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Bitcoin Storm is an automated cryptocurrency trading software that uses trading algorithms that can forecast the price movements of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency market. This program has been created by the developers and it is highly beneficial for all types of users irrespective if they have trading knowledge or not. Using Bitcoin storm software the users can operate more easily to earn more profits without much hassle. This auto trading system charges fees when the user withdraws their money from their trading account to deposit them to their bank account. Further, it offers an intuitive user interface which is very helpful for beginners and experienced traders to understand the different levels of trading cryptocurrency and to learn about trading in the currency market.

Bitcoin Storm


Review by: Thomas Gillard

Bitcoin Storm Review Summary

Bitcoin Storm app offers innovative cryptocurrency trading platforms to trade cryptocurrencies; it helps the users to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptos in the trading market. Through this platform, investors can earn passive income without quitting their full time job.

As per our Bitcoin storm review, the Bitcoin storm platform is a fully automated trading bot and the trader need not spend the entire day waiting for the perfect opportunity to trade through the platform. Compared with other trading platforms that demand a minimum deposit of $2000, Bitcoin storm has made it possible for the users to trade cryptocurrency with a minimum amount of $250.

When compared with other Bitcoin auto trading platforms, Bitcoin storm uses a complex and custom algorithm that helps to trade Bitcoin investment easily. The users can earn from different market movements and learn what direction the market takes. All this can be done without the trader’s presence which implies that when the trading conditions are met, this software executes the trades day and night and earns profits for the investors.

Bitcoin Storm InterfaceBitcoin Storm – Overview

Bitcoin storm app is an automated trading bot that provides several features and it uses blockchain and SSL technology for security; which makes it a highly secured platform when it comes to trading cryptos. Some of the benefits offered aside from auto trading by the bitcoin storm software are news analyzing, and arbitrage trading.

What is Bitcoin Storm?

Launched in 2018, Bitcoin storm is an automated trading bot that is connected with a broker’s software to automatically trade bitcoin and other cryptos. It uses trading strategies set by the trader to execute profitable trades. Bitcoin storm can be used by investors with different levels of trading experience and it also offers a comprehensive guide to help traders to set up trading.

Bitcoin storm is a trading bot and with a minimum amount of $250 users can start to trade. Bitcoins storm has become one of the most popular and leading automated trading robots around the world.

The Bitcoin storm supports all types of investors and has supported the fact that Bitcoin storm has an accuracy rate of 99.3% and it is 0.1 seconds ahead of the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin Storm Join UsBitcoin Storm – Join Us

Bitcoin storm app is a virtual trading bot that quickly scans the crypto market to find the perfect deals and when the trade conditions are met, it executes the transaction on behalf of the investors. This trading bot works independently without any intervention.

Bitcoin Storm automated trading platform partners with several reputed and regulated broker to increase the profits of their users in the crypto market as it is prone to volatility as the price changes are effected immediately. Further, the broker can initiate stop-loss features that will help in protecting their client’s funds.

Is Bitcoin Storm Scam or Legit?

Through the Bitcoin storm auto trading session, traders can invest their money securely without offering their personal and financial details to other people. Bitcoin Storm is a leading crypto trading software that permits traders to trade with over 15 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several more.

One of the most important features of Bitcoin storm is it offers a demo account that allows the users to practice cryptocurrency trading before they proceed with a live trading session using real money. This helps them to check the trade strategies before proceeding with the live mode.

Bitcoin Storm Scam or LegitBitcoin Storm – Scam or Legit

Using a demo account, it allows the people to avoid losing money with Bitcoin storm if something goes wrong while executing a transaction. This characteristic shows that this trading platform is transparent and legitimate and the transactions are carried out securely while trading.

Several people have shared their positive feedback with this system and how they have made money through cryptocurrency trading. With these mentioned factors we can say that this platform is a legitimate one.

How Does Bitcoin Storm Work?

Bitcoin Storm auto trading platform has partnered with several brokers in the cryptocurrency market to handle their customer transactions. The deposit made by the trader goes to their partnered broker and the broker is held responsible for executing the orders received from the bot and executes them. The broker have systems that help them to place instant orders.

