Bitcoin Profit Review 2023

Bitcoin Profit can be explained as an automatic trading software that professes to operate at 0.01 seconds faster when compared to the market average; it also claims that it helps many of its traders make it daily profits by trading on Bitcoin (developed by Satoshi Nakamoto) and various other cryptocurrencies. It has been revealed that Bitcoin Profit operates much faster than most trading algorithms and allows its traders to perform successful trades by following the market signals. After using it, cryptocurrency traders claim that it has a 90% success score while executing an effective trading strategy and performing automatic trades on behalf of their traders.

Bitcoin Profit


Review by: Thomas Gillard

What is Bitcoin Profit?

Bitcoin Profit is a profitable automated trading platform. It uses a complex algorithm that can provide you a success rate of 90%. It works 0.01 seconds faster compared to other platforms. Bitcoin Profit’s robot finds a profitable trade for you and executes on behalf of yourself. An entrepreneur created Bitcoin Profit from the fintech industry who got into Bitcoin trading at an early stage and allegedly made huge profits from it. If you are wondering how to profit from Bitcoin, then we suggest you use Bitcoin Profit, a reliable automated crypto trading platform. More traders, after using the platform, benefit from the Bitcoin profit app. Besides, the cryptocurrency trader can use the app to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

Bitcoin Profit Review – About the best auto trading app!
Bitcoin Profit Review – Overview
Bitcoin Profit Review Summary
Rating 9.2/10
Exchange Type Bitcoin Robot
Win Rate Above 90%
Scam or Legit? Legit
Supported Cryptocurrency
BTC, ETH, LTC, & more
Supported Fiats Dollar, Euro
Minimum Deposit $250
Trading Fees Free
Withdrawal Time 24Hrs
Mobile App No
Customer Support
Email, Phone, Live Chat

Is Bitcoin Profit Legit?

Yes, Bitcoin Profit is a legit platform and a scam at all. As per the reviews, It has a great accuracy rate of up to 99.4% when performing the trades. Many Users claimed that you can earn $1000 daily by depositing a minimum amount of $250. Also, Bitcoin Profit offers important features like stop-loss and demo accounts with a live trading session.

In 2018, Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies had suffered a massive hit and lost over 700 billion USD, because of its volatility. So, cryptocurrency traders should be very careful while investing and trading on cryptocurrencies.

There were some reports of financial regulators from New Zealand, Hong Kong issuing a warning against Bitcoin Profit legit. However, there is no solid proof which indicates that Bitcoin Profit is a scam. However, several videos claim that it is a scam, again there is no evidence. Moreover, traders need to be aware that cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin operate in a highly volatile crypto market; their investments are therefore subject to market risks.

Let us see a few Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Profit –

Pros Cons
      User-Friendly Interface.       No Mobile app for trading.
      Withdrawals are Easy and Quick.       Fake websites.
      The minimum deposit is $250.       The brokers are chosen by the cryptocurrency trading robot automatically.
      Offers demo option for cryptocurrency trading.
      It offers free software for trading.

Features of Bitcoin Profit

  • After being launched, Bitcoin Profit in one year had rapidly gained a good reputation of being the fastest, accurate, and most reputable crypto trading robot for trading cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.

  • Even though there is no accurate information about the platform’s other founders, except that it was founded by John Mayers, who knows very well about the crypto market for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading, the users claim that Bitcoin Profit is one of the best crypto trading platforms with winning algorithm.

  • One of Bitcoin Profit software’s most advantageous features is that it is offered free for all its traders. The owners do not charge anything from new investors looking to use Bitcoin Profit.

  • The owners get only one percent of the Profit of the successful crypto trading operations done by the traders who are registered on the platform. This means the profit range received by the owners is due to the volume of trades generating profits from trading within the platform.

  • It performs autonomous trades with the help of smart Bitcoin robots in the crypto market. The robots use the funds added in the trader’s Bitcoin Profit account balance to execute crypto trading. When a profitable transaction is detected, the robots go ahead and place a trade; they buy and hold the cryptocurrency, later it is sold at a profit when the price increases.

  • As per our Bitcoin Profit reviews, it states that the traders get more profit on the trades made on this platform; there is substantial evidence given in the website’s testimonial section.

  • It offers various cryptocurrency pairs for its users. There are several cryptocurrency pairs from which the traders can choose to trade with. Some of them are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

  • Withdrawing funds from it should not take longer than 48 hours. This can be stated as one of the fastest withdrawals when compared with other auto trading platforms.

  • It is fully protected by using SSL technology and offers high security for its traders. Furthermore, the brokers in this platform are regulated; that makes the platform safe. When the trader make a deposit through any of the available trading deposit options, their information will not be stored.

