The News Spy Review 2023

With so many auto trading robots coming up each passing day in different parts of the world, it becomes very difficult to point out which one is legit and which is a scam. This review will help the users to compare The New Spy with other auto trading platforms for cryptocurrencies very easily.

The News Spy is an automated trading platform for cryptocurrency. A successful crypto trader in the name of John Mayers brought forward this auto trading robot to make money from the cryptocurrency market. A team of expert software engineers also joined Mayers in the development of this software.

This newly launched trading system analyzes the current cryptocurrency market trends that prevail in the crypto market to offer fast and accurate predictions. With The News Spy, we can rest assured that your investments are going to the right place.

The News Spy Review – Makes People Rich

The News Spy Review – Overview

Features of the News Spy

  • Payout system:- The payout system on The News Spy system works accurately, and therefore the traders will never encounter any problem as far as the payout system of this software is concerned. The traders can also view their earnings at the end of every live trading session, which adds to the transparency of the system.
  • Withdrawal and Deposits:- The process of withdrawals on The News Spy cryptocurrency trading platform is better than most of the other auto trading platforms existing presently. Withdrawal requests from the traders on the platform are generally processed within 24-hours after the details are verified.
  • Verification System:- The News Spy verifies every detail that the new users provide at the time of registration at the News Spy platform. This is a very important part of the verification process as it helps avoid issues afterward pertaining to wrong payments or delayed processing of withdrawal requests.
  • Charges:- There are no hidden charges as such on the News Spy cryptocurrency trading platform. However, News Spy charges a specific percentage of the profit as a commission that is earned by users during live trading. This deduction is done only after the live trading session ends.
  • User Testimonials:- There are hundreds of testimonials available on the official page of News Spy that are written by satisfied users. Many people who used the platform reported that they made huge profits daily with it.
  • Brokers:- The brokers on the News Spy auto trading platform play a very important role and are responsible for monitoring the trading processes. Like in Bitcoin Rush, some of these also include prominent forex brokers who analyze stock quotes. The inclusion of brokers in the management of the trading processes significantly increases the chances of earning more profits.
  • Customer Service:- The customer support team working behind the News Spy is outwardly responsive. The customer service portal remains open 24/7 and can be used by every crypto trader irrespective of his location. Traders can connect to the customer care team anytime via their account name, email, online chat, or phone call.

Pros and Cons of using The News Spy

Pros Cons

     The features of the News Spy can also be customized as per the traders’ preferences.

    There is a lack of transparency of the team working behind the product, but that does not necessarily mean that the performance of the program has been affected at all.

     Its trading signals are generated by professional experts only after thorough scrutiny of the data and information.

     The software does not provide mobile applications, but it has a robust mobile interface that can be accessed through the mobile’s browsers.

Benefits of Using the News Spy

Here is a list of benefits discussed that the users get to experience while trading through The News Spy auto trading platform.

  • Technical skills not required:- Unlike manual trading processes that require long hours of practice to hone the skills of online trading, trading with The News Spy is much easier as the entire task of placing trades and scrutinizing the crypto markets is done by the auto trading bots. Trading cryptocurrencies has become much easier with this auto trading robot as no human intervention is required. Now, anyone (even without any exceptional trading skills) can invest and start earning profits from the very first live trading session. Moreover, the traders enjoy the easy-to-use features of this auto trader and navigate the site with much ease and convenience.
  • Amazing Success rate:- The high success rate and an accuracy rating of the auto trader attracts more and more investors every day. All the transactions on the News Spy software are done by the trading robots and therefore, they end up much successfully, thereby placing the account owner in a position to earn significant profits.
  • Demo trading feature:- Before staking real money in the live trading session, the investors can avail the option to try their hands on the demo trading by using the demo trading feature allowed by The News Spy. This gives the account owner much insight into how real trading works without risking real money.
  • 24/7 Customer service:- With the aided 24/7 live customer support service, working at the back end, the News Spy software can assist the traders anytime whenever they feel the urge to talk to the team, regarding their further steps on the auto trading platform.

