Bitcoin Rush Review 2023

If you are a crypto enthusiast or you trade actively in the cryptocurrency market, there are chances that you might have heard of Bitcoin Rush trading robot. It is a trading bot that claims to take crypto traders’ average daily profit income to $1500. Let us review through this detailed and comprehensive review.

Bitcoin Rush Review – Leading Bitcoin Trading Software
Bitcoin Rush Review – Overview

What is the Bitcoin Rush?

Bitcoin Rush is a trading robot built to bring ease and speed to cryptocurrency trading activities. The software claims that an investor can earn an average profit of $1500 every day. If you go on the internet and check its official website, you will realize that the claim is not an exaggeration. Bitcoin Rush review by almost every investigator or analyst says that the claim is legit & the crypto robot works well. However, one should not forget the risk involved in trading in the cryptocurrency market.

Investors can make a minimum deposit of 250 (dollars) and start a live trading session (post-registration). It is always recommended to get started with a small amount and increase the stakes as you get an idea of the market. Bitcoin Rush states that traders with a minimum deposit of $800 can earn as high as $500/day. Investors with a bigger risk-taking capacity and expertise can deposit as much as $1k and can make $1500/day. However, for live trading it is advised to start trading small, for peace of mind, confidence, experience. Master the broker you are using like Bitcoin Rush or any other trading robot.

Here is something you should know about this platform through this Bitcoin Rush review:

It is important to note that Bitcoin Rush is a fully automated trading software. Automated trading robots or trading systems would be of great help when the cryptocurrency market is most uncertain and volatility is high.

Review on Bitcoin Rush Features
Bitcoin Rush Features

How does Bitcoin Rush Work?

Bitcoin Rush’s algorithms scrutinize cryptocurrency market trends and analyze each data. Bitcoin Rush or other similar automated Bitcoin trading robots perform two types of analysis:

1. Fundamental analysis involves analyzing qualitative data such as news reports.

2. Technical analysis takes care of quantitative like charts.

Bitcoin Rush trading algorithms go through every Bitcoin-related data on the internet and take live trading decisions accordingly. Decision-making and execution are done automatically by the trading robot itself. All the trader has to do is open and close his trading session. Traders have to do these activities well.

Bitcoin Rush Review – How does it Work?
Bitcoin Rush Review – How does it Work?

How to register with Bitcoin Rush?

It is easy and smooth to register yourself on Bitcoin Rush. The process is fast, secured, and seamless. The investor has to register him/herself with the name, email address, and phone number. Though auto trading platforms like Bitcoin Rush claim higher profits for investors on an average, it is always better to start small and invest only that much which you can afford to lose.

One more thing about Bitcoin Rush that investors must know is that many people are not able to access the Bitcoin Rush trading platform as it does not offer its services in a few countries. So, you need to check if you are allowed to use the platform in your country of residence.

Bitcoin Rush Review – Register Now!
Bitcoin Rush Review – Register Now!

How to create a new Bitcoin Rush account?

Let’s now review Bitcoin Rush by analysing how traders can open a new Bitcoin Rush account and get started with trading.

    • Account creation:- The process of opening a new Bitcoin Rush account is similar to any other auto trading platform. Aspiring traders have to visit the official site, fill all the required details like name, email address, and phone number. The robot does not ask for unwanted, unrelated, extra information. So, you can feel assured there! As most of the scam trading robots tend to ask something extra than needed. Plus, Bitcoin Rush is Secured with an SSL certificate, which means your data and money is safe here.
    • Deposit:- Once the registration process is complete, the investor has to make a minimum deposit to the account. An initial deposit of 250 (dollars) dollars is required to allow investors to start trading. It accepts multiple payment methods for receiving deposits like Maestro/Visa/MasterCard, Skrill, wire/bank transfer, Bitcoin payment, credit card, etc. Once the deposit is made, the auto trader takes a few hours to reflect on your dashboard. There are no charges for this process. Withdrawals from Bitcoin Rush are equally seamless, and traders can request them anytime. Again the process will demand a minimum of 24 hours to get reflected in your account. The platform does not store any of your data or billing information.
    • Demo trading:- Another unique feature of the robot is trading in demo mode. Post depositing the initial amount, and before venturing into actual trading activities, investors can try trading in the demo mode. This feature must be leveraged by everyone (new investors or professional investors) as the demo will inform you about the trading and the platform too. You will understand how to leverage Bitcoin Rush to facilitate a live trading session and make better profits.

Though Bitcoin Rush is an auto trading platform, trading in the demo mode will give you a judgment of opening and closing trading sessions. Once you are comfortable with this, you can go on and start a live trading session.

    • Live trading:- As it is an automated trading bot, all traders have to do is open and close the trades, and withdraw the profits when needed. Traders will not require more than 15-20 minutes to monitor daily trade activities and trends (with the help of the bot). It is suggested to open trade at the beginning of the day and close it by the end of the day.

