Bitcoin Pro Review 2020


Bitcoin Pro can be described as an automated trading robot, established in 2016; and it can trade on Bitcoin for the win rate of 90%. The automated trading robot makes thousands of dollars in a day by trading with an initial deposit of $250. It is a 100% automatic trading platform, which implies that even new traders can use it. As per our Bitcoin Pro review, it has great ratings on fundamental areas, which include performance, safety, ease of use, and dedicated customer service. Several trader’s remarks that this web trader is highly intuitive and straightforward even for new traders.

Bitcoin Pro Review - Best Automated Trading Platform Bitcoin Pro
Bitcoin Pro Review – Best Automated Trading Platform Bitcoin Pro

What is Bitcoin Pro?

  • Bitcoin Pro is a trading software that relies on smart algorithms that can do research on trading and execute trades automatically. Moreover, these algorithms are coded out of trading strategies of reputable cryptocurrency traders.
  • Besides, Bitcoin Pro’s founder is a crypto millionaire who had made his fortune by using these trading strategies. As per their website, Bitcoin Pro was started by a partnership between siblings who are a statistician and algorithms expert, and an online crypt trader and Bitcoin Guru.
  • Bitcoin Pro partners with reputable robot brokers to offer its services to the traders. The Robot is connected with these brokers and offers them with signals for implementing it.  Further, robot brokers provide support systems to make sure that the revealed signals are implemented immediately. However, delay in execution can lead to loss, given the speed with which the crypto markets execute.
  • A Regulated robot broker ensures that their trader’s funds are secured and protected. Further, regulatory bodies like FCA and ASIC need the brokers to segregate the client’s capital and to submit reports periodically on their usage. As a result, the broker cannot use the trader’s deposits for any purpose other than what it is intended to.
Bitcoin Pro Review – Know About Bitcoin Pro
Bitcoin Pro Review – Know About Bitcoin Pro

Let’s see a few Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Pro –

Pros Cons
User-Friendly Interface. No mobile app.
No hidden charges.
Bitcoin Pro Uses SSL technology for its security.
Offers Reputable brokers.
Bitcoin Pro relies on Artificial Intelligence and its subcategories for carrying out trades.
The minimum deposit to trade on this platform is $250.
Dedicated Customer service.

Bitcoin Pro Features

Let us discuss few unique features of Bitcoin Pro –

  • As technology is constantly evolving, every industry is moving towards automation. The trading industry had long before selected automation through its advanced trading techniques like high-frequency trading. Bitcoin Pro and automation had proven and tested Bitcoin trading strategies.
  • Through automation, it is implied that the robot carries out all the functions of a professional Bitcoin trader starting from research to execution. Furthermore, Bitcoin Pro depends on artificial intelligence and its subcategories of Natural Language Processing(NLP), Deep Learning, and Machine Learning for conducting trade research.
  • Machine learning technology enables a robot to learn and to improve itself as it involves interacting with different data. As a result, it is more precise with time; as more people continue to use it. Deep learning and natural language processing technologies enable Bitcoin Pro to get insights from qualitative data.
  • Immediately, Bitcoin Pro reads the news when they are announced, gets tradable insights from them and executes the trades before the market responds. Additionally, the robots can distinguish between real news from the fake news.
  • Also, Bitcoin Pro conducts technical analysis by getting insights from the trading charts. Bitcoin Pro robot can analyze these trading charts in microseconds and immediately execute the corresponding trades. It is reportedly 10x more precise than any human trader.
  • One of the functions of the broker is to offer leverage. Bitcoin Pro brokers offer a leverage of up to 1:2000. As per our Bitcoin Pro review, it indicates that most of them are regulated by authorities like the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and the Financial Conduct Authority(FCA).
  • Bitcoin Pro offers few payment options such as –
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Maestro
    • Neteller
Bitcoin Pro Review - Features of Bitcoin Pro
Bitcoin Pro Review – Features of Bitcoin Pro

How do you Flip Money in Bitcoin?

The term “Bitcoin Flipping” is described as, when the trader purchases Bitcoins at a lower price and sells them at a higher price in a short period, even though this can double the amount of their investment in Bitcoins. Also, flipping allows the trader to simulate the buying and selling process of various cryptocurrencies, which also includes Bitcoin. In recent years, Bitcoin had increased over 200% at the beginning of 2019, and hence flipping Bitcoin had helped several individuals to double the amount of money they have invested when buying Bitcoin. Hence Bitcoin flipping makes earning very easy as the market goes up.

How Bitcoin Pro justifies its Profitability?