This ensures that there are no errors and it helps the traders to capitalize on market opportunities. The robot carries out the trading functions just like an advanced trader. 

As per our review, the robot researches by analyzing several charts and patterns from the news received from the cryptocurrency market. The major thing is the customer should always define their risk appetite, click the live button and withdraw their money.

How Bitcoin Storm Works?How Bitcoin Storm Works?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the trending technologies that have been used by several institutional traders to invest their money with Bitcoin storm. These technologies have made it possible for traders to get insights from big data within a few seconds and to place trades immediately.

The ML technology helps the Bitcoin Storm trading robot to improve as the robot scans the market data. This helps the bot to adapt to the changing trading conditions and helps in executing profitable trades. Bitcoin storm system is an auto trading platform and the user need not have any specific skills to use it.

Unique Features of Bitcoin Storm

Here are the few unique features of Bitcoin Storm system- 

Bitcoin storm auto trading platforms offer a user-friendly interface that helps traders to carry out the trades in an efficient manner. The user interface does not require any technical expertise, training, or skills to trade on the software, it is easy to navigate and the data available on the site is trustworthy even though it can be used by new traders.

Opening a Bitcoin Storm account is easy, fast, and straightforward. To register, the trader should offer a few basic information like name, contact number, and email address. If the user opts for bank transfers they need to offer personal information like bank statements, account numbers, and so on.

One of the most impressive aspects of Bitcoin storm is its transparency in its operations. People can register and open an account within minutes. It offers several payment options for deposits and withdrawals. Trading with bitcoin storm is very easy. The traders should add a minimum deposit of $250 which is quite a reasonable money to start a live session.

As per our Bitcoin storm review, Bitcoin Storm trading robots offer advanced trading systems that use artificial intelligence algorithms. It knows how to scan the market for good deals. It also offers a user interface that helps the new traders to easily trade with bitcoin storm platform; further registering an Bitcoin Storm account does not take more than 30 minutes and when the registration process is completed the robot, as per the set of instructions given by the user, will start trading.

Deposits and withdrawals can be carried out during any time of the day or night, as this auto trading system is always operational. Moreover, fast withdrawals works, and the money is processed and transferred to the user’s account within 24 hours and does not have any restrictions. Bitcoin storm has improved the verification process and all users should undergo the KYC process to prevent any fraudulent transactions and cyber attacks.

Bitcoin Storm FeaturesBitcoin Storm – Features

The customer service system offered by Bitcoin storm is available 24×7. If the traders have any queries or concerns they can contact the customer service team through a phone call, email, or live chat. They provide quick and efficient solutions to support the traders anytime during the day or night.

Bitcoin Storm can be accessed in more than 160 countries around the world. Several countries have restricted the Bitcoin storm app and people should check whether this application is available in their country to trade. Further Bitcoin storm does not permit registrations in a few countries from the brokers who are not regulated.

Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Storm

Pros Cons
      This auto trading platform offers a demo version.       Does not provide mobile app.
      Provides easy and fast registration, fast withdrawals works with this system.       Bitcoin storm is not available in all countries.
      Bitcoin storm does not charge hidden charges or commissions.       Trading with cryptocurrencies involves a huge amount of risk.
      Offers knowledgeable and dedicated customer support 24×7.
      Faster withdrawal process.
      Bitcoin storm needs a minimum deposit of $250 to trade with cryptocurrencies.
      It offers both auto trading platform and manual trading mode.
      Bitcoin storm has an account manager to help investors with their bitcoin investments.

Account Opening Process

Trading with Bitcoin storm is a simple and easy process and does not take more than a few minutes; all they need is to go to the website’s home page and register a Bitcoin storm account, add the required deposit and click the live button. Bitcoin Storm is an auto trading systems and does not require any skill set or knowledge to use it. Before proceeding, the user should read the training manual and should watch the video tutorials about how the system works. Bitcoin Storm offers a dedicated account manager to their users to guide them through the trading process.


Registering on the website is quick and easy and does not take more time. The trading platform is highly intuitive and easy to use even for a new trader. This trading system verifies the phone number and contact details of their customers and they need to verify their identity, verify their address on their broker’s home page. Their partnered brokers are regulated in the UK, US, South Africa, Australia, and several more. Further customers should adhere to the KYC process.