Though the trading process on auto trading platforms like Bitcoin Rush is automated (it will save your efforts and burden), during the time of the volatile market, keeping an eye on the trend, staying updated and updating your trading process accordingly will add a lot to your profit. Also, traders should set the stop loss limit for each of their trades.

Plus, if you have earned a profit, withdraw it as soon as possible. Never ever invest every penny of your profit, have a maximum of the amount in liquid form.

Is Bitcoin Rush a Scam or is it Legit?

Almost every Bitcoin Rush review on the internet agrees that it is a legitimate crypto trading platform. It has a success rate of 99.5% when it performs trades. The trading platform’s demo and live trading mode is trusted by investors. Google reviews and Bitcoin Rush reviews available on the internet say that the trading software is easy to use, operate, and helps in earning profit. All of these make Bitcoin Rush legit.

It also claims to work consistently with a win rate of 99.5%. Traders state that they can make a profit in almost every market condition with Bitcoin Rush, unlike other similar trading systems. However, the percentage/volume of profit may vary as per the expertise, trade order, and volatility. Since its introduction to the crypto market in 2013, it has been serving traders quite well through its intuitive auto trading process.

As far as the fees and commission are concerned, it does not charge for using the auto trading system. However, traders may have to pay a small percentage as a commission on the profits made.


Payouts:- The Bitcoin Rush platform has come up with an amazing payout system. Customers are charged with a small commission on profits in it. If the system does not make money, the platform users do not earn. And vis-à-vis. This is very assuring, credible, and reliable.

Verification System:- The verification system of the platform is robust and intact. It assures the traders that all the profiles using the platform are valid and true. This is important for Bitcoin Rush, too, as it saves the platform from unwanted breach attempts, overall adding to the market reputation. The verification system of this robot is speedier.

Costs/Fees:- There are no hidden charges that traders have to face while trading on it. Traders only have to pay a minimal commission amount to the platform post every deposit made for trading and profit.

User Testimonials:- If you check the official website, you will see reviews by many people who are real-life Bitcoin Rush users. These people have left positive reviews about the trading platform. One of the reviews talks about how it helps the trader to retire early and live all her dreams.

Another review talks about how the trading platform helped the trader to earn above $1200 daily, and he no more worries about the bank balance.

Overall the picture looks promising from customers’ points of view.

Bitcoin Rush Review – Customers’ points of view!
Testimonial of Bitcoin Rush

Customer service:- Bitcoin Rush takes care of the traders using the platform in every way possible. A robust customer service system is one way of doing it. As the trading platform serves traders from different time zones, the customer service team stays active 24 hours of the day. Customer care can be reached via email, chat, or phone calls. This idea of providing external aid to the traders is amazing and adds to the credibility of the platform.

Now, is the time to understand the positive & the negative side of Bitcoin Rush


  • The platform assures of profits with high precision. It claims that investors are earning $1500 profit daily (on average) on the platform.
  • It is user friendly, which means traders do not have to go all over the laces to perform any operation. The design is easy to use, interactive & smooth. New investors or professionals, this platform treats everyone well!
  • Demo trading feature allows traders not to rush trading on the platform. One can go through the demo and then jump into a live trading session. It is the best trading feature for a new Bitcoin investor.
  • Multiple payment options like credit card, debit card, bank transfer, crypto wallet, Skrill etc.


  • Its accounts can be ready to use only after the initial deposit of 250 (dollars). This is a considerably large amount for an average trader. Hence, it is recommended not to rush trades if you are a new Bitcoin investor.
  • If you are looking for the founders of the platform, you might not find it on the site. The transparency in terms of disclosing the owners of the site is lacking.
  • Brokers earn from applying commission on the profits you made.

Are there any endorsements of Bitcoin Rush?

NO! Though we understand why you must have asked it!

There were rumors that Gordon Ramsay, Richard Branson, Elon Musk initiated Bitcoin Rush endorsements. The platform was also said to have featured in popular TV show Shark Tank. However, on further investigation, it was revealed that this news is nothing but a rumor. Upon contacting this robot, investigators realized that the company had not asked anybody to patronize it. Gordon Ramsay, Richard Branson, Elon Musk denied the news calling it a lie. Richard Branson even released an official statement regarding this. It is said that the rumors were initiated by lazy affiliates of Bitcoin Rush who were looking for sign-ups without any efforts and side-lining the authentic reviews. It has promised to ban such affiliates and marketing efforts in affiliate websites and other platforms.

Deceptive marketing is sometimes done by affiliate marketers for both legit and scam trading robots. Hence, it is recommended to do enough research before choosing any auto trading platform. However, investigators are sure about the legitimacy of this robot, and it is completely safe to open the Bitcoin Rush account to trade.

How much daily profit can be made with this trading system?

It is up to the trader to be very honest! However, there are a few testimonials on the internet and the official Bitcoin Rush website where traders claim to earn as much as $1,500 every day. The more the deposit, the more profits can be made.

How much does it cost to get a Bitcoin Rush account?

