Bitcoin Trader Review 2020


Bitcoin Trader is an automatic trading software developed by Gary Roberts in 2017. Bitcoin Trader is described as an intuitive platform that allows users to trade in Bitcoin and accumulate great profits.

Bitcoin Trader takes into consideration the market trends and executes automatic trades 0.01 seconds faster than its rivals. Bitcoin trading app removes the manual process of purchasing and selling Bitcoin on an exchange, engaging beginners to register on its platform and use its functionality of auto-trade.

Bitcoin Trader Trading Platform
Bitcoin Trader Trading Platform

Let’s see a few pros and cons of Bitcoin Trader –

Pros Cons

Registration is a Hassle-free process.

No App is available for iOS and Android.

Precise customization available for trade settings.

Bitcoin Trader is not available for US citizens. Instead, they are offering brokerage services like eToro.

Offers Demo trading account.

Making deposits on Bitcoin Trader is easy; offers various methods.

Withdrawals are processed in less than 24 hours.

Why Bitcoin Trader?

  • Bitcoin Trader’s software is used for trading Bitcoin and other five major cryptocurrencies. It describes that it can generate 1,300 dollars minimum daily profit for its traders, just for minimum trading fees of 250 dollars.

  • Bitcoin Trader works with trading robots that utilize the funds in Bitcoin Trader’s account to purchase the cryptocurrencies at a very low price and sell them when the price goes up.

  • Every transaction on the Bitcoin Trader is successful. This is because the trading system of Bitcoin Trader is run by the intelligent trading robot that works with an advanced algorithm to scan the complete cryptocurrency trading platform for the best price. Moreover, the system is fast, and trading robot can execute transactions in mere seconds.


  • Bitcoin Trader software is registered and holds a valid license to operate in 150 countries successfully.

  • The success rate for transactions executed on Bitcoin Trader is 96%. This ensures that the large percentages of the transaction executed by the robot are successful.

  • The minimum deposit that is needed to start trading in Bitcoin Trader is reasonable, and the owners have set the deposit limit of 250 dollars for its traders.

  • One of the major advantages is that Bitcoin Trader is secure, and it is free from third-party applications.

  • It allows its traders to introduce themselves to trade Bitcoins to generate huge profits. In just two years, Bitcoin Trader has become one of the leading crypto trading bots in the US Trading Association.

  • Bitcoin Trader removes the inconvenience of manual cryptocurrency trading and allows the traders to auto-trade their Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which could get them huge profits without any problems. The trader can easily purchase and sell their Bitcoin on this software because of its user-friendly interface.

Features of Bitcoin Trader
Features of Bitcoin Trader

Benefits of Trading with Bitcoin Trader

Below given are the few benefits of trading with Bitcoin Trader –

  • Bitcoin Trader’s features are very basic and easy to use. It is an ideal platform for new traders.

  • The online customer support team is available 24×7, and the traders from all over the world can get support when needed, irrespective of their country.

  • Bitcoin Trader offers a demo account feature, which is very useful for the new Traders that helps them to trade and to make a profit. Also, Bitcoin Trader transactions are fast and secure.

Advantages Offered By Bitcoin Trader
Advantages Offered By Bitcoin Trader

Is Bitcoin Trader Legit?

People do have doubts about whether Bitcoin Trader is legit or a scam. Bitcoin Trader’s registration procedure, robot functionality, and customer support are very helpful. The platform is developed by the best software engineers in the industry and is affiliated with reputed brokers around the world. Besides, it provides a sustainable platform for several traders to earn a considerable amount of profit.

Few Testimonials offered by the traders about Bitcoin Trader

“I have never traded online before, but now, thanks to Bitcoin Trader, I am making money from trading Bitcoin, and the best part of it is that it is easy to do, and the whole process is automated.”

“As a single mom, every cent counts, and thanks to Bitcoin Trader, I no longer have to work two jobs. To top it off, I get to spend time with my kids, and I always have extra cash. A big thank you to Bitcoin Trader.”

“I am a professional trader, and all I can say is that Bitcoin Trader is the real deal. The accuracy of the app’s analysis is impressive, and it has even taught me a couple of things. This is a must-have!!”

“I was not able to find a job, so I started using Bitcoin Trader for fun, and it has changed my life. With only 20 minutes of work each day, I am making over $1,000 a day. It really does not get any easier than this!!”

Is Bitcoin Trader a Scam?

Few reasons explained why Bitcoin Trader is not a scam –

  • After reviewing this software, we can say that it looks like a legit app. Because of its complicated auto-trading execution system, Bitcoin Trader offers a perfect outcome of successful trades.

  • Further, traders can be assured that there are minimum risks in terms of security and safety. The Bitcoin Trader app received a quality certification from the US Trading Association and some of the most leading antivirus companies.

