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Bitcoin Prime is an automated trading software that helps beginners and experienced investors to trade various financial instruments through the online global trading markets efficiently. The software is fast, secure, and trustworthy. Bitcoin Prime offers the traders a reliable trading environment that allows the traders to concentrate on cryptocurrency trading easily. Trading with cryptocurrencies does not offer guaranteed profits and success; the Bitcoin Prime team of developers offers a trading software the users can access and execute profitable trades. Bitcoin Prime is developed with crypto trading strategies that help user to take advantage of speculation on falling prices. Also, it focuses not only on Bitcoin trading but also on CFDs trading. The trader need not worry about the risk involved and they can set stop-loss limits and trade parameters, and this helps them in avoiding losing large amounts of money.



Review by: Thomas Gillard

Bitcoin Prime InterfaceBitcoin Prime – Overview

Bitcoin Prime Review Summary

Bitcoin prime trading platform was established in 2014 and it is one of the most powerful and sought-after automated crypto trading platforms. The platform is driven by an artificial intelligence trading system that is used for Bitcoin trading. As per several Bitcoin Prime reviews, this platform has good user feedback from Trustpilot and Reddit. Several of these reviews confirm that crypto traders can benefit from the profitable trades executed on the platform.

The major advantage of using the trading software is it is completely free to use for traders and provides a great trading experience. This platform is used by both beginners and experienced traders who would like to carry out Bitcoin trading. The trading robot is reported to execute trades 0.01 seconds faster than other robots currently in the industry.

This broker helps investors to make money through the volatility regardless of not taking into consideration whether the prices are going up or down. The users can make money through the price movements when they are investing in cryptocurrencies. 

As per our review, the users of the Bitcoin Prime platform can withdraw their funds anytime and withdrawals are processed within 24 hours. Also, it provides numerous payment options that can be used by the investors to fund their accounts.

It offers dedicated customer service 24×7 and they can be contacted through live chat or email. If the users have any complaints or questions the customer service team is always available and helps them to solve their queries.

Bitcoin Prime Sign UpBitcoin Prime – Sign Up

What is Bitcoin Prime?

Bitcoin Prime is one of the leading crypto trading platforms and the site operates through an automated robot trading system that helps investors to execute different types of crypto trading process. One of the main advantages is It uses online trading technology that uses artificial intelligence to leverage profitable deals in the crypto market.

Trading with Bitcoin prime is fully transparent and it is powered by the distributed ledger technology. Bitcoin prime works only with audited partnered brokers that comply with regulations. Users can trade with Bitcoin against different pairs like BCH, ETH, and XRP, and several more. Some of the fiat currency pairs supported are USD, EUR, and GBP.

Bitcoin prime trading robot leverages advanced technology to scan and analyze the crypto market through the historical price information, price charts, and market trends. In this way, it offers access to insights and data-driven cryptocurrency market analysis in real-time.

The users can trade with Bitcoin prime and make money from market volatility irrespective of the prices of cryptos or going up or down. In this way, we have reached the conclusion that the trading system of Bitcoin Prime helps the user to earn more profit. Furthermore, it shows that Bitcoin Prime is legit and not a scam and is trusted by people all around the world.

Bitcoin Prime TradingBitcoin Prime – Trading

Is Trading with Bitcoin Prime a scam or Legit?

According to several Bitcoin Prime reviews, the Bitcoin prime app is created to provide investors with precise data-driven analyses that are carried out in real-time.  The Bitcoin prime has SSL encryption which ensures that the website is safe and secure from scammers. If there is any unauthorized access, it is not compromised and it is encrypted with advanced encryption standard protocols. This trading software provides a transparent and secure environment for trading that permits beginner and advanced traders to trade the financial market hassle-free and with protection from scammers.

Bitcoin Prime Scam or LegitBitcoin Prime – Scam or Legit

How Does Bitcoin Prime Work?

As per our review, this company uses trading technologies and the software used for cryptocurrency trading sessions is becoming more popular. Investors who are looking to invest their money in other options have started using artificial intelligence for investing their money; the algorithms used to provide more profit.

The Bitcoin Prime trading algorithm scans the crypto market conditions and the international news within seconds. The use of trading technologies is more profitable than employing well-experienced investment portfolio managers.

The minimum deposit for Bitcoin prime is $250 and it allows the investor to access demo trading and live trading session. This minimum deposit adds an initial investment that is used for executing trades.

Bitcoin prime trading robot associates itself with the crypto broker to assist them in trading the crypto market. Their associated broker work with market trends and advanced technology and help in order execution that facilitates the transactions for their customers. Further, the partnered robot brokers are licensed and reputable.

Bitcoin Prime how does workBitcoin Prime – How Does Work?

Unique Features of Bitcoin Prime

Here are the few unique features of Bitcoin Prime – 

Bitcoin prime trading robot offers a powerful crypto trading software that offers huge amounts of information and accurate trading signals. It is powered by algorithms and these have proven effective under high pressure, which shows its legitimacy; the software provides trading signals using big data through technical and fundamental analysis techniques.

As per our Bitcoin prime review, this trading robot provides a transparent auto trading platform that is powered by distributed ledger technology. The investor can follow the trading news in real-time and any disputes are solved using smart contracts technology.

Using the Bitcoin prime app the user can speculate with several Bitcoin and CFD pairs. Some of them include BTC/USD, BTC/GBP pairs. It also offers an array of tools to help the user to manage the risks that are involved with high leverage. In this way, it helps the clients to earn huge profits from a minimum investment.

