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Immediate Bitcoin is an automated trading robot that uses algorithms to trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies automatically. With an ever-evolving industry, more and more traders and investors are beginning to use trading robots or auto trading systems that automatically trade on their behalf. This takes the human error out of the equation. Automated trading processes generate $1,000 as a profit every day. The trading platform is free to use, and it offers a trading app that does not require any downloads; the trader also doesn’t need to have any experience, skills, or expertise to trade with this trading platform. It is driven by artificial intelligence systems, and it offers BTC trading exclusively. The user need not require any technical knowledge about the cryptocurrency market to trade on this platform. This trading bot is transparent in its operations and is powered by blockchain technology.

Immediate Bitcoin


Review by: Thomas Gillard

Immediate Bitcoin - Interface

Immediate Bitcoin Review Summary

Immediate Bitcoin robots offer a safe, easy, and highly profitable way to trade Bitcoins and make so much money. By trading Bitcoins, the user can earn high returns through automated trading systems when the market experiences volatility. The immediate bitcoin software provides leveraged trading, and it increases the profitability of the users.

As per our immediate Bitcoin review, immediate Bitcoin is one of the highest performing trading systems available in the market currently. It charges its users 2% of the commission in the profit generated by trading on this system. Immediate Bitcoin is powered by artificial intelligence-driven algorithms used for trading.

The Immediate Bitcoin app has partnered with some of the leading brokers in Australia, South Africa, and the UK. Their partnered brokers facilitate the trades, and they handle their customers’ transactions. The partnered brokers are regulated by reputable authorities.

These trading robots use artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to enhance their performance.

Immediate Bitcoin had been rumored to have been endorsed by several big wigs like Elon Musk and celebrity TV shows. When we checked this claim, we found that it is not true, and there is no evidence to prove this claim. Furthermore, Immediate Bitcoin has claimed that the trading system is highly popular, despite the lack of celebrity endorsements.

The partnered brokers have been regulated by leading authorities. They segregate user funds that are only for trading. In this way, the funds are kept safe, and the customers are assured of the safety of their funds.

Immediate Bitcoin - About

What is Immediate Bitcoin?

Immediate Bitcoin was founded in 2016 and has been established by a team of Wall Street professionals. This trading robot helps several people trade cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. It has an accuracy of 90%.

With this accuracy, it generates a profit of up to $2500 from a minimum investment of $250. This is one of the best-automated trading platforms to provide live feed about the cryptocurrency market obtained from third parties.

To make profitable trades, immediate Bitcoin uses sophisticated algorithms that research and analyze the Bitcoin market and the crypto market trends.

As per our review, immediate Bitcoin has associated itself with reputable and regulated brokers to carry out transactions and enhance the trading experience.

Immediate Bitcoin - Trading

Is Immediate Bitcoin Legit or a scam?

As per our immediate Bitcoin review, we can say that this platform is legitimate. There are several positive internet reviews about this platform. Investors who have used the platform have made an impressive amount of money, using this platform.

The account registration process with immediate Bitcoin is simple. Adding a deposit and verifying the account is very easy. After setting the trade limits, the user can click the live trading button, and the software takes over the trades on behalf of the user.

It requires a few minutes every day to check the crypto market and set trade limits. The payout system offered by immediate Bitcoin is instant; when the profits are generated, the user can proceed with withdrawal requests, and the request is processed within 24 hours.

Immediate Bitcoin - Why Invest?

How Does the Immediate Bitcoin Auto Trading System Work?

Immediate Bitcoin app researches and studies the cryptocurrency market for insights and looks for profit signals to execute the trades on behalf of the user. Further, these trading signals are 90% accurate, and are profitable trades in 9 out of 10 trades.

The trader can start trading with immediate Bitcoin when they have added a minimum deposit; the money which is deposited is used for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Using the live trading feature, the trader can start trading with the click of a button. When it is done, the trading robot clicks and checks the best currency pairs, thereby helping the investor generate significant profit by trading in a cryptocurrency market.

As per several immediate Bitcoin reviews, we can say that this platform uses sophisticated algorithms to scan the market and provide users financial news from the cryptocurrency market. This news can be used by the trader to make informed decisions about the trades.

Unique Features of Immediate Bitcoin

Here are a few important features of Immediate Bitcoin –


The user interface of the immediate Bitcoin platform is one of the best, and this makes the trading processes through the platform highly intuitive. It also offers an excellent customer support team to help users if they have any issues that need to be resolved. The customer support is highly knowledgeable and has an experienced team, and they are ready to help traders anytime. These features help Immediate Bitcoin be one of the best auto trading platforms available in the market.

Immediate Bitcoin - Features

Reasonable Minimum Deposit

If the user wants to trade with immediate Bitcoin, they need to add a minimum deposit of $250 to as much as $25000. This platform helps all types of traders to invest money and to generate more profit using immediate Bitcoin.

Trading Platform

Immediate Bitcoin offers a stable and secure trading platform, and there has been no complaint from users regarding any downtime when the trading takes place. This ensures the security of the trading platform.

Immediate Bitcoin - Trading Platform


The trading platform’s automated payout feature makes the trading process and earning money through this software very convenient. When the trader initiates a live trading session, the payout option is available immediately, which calculates the earnings and credits the user account with profits they have made.

Verification Method 

The auto trading platforms verification method is simple and can be completed within minutes. This platform is safe because it has industry-standard security practices in place. This platform offers the highest level of security, and this makes it great for users who want to trade Bitcoins through automated trading.


When the user requests withdrawal, the process is very fast. The team starts the withdrawal process quickly, and it does not take more than 24 hours to complete the withdrawal. Considering other auto trading platforms, which take several days, the immediate bitcoin withdrawal process is much faster.

