Charlie Lee Plans to Upsurge Litecoin Adoption

Charlie Lee Plans to Upsurge Litecoin Adoption

Charlie Lee has been one of the most well-known figures in the crypto world, he is the founder of Litecoin, as a lot of individuals nowadays have this doubt his trustworthiness. For those who ask why, numerous still think that Lee proclaiming that he had invented everything, including Litecoin unevenly an in 2017 pretentious the value theatrically, and long-term depositors have felt deceived by his pronouncement. His statement was made almost precisely on December 20, 2017.

This Co-Founder of Litecoin [LTC] and former Director of Engineering at the cryptocurrency platform Coinbase, Charlie Lee have stated that he will be an advisor to HTC’s Exodus smartphone. Intended to start its autumn, Exodus is the first smartphone made majority decentralized security as well as applications.

HTC commented that with a knowledge of many periods in the Smartphone corporate and creating a massive 100 million phones, they feel that it is their accountability “to redesign the social media internet as well as to generate a decentralization a realism.”

Charlie Lee is the creator of Litecoin, who also worked as the Director of Engineering for Coinbase. Charlie Lee was born in Ivory Coast and later moved to the United States, where he received a master’s degree in computer science from MIT. Charlie Lee has worked for numerous tech companies, including Google. Charlie Lee came across Bitcoin and blockchain technology in 2011 and became quickly became fascinated with this idea. Still, he saw that Bitcoin had its flaws and none of the altcoins managed to offer something different and new. Therefore, he went to work making a better cryptocurrency and came out with Litecoin – a cryptocurrency with faster transactions, a larger maximum supply and a script-based hashing protocol that was fast enough to become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market. After creating Litecoin, Charlie worked at Coinbase as the Director of Engineering but has now returned to full-time work at Litecoin.

The founder spoke to Bloomberg where Lee mentioned that he’s concentrating on upsurge LTC’s use by wholesalers. Though he did not provide the news opening exact figures on how well it’s going, he mentioned out that he has been counseling Taiwanese mobile device maker HTC, as CryptoGlobe covered.

He added that there are many rip-offs in the space, which means only the strong are set to live.

There’s a lot of scams and currencies not useful at all, and those values will plummet. You are going to see some coins die, and the strong will survive.