Bitcoin Prime CryptocurrenciesBitcoin Prime – Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin prime app is a highly rated crypto trading platform that has received several good reviews from users all over the world. It offers a great trading experience and the users who have used this software have reported that it is profitable to trade cryptos as it offers passive income. 

As per our review, Bitcoin prime has partnered with some of the industry’s best online brokers. These brokers are linked to the clients and the crypto market; they are highly regulated and reputable and are considered safe for the clients.

Bitcoin prime does not ask for any charges as a registration fee; it does not charge any hidden cost for any features for their traders. Furthermore, the partner brokers do not ask for any additional fees and it is considered safe and trusted.

The registration process is quick; the verification process is fast; the user can open an account within a few minutes. The account owner is required to offer their card details for making a minimum deposit. Besides, it does not ask for any additional information or any other details.

Bitcoin Prime Scam or notBitcoin Prime – Scam or Not

The bitcoin prime platform can be used by beginners as it does not require knowledge in crypto trading. This automated bot is preferred by everyone; the user can make a profit through the automated crypto trading platform by following a set of instructions. In this way, the investors can make passive income.

It does not charge any withdrawal fees or commission; the team processes the request and it takes two business days for the money to be reflected on the trader’s account.

As per our Bitcoin prime review, this platform has appeared in several mainstream media programs and crypto publications in Australia and the UK. The user can utilize world-class trading sessions that support trading with cryptos and CFDs and improve their crypto trading performance.

Bitcoin Prime FeaturesBitcoin Prime – Features

Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Prime 

Pros Cons
      Bitcoin Prime offers an easy and simple registration process.       Huge risks are involved with crypto trading.
      This site supports numerous payment methods like Skrill, bank account transfer, visa, MasterCard, wallet, etc.       Cryptocurrencies are limited.
      Bitcoin Prime also has manual trading for experienced professionals.
      Supports several cryptos.
      Bitcoin prime provides demo trading.
      The minimum deposit is $250, which is reasonable.
      The website uses SSL encryption to secure its user’s money and information.
      The platform withdrawals are efficient and take 24 hours to be processed.

Account Opening Process

Bitcoin Prime Account opening ProcessBitcoin Prime – Account Opening Process

Here are the steps outlined for the account opening process – 


The user needs to visit the official website to create a trading account. Bitcoin prime requires each user to register a trading account by offering valid details to provide a hassle-free trading environment. To complete this process the user should signup on the homepage and provide certain details like full name, email address, and contact number. When it is verified the team will instantly activate the trading account.

Depositing funds

After registering and opening a Bitcoin prime account, the account owner should add money to proceed with trading. Bitcoin prime needs $250 as a minimum deposit which will be considered as the first trading capital investment. This is a minimum deposit and the traders can deposit more based on their trading plan. We highly recommend the investors check the risk tolerance before they deposit their money. As a bit of investment advice, the account owners should remember that trading with bitcoin prime is always risky and they should deposit only that amount of money that they can afford to lose.

Demo Account

After adding money, the user can make use of the demo option offered by the Bitcoin prime website. This helps them to get familiar with the various tools; the users can test the trading systems using this demo version. With this demo mode, the software offers 1500 euros credit for the players to test the demo mode. Further, this credit can be used only with the demo version. Also using this demo version, the user can check the auto-trade function that helps them to check the crypto trading platform and crypto markets.

Live Trading

Before trading with Bitcoin prime live trading session, the user account should be fully funded to trade various financial assets online. The user can select their preferred asset category to start a live trading session with Bitcoin Prime in real-time by using the detailed crypto market analysis offered by the software. The user should also note that it does not offer a 100% success rate because of crypto market volatility. Further, the users can trade with Bitcoin prime as it offers advanced features and using algorithms provides real-time market analysis and insights that help the professionals to make informed decisions in live trading. If the crypto trader has any queries regarding the trading activities, they can contact the account manager of customer support. 


In conclusion, Bitcoin prime helps a trader to earn money by trading cryptocurrencies with a minimum deposit. It also provides a great customer support team and offers its services to help the crypto traders in case they have any queries. The withdrawal process does not take more than 24 hours to be processed and the security offered by the website is transparent and trustworthy. Crypto trader who has used this software have offered positive reviews in Trustpilot and Reddit and this shows it is legit and not a scam. This shows the software is legit and not a scam. Bitcoin prime offers its crypto traders significant profit through its automated trading system. Bitcoin prime is reliable, user-friendly, and a legit trading platform.


1. Can I Trust Bitcoin Prime?

Yes, the Bitcoin prime trading platform is legit auto-trading software and not a scam. It offers the highest percentage of profit. Furthermore, the transactions carried out on Bitcoin prime are very fast.

2. How much does an account need to pay on Bitcoin Prime?

Using Bitcoin prime, the investors can create an account free of charge and it does not require any payment. The registration procedure is extremely fast and can be completed within a few minutes. The trader can proceed with the trading process when the right trading opportunities arise.

3. Is Bitcoin Prime Endorsed by Celebrities?

No, There were rumors that Bitcoin prime is supported by several celebrities, but these are all false rumors and do not have any evidence to support it.

4. Does Bitcoin Prime have a Bitcoin prime app?

Bitcoin prime does not have an app, but the technology can be accessed on several devices that have an internet connection. The user can use their desktop, phone, and tablet to access the Bitcoin prime app.

Bitcoin Prime













  • Bitcoin Prime offers an easy and simple registration process.
  • Supports several cryptos.
  • Bitcoin prime provides demo trading.
  • The minimum deposit is $250, which is reasonable.


  • Huge risks are involved with crypto trading.
  • Cryptocurrencies are limited.
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