  • Bitcoin Pro profitability can be justified by the technologies which are used by the robot and the trading conditions provided by the robot brokers.
  • Bitcoin Pro trading platform had equipped itself with artificial intelligence technologies and its subcategories like machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing. These technologies are popular in high-frequency trading.
  • Machine learning helps the robot by improving itself as it works closely with diverse data sets. As per our Bitcoin Pro review, it uses smart algorithms to conduct trade research and execute the trades with high accuracy and speed.
  • Bitcoin Pro associates itself with several brokers and offers high leverage for its traders. As a result, the traders can trade on Bitcoin worth over 2000 times their capital. Besides, high leverage can result in huge profits, yet it can also result in devastating losses. Moreover, the trader should keep in mind that they should not invest their money; they cannot afford to lose.
  • The performance of Bitcoin Pro depends on general volatility, and not the direction the price takes. This shows that the robot can generate a return even if the prices are fluctuating. Clearly, the higher the Bitcoin volatility, the better the robot performs.
Bitcoin Pro Review - Performance of Bitcoin Pro
Bitcoin Pro Review – Performance of Bitcoin Pro

Is Bitcoin Pro a scam?

Bitcoin Pro is a leading and one of the most popular auto trading robots offering daily profitability of up to 300 percent from the minimum deposit of $250. There are few reviews that state that daily profit derived on this platform is up to $1,500. Bitcoin Pro robot also has military-grade level cyber protection safety measures and a cyber-response team on standby.

Benefits of Bitcoin Pro

  • Bitcoin Pro is a trading platform that delivers excellent performance on an accuracy level of 99.4%, and it is a good performer when compared with Bitcoin Pro trading systems. The traders of this platform can earn maximum returns on their Investments.
  • Bitcoin Pro uses outstanding technology and works efficiently and faster. Bitcoin Pro is a reliable platform that provides winning trades as it is 0.01 seconds ahead of the markets. It is a result of smart algorithms and the usage of high-level programming implemented by the experts in this field.
  • Bitcoin Pro makes a daily profit of up to $1000 from an initial deposit of $250. The robot trades on the maximum leverage, which explains the high return. This high level of leverage remarks that the traders can bet on positions for the value of $250k from a minimum deposit of $250.
  • Bitcoin Pro is a 100% auto trading platform, which implies that there is no skill needed for using it. When the trader opens an account and makes a deposit when the conditions are set, the trader can relax, and the robot takes over. Bitcoin Pro software performs its best when it is left to run for 8 hours a day.
  • Bitcoin Pro offers dedicated customer care at any time of the day following Monday through Friday. As per our Bitcoin Pro review, the customer service is friendly, well equipped, and knowledgeable. It also offers several channels of communication, which include email address, phone, and live chat. Moreover, traders can also reach them through Twitter and Facebook.
  • Bitcoin Pro offers security and safety for its traders. As already explained, the bot’s website has the highest level of encryption, which means hackers cannot gain entry or capture web traffic. Bitcoin Pro is compliant with strict EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). By this regulation, it ensures that the online trading platform handles the trader’s data with uncompromising confidentiality.
Bitcoin Pro Review - Check Benefits of Bitcoin Pro
Bitcoin Pro Review – Check Benefits of Bitcoin Pro

How does Bitcoin Pro App work?

  • Bitcoin Pro app trading software depends on blockchain and artificial intelligence for carrying out trading research and executing the trades. Their subcategories enable Bitcoin Pro to carry out trading research with the highest level of accuracy of 90%. As a consequence, the bot is accurate in 9 out of 10 trades.
  • The subcategories of artificial intelligence enable Bitcoin Pro to conduct fundamental and technical analysis, which is done by professional traders.
  • By using fundamental analysis, Bitcoin Pro scans the market for tradable qualitative data, which includes social media posts and news. By using technical analysis, it can study patterns from several thousands of charts and get high-quality trading signals. Everything happens within a fraction of a second, by making it possible for Bitcoin Pro to stay ahead of the market.

Who Can Benefit from Bitcoin Pro?

  • Bitcoin Pro is designed to meet the needs of experienced traders; however, everybody can use this platform, which means starting from a new trader to experienced traders.
  • Bitcoin Pro platform has been designed for both pro and new traders. The trader can choose to trade on autopilot as a new trader, and expert traders can try the manual option given in the trading tool.
  • Since the traders of this platform only need to work a few minutes daily on the system, traders can have a look at the software, and they can get acquainted with the platform. When the conditions are set by the trader, rest is taken care of by the robot on behalf of the trader.

How Do I Open a Bitcoin Pro Account?

Bitcoin Pro embeds into the broker system like MT4 to carry out the functions of the trader automatically. Also, it offers a highly intuitive user interface where it can be controlled by the traders. The traders need not master trading systems like MT4 to use this robot.