Bitcoin Rush is free to register the platform. There are no charges or fees for opening an account. However, traders have to let go of a minimal commission on the profit earned.

How fast is the withdrawal process?

The withdrawal process is easy and swift. Users can withdraw anytime they want. Once the withdrawal request is made, it takes not more than 24 hours to get the transaction reflected in the bank account.

What to know about the Bitcoin Rush?

It is an auto trading platform that allows traders to earn maximum profit with minimum investment.

It has a partnership with experienced and professional brokers that monitor cryptocurrency value, along with other trades, trends and crypto market events to make sure that Bitcoin Rush accounts make profit irrespective of the crypto market volatility.

It has deployed a user information encryption system on the platform. This is to assure traders of the data and money security. No matter how much money you have invested, all your money and user information are safe with Bitcoin Rush. Plus, all the communication, messaging done on the platform is end-to-end encrypted.

How does Bitcoin Rush work?

Bitcoin Rush was developed by a team of expert software engineers to leverage in detail and trend in the cryptocurrency market and analyze them to develop an algorithm that will help traders identify opportunities in trading. All this will be done by a trading robot (studying and analyzing) & traders will simply have to open and close the trade.

The Bitcoin Rush algorithm understands both fundamental and technical analysis. It studies both the quantitative (news reports, research papers, analysis by experts, etc.) & quantitative data (price charts, market details) to come up with the trading decisions.

If there is any news on the internet, across the world, which is one way or other related to the cryptocurrency or Bitcoins, the Bitcoin Rush algorithm fetches the information and gets a judgment of the impact of those happenings on the Bitcoin market.

The algorithm works way faster than any human. It studies and scrutinizes market trends and related data speedily. The speed and accuracy of the Bitcoin Rush auto trading robot make it attractive and profitable for traders as they are able to make a decision in real-time. All this helps in earning more profit and reducing losses. It has a success rate of 99.5%

One more advantage of using an auto trading platform is it is free of human emotions. Traders may choose to close a trade earlier than needed for fear of losing or may end up acting contradictory (not closing the trade at the right time out of greed).

But auto trading robots like Bitcoin Rush saves you from the emotional way of trading. It helps you trade practically, to make money, not to incur losses.

Benefits of the Bitcoin Rush Software

It offers a lot of trading features to help Bitcoin traders to get started with trading and earn high profits. Following are a few of them:

  • It is a user-friendly platform.
  • It demands no registration fees.
  • It works well with the broker’s platform. No need to download any software.
  • As per review Bitcoin Rush, its live trading feature is fully automated.
  • Its customer service is available 24 hours.
  • This trading platform provides practice trading.
  • It is profitable.
  • Has a success rate of 99.5%

Does Bitcoin Rush get signals for Bitcoin in a Rush?

We do not know!

Traders and the users of the platform do claim that the auto trading robot helps them in making a profit, and Bitcoin Rush performs better than other trading robots. But we are not sure if it picks up on the trade signals and market trends to perform. Many trading robots help in receiving signals emitted by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But everything depends on the abilities of the Bitcoin Rush in translating the trading signals and placing trades.

Some tips to reduce the risk of loss while trading:

  • Start with the minimal.
  • Invest only that amount which you can afford to lose (in case).
  • Invest wisely, no rush.
  • Learn from the experts.
  • Withdraw your earnings regularly. It is important to have money in a liquid form.


To wrap it all, we can say that if you are a good trader, having this robot will definitely take your game a notch up. If you are a new Bitcoin trader, it makes trading way easier for you. Is Bitcoin Rush legit? Yes! Is trading with this Bitcoin robot easy? Yes!


1. How much can I earn with Bitcoin Rush?

Ans. One cannot claim a specific amount of profit when one is trading the cryptocurrency market. However, Bitcoin Rush claims that its users earn a profit of $1500/daily on an average on investing as much as $1k.

2. How much should I invest with Bitcoin Rush?

Ans. One can take risks as per one’s knowledge, experience, and skills. However, it is always recommended to start trading with a small amount and increase your stakes as you gain expertise. In the case of Bitcoin Rush, do not rush bitcoin trades by investing all the money that you have deposited. Keep some amount which you can liquify if needed. Never invest everything you earn!

3. Can I retract my money from Bitcoin Rush?

Ans. The withdrawal system in Bitcoin Rush is easy and effortless . You can withdraw money with one click from your Bitcoin Rush account. Traders can withdraw money anytime they want and as much money as they want. It does not take more than 24 hours to get the amount credited in your account.

4. Does Bitcoin Rush have a Mobile App?

Ans. We have to say no! There is no information available on the internet talking about Bitcoin Rush, possibly having a mobile trading app. However, traders can operate from the website. It is quite responsive and friendly.

Bitcoin Rush













  • The platform assures of profits with high precision
  • It is user friendly
  • Demo trading allows traders not to rush Bitcoin trading on the platform


  • Bitcoin Rush accounts can be ready to use only after the deposit of 250 (dollars)
  • Brokers earn from applying commission on the profits you made
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