Benefits of using The News Spy

Benefits of The News Spy Platform

How does News Spy work?

To start trading cryptocurrencies with the live trading feature on the News Spy software, the traders first need to register themselves with it, which is free of cost. However, the sign-up is only for a limited period of time. Here is a step-by-step guide to assist the traders in getting through this amazing & best bitcoin bot.

  • Step 1: Registration:- Registration is always the first gateway to joining any online crypto trading platform. With this trading platform for cryptocurrency, it hardly takes a few minutes before the doors of your success open. For registration, all that the traders need to do is, visit the official home page of the News Spy and click on the “join now” tab. Then they need to fill up the registration form with their basic user information like account name, email address, and phone number.
  • Step 2: Deposit:- In order to activate the News Spy account and start a trade session, the traders need to make an initial deposit. $250 is the minimum deposit required in order to sign up with the News Spy trading software. There are different payment options available on the News Spy website. Traders can make a deposit by using any of their convenient payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Webmoney, bank transfer, or more.
  • Step 3: Auto trading:- Once you are done, you can start trading with the new hands-free money-making trading system The News Spy. The demo trading platform provided by the trading system makes it easier for new investors to study the trading process thoroughly amidst real trading environments. The demo feature allows the users with the same set of tools and market signals as in real trading to familiarize the traders with the real online trading experience but without risking real money.

Working procedures of The News Spy

Working procedures of the platform

Testimonials given by verified users for The News Spy

“Once you choose The News Spy, we can guarantee that you have landed at the most secure and safe crypto trading platform in the business. Your investment isn’t going anywhere without your consent. We would definitely advise you to grab the investment opportunity and make money with the News Spy by investing in it.”

“The News Spy bot is exceptional. I have made over $500 in a month with its effective trading process! Much thanks to the trading robot for this, your suggestions magically work. I made lots of money with the News Spy. My team members have started using it after knowing about my profits!”

“I have tried very hard to find a loophole in The News Spy through which I can prove that this is a scam. I thought I would definitely come across some wired release or report to prove this. But I was unsuccessful. I guess I will have to admit that this crypto trading robot is legit. It offers you a good investment opportunity as per the current market situation.”

“I love The News Spy. You do not really need to worry yourself so much about this crypto trading software, as it is totally legit and good for those who want to make money by sitting at home. This trading robot is a perfect option for both beginners and professionals. I invested $1000 at the beginning of my investment, and I made over $250 in a day.”

How much money can I make trading on The News Spy?

Owing to the volatility in the cryptocurrency market, making money by buying and selling cryptocurrencies is not an easy affair. At times trading cryptocurrency becomes difficult to figure out how much exactly can be earned by trading on this News Spy trading software. The more you invest, the more will be your chances to start making money in substantial amounts. But then there is also a high amount of risks associated with your high investment due to the crypto market volatility, and you may end up losing heavily.

Therefore, it is always advisable to go with the flow and to invest only that much money with the News Spy which you can afford to lose. Start small with the minimum investments and study the strategies before playing for more.

Here are some quick tips discussed, following which the cryptocurrency traders can make a profit and then maximize the profits, while minimizing the risks associated with online cryptocurrency trading.

Start small:- The News Spy trading system allows the traders to get started with the minimum deposit of $250. Therefore, it is a wise idea to grow your passive income by starting with a minimum deposit of $250 on the News Spy trading platform.

Do your own research on cryptocurrency trading:- Instead of relying on other sources to get an insight into cryptocurrency trading, it is better if the cryptocurrency traders can do their own research online. There are hundreds of sites available on cryptocurrency trading and online trading, wherefrom the traders can do their own research on how to start online trading and how to stay in the market flawlessly.

Withdraw and save your profit:- Withdrawing profits that you earn while trading through The News Spy and then reinvesting the capital wisely and consistently will surely increase your fortune in just a few weeks.