Adding a Minimum deposit

Bitcoin storm website allows the users to fund their account through their wallet, credit or debit card, crypto wallet, or bank wire transfer and it does not charge any deposit fees. There are no limits for the user to deposit. Experts advise the users should start small and they should gradually re-invest 70% of their profits in the trading. The user should start trading with Bitcoin storm with a minimum deposit of $250. With Bitcoin Storm, people should complete the registration, verify, add a minimum deposit, and click live trading.

Demo Trading

When the deposit is added, the user can access the demo version of Bitcoin storm. Using a demo mode, the user can practice different trade strategies and experiment with different tools and the features offered by the platform. The demo version also offers the same features as that of the real live trading platform with real-time data and provides a perspective about what to expect with a live trading account. It is always advisable to use a demo mode and familiarise yourself with the tools and functions of the live account which might reduce the risk involved in trading.

Live trading

After using the demo account the user can start trading with the live account in real-time. It involves the opening and closing of trading in the trading session. Further, this crypto trading platforms risk level is 10% for each trade by default. After setting the trade parameters the user should work for 20 minutes a day and leave the rest to the robot which will start trading on behalf of the traders.

Bitcoin Storm Live TradingBitcoin Storm – Live Trading

Automated Trading

The Bitcoin Storm website offers one of the major aspects known as auto trading. It also offers a trading guide, trading signals, market trends, and video tutorials for the members to understand this trading feature. Initially, the user needs to set up a stop loss and take the profit feature as per their level of risk-taking and click the live button. Further, the traders can make use of the demo account to test their different levels of risk and to determine the best trade strategy that works for them. Also, Bitcoin storm uses artificial intelligence algorithms for conducting research and to determine the highest level of accuracy to execute a profitable trade. 


In conclusion, the Bitcoin storm system is a free automated trading system that offers profits of up to 60% daily. Several users have given good feedback about this platform which can be seen on Trustpilot reviews. Bitcoin storm associates with a highly regulated and reputable broker and their partners are regulated by the SEC, ASIC, and FCA. With a minimum deposit of $250, the user can start using live trading to execute the trades. Also, the user should remember that trading is prone to risk and they should only trade with money they can afford to lose. Bitcoin Storm has got good feedback on several websites, which shows that it is a legitimate platform and not a scam. It also offers a demo account that can be used by the beginner to test and get acquainted with the platform. This platform follows industry-leading strict security practices to safeguard its user’s money and their data.


1. Is Bitcoin Storm Safe?

As per several reviews, we can say that trading with Bitcoins storm is safe as it relies on the distributed ledger technology and has created a transparent system for trading. Bitcoin Storm auto trading platforms are powered by RSA encryption and it is compliant with data privacy regulations such as GDPR. GDPR is one of the most important data privacy laws that has been adopted by several entities around the world.

2. How Much Can I Earn on Bitcoin Storm?

Several users who have used this auto trading platform have remarked that they have earned a daily return of investment of more than 60% which shows it is not a scam Several users have reported that they have earned twice their investment within the first 8 hours of signing up on the platform; they have earned more money when they have started trading on the first day.

3. What is the Minimum Deposit Fee on Bitcoin Storm?

A user can open an account with a minimum amount of $250. The investor money will be used by the broker to open market orders in the cryptocurrency market.

4. Who Can Use Bitcoin Storm?

The Bitcoin Storm app has been designed in such a way that it can be used by all types of cryptocurrency traders starting from beginners to experienced traders. Also, it can be used by seasonal traders to execute their trading activities.

5. Have Celebrities Endorsed Bitcoin Storm?

According to several reviews, there was a claim that the Bitcoin storm auto trading system has been endorsed by celebrities like Richard Branson and numerous television shows. But there is no evidence to support the claims as this platform has not been endorsed by any celebrity.

Bitcoin Storm













  • This auto trading platform offers a demo version.
  • Faster withdrawal process.
  • Offers knowledgeable and dedicated customer support 24x7.
  • It offers both auto trading platform and manual trading mode.


  • Does not provide mobile app.
  • Bitcoin storm is not available in all countries.
  • Trading with cryptocurrencies involves a huge amount of risk.
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