  • The brokers offered by the platform are safe and efficient. The brokers are compliant and regulated with the regulatory offices hosted in their country.

Bitcoin Profit Reviews – Features of Bitcoin Profit
Security Features of Bitcoin Profit

Why Choose Bitcoin Profit for trading?

  • It works as automated trading and takes over trading activities on behalf of its traders. It uses an advanced algorithm to choose trade options as well as open and close the trades. Also, the trader can control their loss range, trade assets, and the amount of money that is used by the robot to trade.

  • Bitcoin Profit offers an easy-to-use web-based platform. It is one of the leading crypto trading bots with an application. The trader needs to download it from the main website to avoid duplicates.

  • It monitors the changes in the crypto market, identifies the crypto market trends as per Bitcoin Profit reviews, and forecasts profitable opportunities in the crypto market by using its complicated algorithm. It alerts the trader through email or SMS notifications in real-time. The trader has the choice of turning off the alerts.

  • Bitcoin Profit is a user-friendly, smooth functioning platform that is used by both new traders and experienced traders. There are reputed brokers within the platform, and the algorithm carries out the process of purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies in-house.

  • It retains 1% of the Profit, which will be handed over to the owners of Bitcoin Profit, who also emphasized that this software is 0.01 seconds faster than its competitors.

Bitcoin Profit Compared with Other Robots

Bitcoin Profit auto trading system is free, and it delivers with the same accuracy as subscription-based robots that are available in the crypto market. Further, it provides the user with a certain level of control, which is a standard feature in auto trading bots. It has numerous clones, which are the limitation.

Bitcoin Profit Other Auto Trading Systems
Offers Demo accounts which are the same as the live account. No Demo features for trading.
Has a Success score of 90 – 92 %. Few of them are scams and do not perform a successful trade session.
Minimum amount to start trading is $250. Demands a larger amount as an initial investment.
The registering process is easy and simple. The registration requires to fill in more forms.
Every withdrawal request is processed within 24 hours. Takes more time for processing every withdrawal request.
A Bitcoin Profit account can be created within minutes. The account creation process is lengthy.
Dedicated customer support platform. The trading system is not transparent.

Advantages of Bitcoin Profit

  • Verification System

    The verification system of Bitcoin Profit checks if the user information entered is correct while creating a new Bitcoin Profit account to make sure the traders will not have problems when they need to withdraw their profits. To sign up, the trader needs to add some basic information, which includes email address, name, and phone number. No more personal details like bank account transaction details, trading history is required to be shared.

  • Payout 

    Bitcoin Profit’s payout system is fast and accurate. Besides, there are no delays, and the bot claims that on average, the traders can earn a minimum of $1,300 daily. Even though they will not earn high amounts in the beginning of their trading processes, some traders have reported that they have made profits, and they have reinvested to increase their profits.

  • Withdrawal and Deposits

    The trader can make withdrawals anytime during the day, and it will be processed within 24 hours. In Remote cases, if it does not happen within 24 hours, it can take up to 3 days. When compared to other robots that are available in the crypto market, which takes ten days to process a single withdrawal, the Bitcoin Profit withdrawal process is very fast, which takes 24 hours; or a maximum of 3 days. Moreover, the trading deposit is made in a few seconds through any of the payment options chosen by the trader.

  • Charges

    It charges one percent of the trader’s Profit as service fees. This trading system is transparent, and the deductions are always precise.

  • Customer Support

    It offers a customer service online portal, which is available on the platform 24×7. This is very helpful because the traders can contact the customer support team from any part of the world with different time zones. As per our Bitcoin Profit reviews, the customer service is very responsive and helpful.

  • Feedback system

    The system offers a section where the traders can write their trading experience with the Bitcoin Profit crypto trading system, where we can see them as a testimonial on their website. The feedback offered by the website offers more insights about this platform and gives confidence to the new users to work on this platform.

  • Brokers

    Bitcoin Profit trading system is monitored by reputed and professional brokers who check the transaction chosen by the trading software to make sure they are profitable.

About Bitcoin Profit Software
About Bitcoin Profit Software

Drawbacks of Bitcoin Profit

  • There is not much information available on the background of Bitcoin Profit. It would be more helpful if there was more information available about the founders.

  • It has been remarked as a scam software as there are a lot of videos available on the Internet. Yet there is no solid proof claiming Bitcoin Profit as a scam. However, before the traders start to trade cryptocurrencies using Bitcoin Profit, they should keep in mind that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies belong to the complex asset class and are subject to market risks.

How Can You Make Money with Bitcoin Profit?

  • Bitcoin Profit auto trading system claims that it has generated good profits and helped people make money in large amounts. The platform is very simple and easy to use, and more traders have written good testimonials on their website.