  • While considering the overall functionality, the Bitcoin Trader app is intuitive, easy to navigate, and simple to use by making online trading profitable and exciting. It also offers the correct amount of flexibility, managing to be user-friendly and efficient to the maximum.

Bitcoin Trader Software

Bitcoin Trader software is developed and engineered by masterminds in technology. This software works much better than any software available in the market. It has no problems in anticipating the market moves and goes forward. This particular feature enhances its reliability and increases the level of trust of the Traders.

Trading Indicators

Concerning trading indicators, it is important to mention that the Bitcoin Trader app is the first in introducing six trading indicators. By this feature, the traders can benefit from seven timeframes. Also, this feature gives the trader the advantage of providing deep insights into the volatile market and fluctuations in the market signals and trends.

Accurate performance

The reviews on Bitcoin Trader reveal that it has achieved a precise accuracy level of 99.4%, which is a record that any other software in the market has failed to reach. Besides, the app offers traders excellent features from which the users can benefit immensely.

Automated Trading

The Bitcoin trading app offers control to the traders by giving them a chance to control their trade activities without any delay. The traders can regulate their account activities and stay in touch with the market flow and conditions with the help of the Bitcoin Trader robot. The robot easily detects the trading alerts and makes transactions smooth.

Trading App

As per our Bitcoin Trader review, its app has performed quite well until now. The Bitcoin Trader has received number one position among all similar trading platforms by the UK Trading Association. This is because of its exceptional services to its clients.

Safe and Secure

Bitcoin Trader does not offer any uncertainties or doubts concerning safety and security. It offers an SSL certificate, which ensures its protection. Bitcoin Trader has a policy of verifying each client before going ahead with the approval of any proceedings.

Can we Trust Bitcoin Trader?

  • Trust is an important issue that needs to be addressed in the trading world. Use Bitcoin Trader, which offers its traders confidentiality and trust to trade in the platform with its trading platform. They can trade without any fear and can make a sizeable profit.

  • As per our Bitcoin Trader Review, we found that the features are customer-friendly, and the payout system offered by the Bitcoin Trader is fast and reliable, which shows it can be trusted.

  • Analytics tools offered by Bitcoin Trader reveals that most of the trader’s average success ratio is 96%. Further, this value is constant throughout a period; also, it means the trader can get a high return on investment based on the success rate.

How Bitcoin Trader works

  • In the platform, the traders need to register, add the deposit to their trading account, and set their preferences. Later, they need to set the correct trade settings, which takes just a few minutes.

  • The next step would be to activate the auto-trading mode, and subsequently, the automated trading process will start the process on its own. The advantage of the software is that it acts as an investor for the trader. The robots from the Bitcoin Trader are very well trained and offer the traders good profits by analyzing the present market conditions, trading signals, and statistical data.

  • One of the most important features is that the bot works independently from trader inputs. It is not controlled by any person, and is 100% automated. When the trader registers, creates an account and deposits the funds, the process is complete for the trader.

  • The next step would be to spend a few minutes daily to work on the trade settings preferred by the trader, and then they need to activate the auto-trading mode. When the conditions are set, the trading app will act as an investor and invest the amount on the trades preferred by the trader.

  • Further, this auto trading bot utilizes quotes, progressions, and statistics to make sure the trade happens. This means before starting to purchase and sell assets, the algorithm of the software is created to scan the market data for precise information.

Bitcoin Trader Review – How Bitcoin Trader works?
Bitcoin Trader Review – How Bitcoin Trader works?

How to Start Trading on Bitcoin Trader?

Before starting to trade with their real money, the trader should use the demo mode. The advantage of the demo account is it helps the trader to learn how trading works on this platform. Over and above, the demo Bitcoin Trader account provides an excellent knowledge for the traders to get acquainted with the platform. By this, the trader gets real experience, and they don’t have to fear that funds might run out since it is a demo Bitcoin Trader account. Once they get acquainted with the platform, they can start trading with real money.


The registration process offered by Bitcoin Trader does not ask the trader to fill up a complete set of details before creating an account when compared to other crypto industry bots. Moreover, a trader can register on the platform with simple and easy steps in just a matter of minutes. Further, the trader does not need an ID scan or any of the bank statements. Just basic account information and information on the payment is enough for successful registration.

Verification Process

The Bitcoin Trader verification system checks all the information provided by the traders while registering a new account or updating their user information. This verification is mandatory to prevent issues or fraud while making a deposit or withdrawal.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum deposit amount for Bitcoin Trader is 250 dollars. Money transfer is an effortless process when compared to other trading robots. Only a few necessary banking details are needed, and the amount to be transferred is done in minutes. If the withdrawals are to be processed, they don’t take longer than 24 hours. When compared to other robots, Bitcoin withdrawals take as long as ten days. Some of the payment options include Visa, Mastercard, Bank transfer, Paypal, Maestro, and other options.


