin platform.
  • Trading History: it will provide you the history of all the transactions done by you.
  • Open transaction: it is one of the main features which will help you to see the performance of robots.
  • Live trading: you need to change the account mode from demo to live to begin the trading.

Step 4:

Amount Deposition:

Once the account has been initiated, you can begin trading with a minimum deposition of $250. It is advisable to begin the transaction with a low amount in the beginning.

How to withdraw profit from Bitcoin secret?

The withdrawal process and frequency of profit are an important part of deciding the efficiency of a bitcoin trading platform. The following points to be remembered while withdrawing the amount from the bitcoin platform:

  • You need to finish a personal check procedure to verify your identity on the bitcoin trading platform.
  • It has a safe and secure withdrawal procedure.
  • You can take the help of your broker for a withdrawal procedure on the bitcoin trading platform.
  • You will get the withdrawal amount within 48 hours.
  • The website does not claim any commission; therefore, your 100% profit will be deposited to your account.

Why trade with Bitcoin Secret?

Bitcoin secret has revamped itself to create a legit bitcoin trading platform known as the bitcoin revolution. The Bitcoin revolution has gained popularity for its efficiency and working in a short period, which makes this bitcoin platform the right choice to begin the trading. Its good efficiency rate and the bitcoin success rate make it a good bitcoin trading platform. Some of the reason to trade in bitcoin secret is as follows –

  • The bitcoin revolution is a legit platform to begin trading.
  • It’s a bitcoin trading platform with an easy signup and registration process.
  • It’s a bitcoin trading platform with more than 88% success rate.
  • This bitcoin trading platform has helped people to make money.
  • This bitcoin platform has upgraded itself to make it a user-friendly interface.

Bitcoin Secret Review – How Bitcoin Secret Works?

Key Features

  • High Speed

The software has been created using the most progressive techniques. It’s website claims it to be 0.01 second faster than the market. This high-speed information delivery results in a high success rate for traders. This time jump also makes it faster from many other bitcoin robots.

  • Manual & algorithm options

Bitcoin secret’s new version is one of the platforms which provide the client option to trade manually or to use bitcoin robots. If you are a seasoned trader, you can adjust the setting as per your preference. In case you are new to platform or bitcoin trading, you can choose an automated option. When you visit their official website, they have given information about both their automated and manual options.

  • Simple to use

It has an easy set of rules to operate with a wide range of settings. Users can set all trading options according to their preferences and needs. US trade application has also acknowledged it for its exchange application. It’s a dual offering of manual and automated mode makes it popular between both new and seasoned traders. Their official website has a simple registration form given, which is required to be filled up to begin the live trading.

  • Back staging features

It has a unique back staging feature, which will help you to set the settings based on the current economic feature. This feature advises you to upgrade or modify your settings based on the current market situation. Their official website has elaborated its back staging feature more elaborately.

  • Demo trading

The website provides you a demo currency of $1500 to begin the demo trading. It will help you to understand the market and software in a better manner. When you will register on its official website, they provide the option of demo trading before live trading.

  • Cryptocurrency multiplicity

The trading platform provides you the option to deal with such types of cryptocurrencies or the hard monetary form. This money will be utilized for trade only when you will initiate the same. Also, there are no hidden charges attached to deposit or withdrawal. Their official website has given information on the cryptocurrencies this bitcoin trading platform deals with.

  • Reliable trading signals

The auto trading category of the platform provides reliable trading signals. The automated robot dissects and analyzes the market daily for you to provide you the most beneficial opportunity. It has a high success rate of around 88.4%, which is one of the reasons for its popularity.

Success rate 88.4%
Minimum Deposited fees $250
Brokerage commission No
Automated or manual Both
Payment mode Debit, credit card, Neteller

How user-friendly is the bitcoin secret?