  • As per our Bitcoin Profit reviews, we suggest that after registering for a new Bitcoin Profit account on this crypto trading system, new traders should use a demo account before proceeding with the live account. This will help the traders to avoid the risk of losing money.

  • Bitcoin Profit auto trading system is helpful for beginners and experienced traders who would like to invest and trade in cryptocurrencies, and they do not have the time for manual trading. Few tips for beginners are described below.

Bitcoin Profit Review – Technology used by Bitcoin Profit
Bitcoin Profit Technology

Tips for Beginners

One should keep in mind that Bitcoin Profit will not make the traders millionaire overnight, yet it can generate profit almost daily. We have suggested a few helpful tips for new users who are looking to earn a passive income from trading in the cryptocurrency market with the help of this cryptocurrency trading system.

  • Bitcoin Profit appears to be a legitimate automated trading robot. New users should start to use Bitcoin Profit with a minimum investment to test their luck and the software. We would highly recommend an initial investment of $250, to begin with.

  • According to the Bitcoin Profit review, traders should start the trading process with small investments considering a trading deposit of a minimum of $250 and grow their capital. They should keep in mind that even though Bitcoin Profit claims to have a very high win rate, there are a lot of fluctuations happening in the cryptocurrency market just like in other markets, for e.g., the stock market, forex market etc.

  • The trader should make use of the test account and ensure that they understand how the platform works before they start the trading process with the live account. Further, this platform offers a demo trading to help new traders to set up the trading session, get used to trading techniques, and then start live trading.

  • Besides trading on the demo account, the trader should take advantage of the tutorials and the customer service offered by Bitcoin Profit; acquire more knowledge and increase the chances of success score when trading on the platform.

  • The trader should always withdraw the profit and reinvest the initial capital and save their profit. Moreover, they should follow the cryptocurrency market trends by reading the trading news, articles, headlines regarding the crypto market.

  • The user should not invest their money that they are not prepared to lose, and also, they should not invest their savings. This is because trading is subject to trading risks. Owing to the fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market, the savings amount will disappear gradually. Another way to keep the losses under check is to set the stop loss limits as per one’s financial condition and preferences.

Benefits of Bitcoin Profit

  • There are several benefits offered by Bitcoin Profit that have made the traders use this automated crypto platform. The most important one is that the trader does not need any prior knowledge of the trading field to use it. Also, it simplifies every part of a trading session which includes purchasing and selling Bitcoin, a feature not found in any other cryptocurrency trading platform. Users should keep in mind that this automated crypto software is free of cost, and it can be used at any time.

  • When compared to any other auto trading platform, Bitcoin Profit does not ask the trader to complete several questions to create an account and set up his trading session. Registration in this platform is a simple process where the trader needs to provide necessary information like name, email address, and contact details, and the account will be created instantly without wasting time. The platform does not charge any registration fee.

  • Depositing funds in this platform is easy and straightforward. The account holder needs to select the preferred payment method from several options available. They need to enter the required details, and the process is complete. The transactions in this platform are 100% secure.

  • When compared to other automated crypto robots available in the crypto market, Bitcoin Profit allows fully automated trading, and the crypto traders can change the settings according to their requirements. The trader can set predefined trading options and can be used to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

  • Though there are several auto trading platforms available for trading cryptocurrencies, it is still a new invention, and many people find it difficult to trust. It had received good reviews from the crypto traders, which confirms the high utility of this platform.

  • Withdrawals at this auto trading robot can be made within 24 hours; when compared to other Bitcoin autotrader available in the crypto market, which will take 5 to 7 days to process a withdrawal.

  • Bitcoin Profit’s customer service can be accessed directly from the trader’s dashboard. Live chat is also accessible, which makes the process stress free. The dedicated customer service helps the trader all around the world with different time zones to sort out their problems in a much faster way.

Bitcoin Profit Reviews – Win Rate
Bitcoin Profit Win Rate

How to Open an Account on Bitcoin Profit?

As per our Bitcoin Profit review, the registration process is straight forward and takes just a few steps. The steps are given below –

  • Registration
    • To register with the Bitcoin Profit platform online, the trader needs to create an account on its official website. When the trader had accessed the website, they need to fill out a form with the required information like full name, contact number, email address, and the country.To register with the Bitcoin Profit platform online, the trader needs to create an account on its official website.

    • After creating the account, the crypto traders are assigned one of the partner brokers that are used by Bitcoin Profit to operate; and that should take the trader to their dashboard.

    • When the trader accesses their dashboard, they can select a demo trade feature to test the content of the platform, or they can directly start trading with a live account. We highly recommended traders of the Bitcoin Profit trading platform from checking many Bitcoin Profit reviews to use the demo feature before they start live trading.