Bitcoin Trader does not charge any hidden fees on its platform; which is the most beneficial feature for the traders. Traders are free to join this platform, open a new account, and make a deposit. The commission is charged by the system from the profits earned by the investors.

Payout system

The payout system offered by Bitcoin Trader is fast and accurate. Our review on Bitcoin Trader, reveals that there are no wrong calculations, and the funds are accurate. Moreover, users get the payments on time.

Feedback system

Bitcoin Trader developers have kept the platform easy for traders to offer feedbacks after their live trading experience. The feedback page on the website, offers reviews about this platform.

Bitcoin Trader Review – Know More About Bitcoin Trader!
Bitcoin Trader Review – Know More About Bitcoin Trader!


The brokers are accountable for checking the automatic process to make sure that the traders get a high return of investment after each trading session. Funds on this platform are channeled through online stock brokers. This means when the trader is investing in the auto-trading mode; the investments are automatically placed on cryptocurrencies through an online broker who supports such Investments.

Asset Selection

The signals created by Bitcoin Trader software is for Bitcoin CFDs versus Euro and US dollar. Also, the trader will find trading signals for all classic currency pairs. The trader needs to select the assets, for the positions opened by the robot.

Customer Support

The trading app offered by Bitcoin Trader is very user-friendly that the trader might not need any help. If the trader needs support, they are available over chat and through email, which is provided on the website. Further, the support system offered by the platform is fast and responsive.

Exclusive Trading Features

  • Custom Trade Settings

    Bitcoin Trader offers an option of customizing trade settings, which is a useful feature for new users. These personalized settings make the overall interface very user-friendly. If there are any problems, the trader can contact the customer service anytime.

  • Demo Trading

    The Bitcoin Trader offers demo trading. This software offers the possibility of trading in demo mode before the trader makes an actual deposit. They are of immense help, especially for new traders. By trading in demo account, it allows the new traders to get comfortable with the tools, functions, trading opportunities, and several other resources that are available on the platform. When the trader gets acquainted with the platform, they can start depositing the money in the account and start trading.

  • Faster Trading

    Bitcoin Trader is based on an algorithm that allows its traders to spend less time daily on the platform. The traders are only needed to have a look, and if required, they can change their trade settings and activate the auto-trading mode. Besides, financial news and market prices will be analyzed in a few seconds, and the trade will be placed accordingly in less than 10 seconds. Usually, the human traders will take hours to reach a decision, yet with Bitcoin Trader, it becomes easy.

Can you trust the Bitcoin Trader software?

Due to the increasing number of automated cryptocurrency trading platforms, Bitcoin traders are more conscious and skeptical about becoming a prey to various scams prevalent around the industry. To sum up, this review intends to offer the traders all the points regarding the authenticity of the platform. After reviewing the Bitcoin Trader platform and assessing the Bitcoin Trader app, we can conclude that the paltform has many advantageous features that are not offered by other Bitcoin trading robots. Some of the unique features offered by the platform have helped many traders to make huge profits on their investment. Do influencers endorse it? There are many rumors about this bot have some connection with Gordon Ramsay, Elon Musk, Peter Jones etc.

Bitcoin Trader Review - Check Latest Trades From Bitcoin Trader Users!
Bitcoin Trader Review – Check Latest Trades From Bitcoin Trader Users!


  • A little bit of caution here – even though this software is fully automated and never handled by humans, in any stage of its trading process, it is advisable to use a small amount of funds. It is advisable because in case the market rate fluctuates, the trader should be in a safer position with their Investments.

  • Bitcoin Trader does not offer any app for iOS and Android devices. If there are any problems with the phone’s browser, trading is not advisable.

  • Unpredictability and fluctuating mode in international markets need to be considered and studied well by the trader before investing in cryptocurrencies as they are prone to volatility.  Besides, being skeptical is good; yet the trader needs to do their research before going for automated trading.

Wrap up

Use Bitcoin Traders app! It is a dependable and reliable software, which is very helpful for Bitcoin Traders. It comes with a lot of unique features and benefits for its users. It is created with a feedback system to enable users to send their feedback to the developers to resolve any issues. Traders can also rate the services of this auto trading software. The market is prone to volatility and risks; the trader needs to check and analyze the current trend before investing in the market.

Bitcoin Trader













  • Registration is a Hassle-free process.
  • Precise customization available for trade settings.
  • Offers Demo trading account.
  • Making deposits on Bitcoin trader is easy; offers various methods.


  • No App is available for iOS and Android.
  • Bitcoin trader is not available for US citizens. Instead, they are offering brokerage services like eToro.