Invest your spare money only:- When you are trying to make money in the crypto market by buying and selling cryptocurrencies, it is recommended that you invest your spare money only. Spare money implies the money that you can afford to lose if things do not turn up your way. The cryptocurrency market is subject to volatility and market risks which happen every now and then. So, even if you cannot make a profit from the amount that you have invested, it will hardly matter to you. The cryptocurrency market is volatile, and there are also inherent risks with it, so it is best to play safe while making money in the crypto market.

How efficient are withdrawals?

Withdrawals with the News Spy is also very efficient. All that the traders need to do is fill up a ‘withdrawal request’ form with the News Spy. The server will then verify the traders’ details on the robot page. The withdrawn funds are credited to the traders’ bank account within 24 hours.

Is there a mobile app?

No, there is no separate mobile app for the News Spy software. However, it offers a compact mobile interface that can be accessed anytime through the phone’s browser.

Can I open multiple accounts?

No, much unlike other auto trading systems of its kind, the News Spy software does not allow a user to open multiple accounts for security purposes. However, a verified user can close a News Spy account and open a new account as per his choice.

How reliable are the sources?

The News Spy software is highly reliable, and professional experts analyze the news generated by this software. Therefore, there is hardly any space left for speculations and doubts regarding its reliability.

After making this News Spy review and undergoing various tests to establish the credibility of the software, we concluded that the News Spy is excellent software, and it passed all our tests.

  • The automated live trading feature of the News Spy works excellently for beginners and professionals. It allows its users to set a stop-loss limit to mitigate the risks while leveraging essential trading signals to earn a substantial profit.

  • As per our analytics tools, The News Spy software has a comparatively high win rate for the users irrespective of the amount of deposit they have made.

  • The user-friendly approach of The News Spy makes it easier for beginners to start off with live trading. In fact, every trading feature of the News Spy is easy to navigate. The website is responsive and the software allows its users to monitor trades through their mobile phones or laptops.

  • The software ensures unlimited withdrawals for all users, and the withdrawals are also processed within 24-hours.

Wrap up

After making this News Spy review, if someone asks, “Is News Spy legit?” Yes, would be our answer. If you are looking to start earning profits in the crypto market with The News Spy, we guarantee that you have landed on the right platform, and this software will never disappoint you.

Besides, The News Spy is very user- friendly and caters to the needs of beginners and professionals. The program can also be operated through web browsers or mobile browsers, thereby letting users keep track of their profits irrespective of where they are.


1. Is the account registration on this software free?

Ans. Yes, account registration is absolutely free to open an account on the News Spy. As such, there are no hidden charges associated with this auto trading system. You can open a News Spy account by filling up the account registration form with your basic information like name, email address, and phone number. After your account name and other details have been verified and approved, all you need to do is, make a minimum deposit and get started with the live trading feature allowed on this platform.

2. How reliable is the withdrawal system?

Ans. It is absolutely reliable. There are no delays as such for withdrawals on this auto trading platform. Users can get their funds reflected on their bank account within 24-hours after their withdrawal application starts to be processed.

3. Is the News Spy fit for affiliate marketing?

Ans. No, it is an automated trading platform only for cryptocurrencies.

4. What is the minimum deposit to start trading on this platform?

Ans. To start with the live trading feature, users need to make a deposit of $250.

5. Is News Spy legit?

Ans. Yes, it is undoubtedly legit.

6. Is it recommended to use The News Spy?

Ans. Yes, it is absolutely recommended to use this platform for online trading. There are many amazing features of The News Spy that prove that it is one of the best auto trading robots to date. It is easy to use and set up the trading sessions. Many people are already earning thousands of dollars every day through this crypto trading robot.

7. Is this crypto trading platform safe for online transactions?

Ans. Yes, it is absolutely safe. In fact, the News Spy platform is protected by SSL protocol, Norton, and McAfee like online security programs that ensure the utmost safety and reliability.

The News Spy













  • High-quality of trading signals
  • Efficient withdrawal process


  • Lack of transparency
  • It does not have any mobile app
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