Bitcoin Profit Reviews – Getting Started with Bitcoin Profit
Get Started With Bitcoin Profit
  • Get a Demo trading account
    • It is not mandatory to go through the demo trials, yet it is recommended by us to use this account for trading crypto. By using the demo trading account, the traders can experiment with the platform and understand the functionalities offered by the platform.

    • While using the demo account, the traders are offered with $1500 fictitious capital, where the traders can execute the trade by using the help of a robot and learn how it is executed.

    • Besides, the demo option mirrors the real account of trading with Bitcoin. When the trader is confident enough, they can start the trading with the live account and start making more money with the help of automated crypto robots.

  • Deposit fund to trading

    Bitcoin Profit trading software is free to use, yet the trader needs to invest a minimum capital amount with this broker to start trading cryptocurrencies. This amount will be used by this trading bot to execute the trades on behalf of the traders to earn a profit. The minimum deposit required by it is $250. The traders are requested to start with the minimum amount, collect the profits, and reinvest their capital. The payment methods offered by Bitcoin Profit are Visa and Master credit cards, Skrill, Neteller, crypto wallet, wire transfer, and several other payment methods depending on the trader’s location.

  • Live trading feature to earn money with maximum profit!

    As per our Bitcoin Profit reviews, the platform offers trading pairs such as XRP/USD, BTC/USD, ETH/USD, LTC/USD; and it helps the users to grab the earning opportunities and make money in substantial amounts. Live trading is the most important step because this is where the trader tells the robot their trading strategy to execute the trades and how to operate. It is a reputed automatic trading platform where the trader can select the settings to be used as well as the trading pairs they want to begin the trading with. When the traders have selected the settings, they need to save it, go to the dashboard and click auto trade on to begin the trading.

Bitcoin Profit Reviews – Account Opening
Bitcoin Profit Account Opening Process

Wrap up

As per different Bitcoin Profit reviews, Bitcoin Profit has claimed that it is a reliable trading software that brings profits to the traders. It has been associated with many celebrity endorsements like Gordon Ramsay, Elon Musk, Peter Jones, Holly Willoughby, Richard Branson, and popular TV shows like Dragon’s Den, Shark Tank, etc. It reportedly featured in a popular TV show of the United Kingdom This Morning. These reports trending all over the internet and social media were later found to be false.

Traders should be careful not to be swayed away by marketing gimmicks of affiliate marketers. Further, the trader should only invest the amount that they can afford to lose and should start with a minimum investment of $250. Bitcoin Profit retains 1% of every trader’s profit as a fee, which is quite reasonable when compared to other trading robots available in the crypto market. Many people are just getting accustomed to the crypto trading platform, yet these crypto trading platforms need to go a long way to capture the attention of the traders by providing incredible service.


1. Does Bitcoin Profit have a high success rate?

Ans. The Bitcoin Profit crypto trading platform can monitor the crypto market and precisely identify profitable trade signals by using smarter algorithms. The robot buys cryptocurrencies at low prices and sells them at a high price by ensuring the traders make money with good profits when they are trading. Bitcoin Profit has a success score of 92%, which makes it the best automated crypto trading platform for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading.

2. Does Bitcoin Profit have a Mobile App?

Ans. We get to know from various Bitcoin Profit reviews that Bitcoin Profit does not offer a mobile trading app; moreover, the cryptocurrency trading platform can be used through a browser on mobile phones, desktop computers, and other devices. The trader however, should have a good internet connection.

3. Is it profitable to buy Bitcoin?

Ans. Bitcoin has been profitable since the day of its creation. Today, it is considered as one of the best investment opportunities. But before you start to use Bitcoin or invest in it, you should be aware that investing in Bitcoin can be rewarding only if done with a good investment strategy. In other words, it is widely adopted as a method of payment as it can be easily done with a mobile device, and it is widely used as a store of value. Even though Bitcoin’s price has been stabilized, its value depends solely on supply and demand. Moreover, it does not generate income like stocks or bonds, does not pay interest, and does not have any intrinsic monetary value.

4. Should I invest in Bitcoin?

Ans. We can say that Bitcoin’s price has been more stable in the year 2019 than in previous years. In 2017, its price increased from $1000 to $20,000, and at the end of the year, it stayed at $14,500. In 2018, Bitcoin decreased from that level at the beginning of the year to less than $4000 at the end of the year. So the price of Bitcoin keeps fluctuating. When it comes to buying and selling a cryptocurrency, one of the most valuable investments is time and good trading strategies. Experts remark that cryptocurrency is highly unpredictable and trading Bitcoin is subject to trading risks.

Bitcoin Profit













  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Withdrawals are Easy and Quick.
  • The minimum deposit is $250.
  • Offers demo trading.
  • It offers free software for trading.


  • No Mobile app.
  • Fake websites.
  • The brokers are chosen by the robot automatically.
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