Bitcoin secret’s new version is a user-friendly platform. Some of the major factors that make it a user-friendly platform are as follows –

  1. Free software: it’s free software, and there is no hidden charge to set the account or making the trade. All the benefits accumulated could be withdrawn by the user. You just need to register and start trading on the secret bitcoin platform.
  2. No download: it’s an online platform that does not require an installation process to go through. It could be accessed from both desktop and mobile. To start trading, you do not require any download option to choose from.
  3. Simple set up: it has a very simple set up with an easy registration process. It has a very simple interface platform that could be easily browsed, and you can start trading without any hassle.
  4. Speedy verifications: it has a very simple obligatory check process which makes it fast and simple at the same time. It only asks for the client’s details and payment mode to begin trading.
  5. Demo account: It has a demo option where you can test and brush up your skills. It also provides demo money to begin the trade. You can use the demo account as long as you want.
  6. Low investment: Traders need to make a really low investment, with the base store for only $250 while exchange can be for as low as $25. It also provides proper assistance to start trading on the bitcoin trading platform.
  7. Numerous currencies: It provides the platform for trading in multiple currencies and digital currencies like Dash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, and Etherum.
  8. Consistent earning: Bitcoin secret’s platform has a high success rate with sustainability in the earning provided. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned trader, it will help to make you’re earnings consistent.
  9. Simple withdrawal: it has simple payment and withdrawal options. Withdrawal is also simple and quick, which could be made within 48 hours.
  10. Client assistance: Bitcoin secret provides an efficient customer care service. You can connect with its customer care team either by phone, chat, or email.


  • Its new website named bitcoin revolution is not a scam and 100% legit platform.
  • It has an easy user interface, with easy options to start trading.
  • The withdrawal option is very easy with fast withdrawal.
  • The supportive customer care
  • Low investment to begin the trading
  • Both automated and manual modes are available to start trading.
  • Automated mode analyses both quantitative and qualitative data to make the decision.


  • It’s an online platform, and there is no app available for the same.
  • There is still confusion regarding the bitcoin secret as its founder name is not revealed yet.
  • The use of manual mode required some expectations.
  • Payment withdrawal mode can be expanded.
  • Withdrawal requires the assistance of a broker with a 48 hour window period.


To conclude, the scam associated with the trading robots makes it essential to do a comprehensive research before making the decision. And our research shows that secret bitcoin has a new version of the bitcoin revolution, a legitimate platform. It could be said that it is completely legitimate trading software. It has been designed in a manner that makes it a good choice for both professionals and newcomers. The new investor should always begin their investment with a low amount and should make a frequent withdrawal of the same. It is easy to use the software, so just sign up and start trading to earn the profit.


Is Bitcoin secret legitimate?

Bitcoin’s secret has been re-launched with the name of the bitcoin revolution. It is a 100% legitimate platform with a real success rate and testimonial. The Bitcoin secret scam has been published by many users and reviewers after that the website has been re-launched in the name of the bitcoin revolution.

Is Bitcoin a secret platform only for experts?

No, bitcoin secret has both automated and manual mode. Its automated mode has high efficiency, and it’s pretty much a good start for newcomers. Also, it has unlimited demo mode where a newcomer can practice trading to gain efficiency. After the expose of the bitcoin secret scam, many experts have declined its authenticity. But with the launch of the bitcoin revolution, the bitcoin trading platform has been successful in gaining experts as well as new users’ faith in it.

Do people make money on bitcoin secret?

Yes, there are a lot of valid testimonials. When the testing has been done with a minimum amount of $250 it shows a good efficiency rate. These valid testimonials are for bitcoin revolution, the re-launch version of bitcoin secret after the burst of secret scam in the previous month. The bitcoin revolution has helped the people to make money, and is the most legitimate form with no connection attached to any secret scam.

How much time does it require to withdraw profit?

The profit is withdrawn in a time of 48hours. You need to fill up the withdrawal details for the same. The secret bitcoin has not mentioned the profit withdrawal options, but the bitcoin revolution has everything clearing stated on their official website.

How efficient is the Bitcoin secret?

The website is claiming an efficiency rate of 99.4 %. On testing the claim, it has been found that it has an efficiency rate of 88.94 %, which is a good efficiency rate for any bitcoin training platform. The secret bitcoin has claimed a high success rate, but the bitcoin revolution has a comparatively genuine and better success rate. This bitcoin trading platform has a high success rate, which makes it a good option to begin trading.

Bitcoin Secret













  • – The supportive customer care
  • – Low investment to begin the trading
  • – Both automated and manual modes are available to start trading.


  • – It’s an online platform, and there is no app available for the same.
  • – Payment withdrawal mode can be expanded.
  • – The use of manual mode required some expectations.