Fees and Commission

When compared with other trading platforms, Immediate Bitcoin does not charge any fees except the 2% commission it charges from the profits earned by the user when the live trading session ends. If the user does not make a profit, the platform does not charge any fees.

Customer Service

The trading platform’s customer support is exceptionally good, and the team is available, day and night. Customer support can be accessed through email and live chat 24×7. Immediate Bitcoin also has a customer care desk that can be accessed by their customers from any part of the world.


Immediate Bitcoin has partnered with several reputable and regulated brokers both in the US and UK. Their partner brokers are responsible for executing the trades on the platform; in this way, the transaction is processed with clients. The brokers listed on the immediate Bitcoin website are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), which is regarded as the most reputable regulatory authority.

Positive Reviews

As per several immediate Bitcoin reviews, users who have used this auto trading system have remarked that the platform is very secure. Users also mention that they have made profits using this platform. This platform is particularly useful to new investors and experienced traders as it offers the latest features and tools.

Immediate Bitcoin - Reviews

Pros & Cons of Immediate Bitcoin

Pros Cons
      This auto trading platform offers a user-friendly interface.       Immediate Bitcoin is not available in certain countries.
      The automated trading process is easy, and it provides faster withdrawal.       Trading with cryptocurrencies is prone to market risks.
      This system offers a demo trading feature and manual trading feature for their users.
      There are no hidden fees, charges, or commissions.
      Offers dedicated customer service 24×7.

Immediate Bitcoin Account Opening Process

Opening an immediate bitcoin account with auto trading systems is a simple process and does not take too much time. Trading cryptocurrency with this software gives the user the financial freedom of earning passive income.

Here are the steps that will help the user start trading with immediate Bitcoin.


For registration, the user should visit the immediate Bitcoin website. They need to fill in details like full name, contact number, email address, etc. For the account verification process, a verification link will be sent to the email address specified by the user. After clicking the link and after opening an account. A partner broker will get in touch with the user, and they might ask for a scanned copy of a driving license or government-issued ID.

Immediate Bitcoin - Sign Up

Adding Deposit

After creating an account the user should add a minimum deposit of $250 if they want to start trading with this auto trading system. This auto trader offers several options to transfer funds like debit cards, credit cards, bank account wire transfers, e-wallets, crypto wallets, etc. Also, there are no deposit fees for limits, further, it just takes a few seconds for the deposits to get reflected on the user’s account.

Demo Account

This auto trading system offers a demo trading feature that is free where the user can check all the features and tools of the automated trading system, and this will help them get familiarised with the platform, and they can avoid costly mistakes before they proceed with a live trading session. The user should read the crypto trading guide offered by the platform. Users are also provided with dedicated account managers to help them in case they have any problems.

Live Trading

After using the demo account, new users can proceed with the live trading system. They should spend a minimum of 20 minutes every day on this reliable auto trading platform to set the trading parameters. When this is done, they can click the live button to start with live trading sessions. The live trading sessions are carried out by brokers when the user has added the initial investment deposit.

Immediate Bitcoin - Live Trading


To conclude, Immediate Bitcoin is a great auto trading system that is user-friendly and makes consistent profits for its customers. Everything is well organized, and there are several positive reviews and various aspects of the immediate bitcoin package. The user interface is highly intuitive, and it is easy to navigate. This trading bot can be used by both new users and experienced traders. Also, immediate bitcoin works with partnered brokers who work round the clock. This trading system does not charge any hidden fees or charges from their customers. Their account opening process is easy and does not take more than 20 minutes. Their partner brokers are regulated and carry out transactions without any hassle.


1. Is the Immediate Bitcoin trading system Legit or a Scam?

Immediate Bitcoin is a legit auto trading platform. The high-profit ratio is as a result of algorithms and trading technologies to predict the cryptocurrency market trends. The auto trading system is powered by distributed ledger technology, and it ensures transparency in its peer-to-peer transactions.

2. How Much Can I Earn on Immediate Bitcoin Daily?

This software generates a high return of investment when the market is experiencing a highly volatile period. Using this platform, the trader can generate $1000 daily through an initial deposit of $250. Further, traders can reinvest their money to make more money.

3. Is Immediate Bitcoin auto trading platform Easy to Use?

Auto traders are easy to use. Trading robots are used by traders at all levels. This robot automatically trades when the conditions are met and has a win rate of more than 90%. This trading platform uses the best encryption standards and adheres to GDPR and data privacy laws. The GDPR is an EU law that requires all companies to comply with strict data privacy.

4. How is the Immediate Bitcoin mobile app?

Immediate Bitcoin offers an app for the user to have the best experience. The trader can access the web trader through their mobile and desktop devices. This web trader is compatible with browsers and can be downloaded on mobile in the HTML5 version.

5. Are funds secure on Immediate Bitcoin?

As per our immediate bitcoin review, this platform takes care of their client’s funds and has adopted strict security measures. Their website uses AES encryption, and it is safe from cyber-attacks. Further, it complies with GDPR, which makes sure that the user’s data is safe.

6. How to Open An Account on Immediate Bitcoin?

Opening an immediate bitcoin account does not require any technical expertise or skills. The user can register for a new account by going to the homepage of immediate Bitcoin and offering a few details like full name, email address, and contact number. A verification link will be sent to the user email id, and when the verification is complete, the user account is opened immediately.

Immediate Bitcoin













  • This auto trading platform offers a user-friendly interface.
  • There are no hidden fees, charges, or commissions.
  • Offers dedicated customer service 24x7.


  • Immediate Bitcoin is not available in certain countries.
  • Trading with cryptocurrencies is prone to market risks.
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