  • Registration

    The first step to use the Bitcoin Pro app is to register for the free account. These processes are quite straight forward, which takes less than 2 minutes. The trader needs to visit the Bitcoin Pro website and fill the form provided by the website. Bitcoin Pro requests the trader to submit their name as per national ID, a working email address, and contact number. The trader will be asked to verify the email address and the phone number by confirming the link sent to their email and an SMS sent to their phone. Further, this robot complies with stringent data privacy measures like the EU General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR).

  • Verification

    Once the account has been created, the trader is matched to a partner broker who is regulated in their jurisdiction. The traders would be asked to provide more information to the partner broker, and they should verify their identity. Further, ID verification complies with Know Your Customer(KYC) measure, which has become a mandatory process around the world. Bitcoin Pro platform requires the traders to upload a government ID and a most recent bill that shows the current address; the ID verification process takes just a few hours.

  • Minimum deposit

    After completing the ID and verification of proof of address, the trader can go ahead and make the minimum initial deposit of $250; this amount is the trader’s capital. Bitcoin Pro is a licensed free robot that makes money by charging a small amount of commission on the profits made through trading. Bitcoin Pro robot accepts deposits through credit and debit cards. The trader can also deposit through wire transfers and e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and Webmoney done through major crypto wallets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are also accepted.

  • Demo trading

    Bitcoin Pro offers a demo account for the traders to get familiarized with the live platform.  This is because even a small mistake done on the platform will result in huge losses. The demo account should help the traders to set the risk per trade and time, where the volatility is involved. Bitcoin Pro demo account runs on historical data, and it stimulates real market conditions. Bitcoin Pro performance entirely depends upon the current market conditions, and hence there will be no guarantee on anything.

  • Live trading

    Bitcoin Pro live trading can be done at a click of a button. The trader needs to define the level of risk they are willing to take per trade before dealing with a live account. It is highly recommended that the trader should avoid risking over 10% of their account per trade. A bit of caution, the higher the risk of trade assets, the higher will be the chance that it might lead up to losses.

Bitcoin Pro Review – Get started with Bitcoin Pro
Bitcoin Pro Review – Get started with Bitcoin Pro

Is Bitcoin Pro Reliable?

  • Bitcoin Pro is a reliable and extremely popular trading platform, and it performs consistently. This platform has great reviews and testimonials offered by its users on its website.
  • As per our Bitcoin Pro review, we found that the demo account offered by Bitcoin Pro is very easy to use. All that is needed by the trader is to register a free account, deposit a minimum capital, adjust the risk settings, and click the live trading button.
  • Bitcoin Pro works only with regulated brokers. Their broker partners under the regulation of the UK Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) and the Australian Securities and Exchange Commission(ASIC).
  • Bitcoin Pro takes into consideration the safety of the traders very seriously, and it is also well encrypted. This is very important because it prevents hackers from disrupting the traffic that goes into the site, thereby stealing their data. Besides, Bitcoin Pro reports that it is GDPR compliant.
  • As per our Bitcoin Pro review, it appears to be legit. The robot has got great ratings in ease of use, performance, safety, and customer service.

How Much Can You Earn with Bitcoin Pro?

Although Bitcoin Pro is developed to maximize profits and reduce the risk, we cannot guarantee that it can generate thousands of dollars per day. However, Bitcoin is a profitable asset, and the returns of it would depend on the market conditions. Bitcoin Pro robot has got great reviews online, which confirms that this is real and legit. Bitcoin Pro offers a strong support service, and the withdrawal process is also very good.

Is Bitcoin Pro a Pyramid Scheme or MLM?

Bitcoin Pro is an automated trading tool that is based on real trader concepts that are powered by reliable technology and smart algorithms. Hence we can say this platform is not a scheme or MLM.

How Do I Open a Bitcoin Pro Account?

The traders can open an account with the Bitcoin Pro trading platform in not more than 2 minutes, by following the step by step guide given in their website. Also, the users can start trading with a Demo account, which is free.

Do I Need Previous Trading Experience?

The trader does not require any previous trading experience to trade with Bitcoin Pro. Bitcoin Pro uses automation algorithms that remove the required knowledge or skills to use it. The trader needs to start with a demo account to master the trading platform before going into a live account.

Wrap up

As per our Bitcoin Pro review, this platform appears to be legit. Bitcoin Pro has good reviews on the internet, and the user’s remarking that it performs consistently. A demo account offered by this platform is very helpful for the traders before they try a live account. Moreover, this robot has military-grade data safety measures, and it is also compliant with the EU General Data Protection Measures (GDPR). When compared with other scam robots, Bitcoin Pro handover their clients to highly regulated partner brokers and ensure that the trader uses automatic or manual trading mode. Even though Bitcoin Pro offers a great many features, the traders should study the cryptocurrency market and they should do their research before going into cryptocurrency trading.

Bitcoin Pro













  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Offers Reputable brokers.
  • Dedicated Customer service.
  • The minimum deposit to trade on this platform is $250.


  • No mobile app.