Bitcoin News Trader Review 2020


Welcome to our in-depth Bitcoin News Trader review. Many things are claimed and criticized for this modern trading platform. But are they all true? Are the claims made by this trading platform too good to be true? Is the platform really delivering the high return of the profit as it promises? In this article, we will investigate all such claims and reveal to you all the essential details about this trading platform. So, without wasting any time, let us start with our review!

Bitcoin News Trader Review – Overview of Bitcoin News Trader

What is a Bitcoin News Trader?

Well, to start with, it is important to know the background of the trading platform that we are talking about. Bitcoin News Trader is a highly advanced trading platform that makes use of algorithms in order to offer a high success rate in the Bitcoin and crypto trades. Although it is open to the public currently, the number of Bitcoin Trader News licenses are limited in number. So, the trading app of this platform suggests prompt participation on the platform before the seats get taken over. You can get a clear idea of how popular this platform has already become if Bitcoin News Trader has to announce such an update.

Bitcoin News Trader Review – Start Earning More!

Bitcoin News Trader maximizes the investment dollar input, which is made by the traders, in order to maximize the returns. The trading platform transfers these returns to the traders in real-time. It is a great way to invest smartly that can generate a passive income source, as well as a stress-free retirement financial freedom for both the new and expert trader categories. Our review will delve deeper into these claims, so stick around and keep reading!

Bitcoin News Trader – Legit or Scam?

We feel answering this question will set many questions straight that are mentioned later in this Bitcoin News Trader review. Knowing that a trading platform is legit offers trust and security in the trader’s mind. That is why we are tackling this question at first.

Here is a screenshot from the official website of Bitcoin News Trade to show you the breadth of global coverage of various trading insights that Bitcoin News Trader collects globally:

Bitcoin News Trader Review – Bitcoin News Trader is Legit!

After reviewing this trading platform and its high tech trading robot, we found out that it’s very prompt, active, and effective. It is definitely a legitimate platform. We can confidently say it amidst other spam articles that try to spread misinformation. Our in-depth analysis brought forward that Bitcoin News Trader has a massed high positive trade results rate. Bitcoin News Trader has been successfully bringing impressive returns to its users. It is suitable for both beginners as well as expert traders. Bitcoin News Trader supports its beginner traders with a demo account for them to have a good know-how of the platform.

Now, that you know that it is a trustworthy platform, it will now make sense into learning the finer details about the trading platform:

Understanding Bitcoin News Trader:

Well, Bitcoin News Trader is a trading platform that makes use of algorithms, in order to bring the choice-trade decisions to its users. Through the smart algorithm, Bitcoin News Trader can offer intelligent trade insights, in-depth market analysis, a good grip on the ever-changing and fluctuating market trends, etc; which is just not an easy deal to handle manually by any human being.

Bitcoin News Trader algorithm brings the best market opportunities by sieving through the worldwide crypto trade markets. The trading platform claims to offer maximum returns, high efficiency through its fintech abilities.

Here is a screenshot from the official website of Bitcoin News Trade to show you the intelligent planning and features of this trading platform that makes it so unique and popular:

Bitcoin News Trader Review – Features of Bitcoin News Trader

Who founded Bitcoin News Trader?

It’s quite common to see that many trading platforms give credit to one or two names as the genius founders behind the creation of their trading robots. But the reality is quite different. In real life, a trading robot is a result of many people’s efforts, hard work, and expertise. Bitcoin News Trader embraces reality and gives the due credit to all those who have worked on the creation of the trading robot.

This very fact how Bitcoin News Traders deals with this topic shows the ethics of this trading platform. It also shows that its priority is more on focusing on technology and ethical market practices rather than to enjoy any kind of stardom. Further, the software of the trading platform smartly catches the crypto event in real-time, instead of going by what media feeds. The distinction can make, and the speed at which it can make it is beyond human capacity. That is the beauty of this platform that assures assured financial benefits to all its users.

Now that you understand the mind of Bitcoin News Trader, now it’s time to understand how it works so that you can start reaping benefits.

How does Bitcoin News Trader functions?

Bitcoin News Trader is one of the pioneers in the field of robot-based crypto trading. It constantly goes through global trade news to recognize the trend breakers and trend makers. It recognizes the key market effects that can lead to future bullish behavior of crypto, or when it will dip down, or when there are some spikes expected at a price. Based on this kind of market understanding and analysis, it makes the smartest and quickest decisions related to buying or selling the crypto assets. Since it is backed with smart, intelligent algorithms, it never misses any helpful market change. This kind of ever-present alertness and quick trade decision response round the clock is just not possible through human beings.

With Bitcoin News Trader the users get the benefits such as:

  • Use of binary options for trading
  • Instant trade promptness
  • Global in-depth market insights round the clock
  • Smart assessment of the market to predict future trends

The advantage of using the binary options in trading is that it protects the traders from many nuances such as:

  • No need to exchange digital assets
  • No need to trade cash for Bitcoin in a to and fro pattern
  • High-speed transactions
  • Almost instant crypto liquidation

The bottom line is that all the accounts on Bitcoin News Trader are settled in U.S. Dollars. Despite so many features that may make a beginner trader feel daunted and confused, the reality is that it is an impeccable user-friendly platform. Our research backs this point, so go ahead and with confidence start using this platform despite the number of years of trading experience you have.

The Auto trading feature is especially helpful, and it takes care of most of the confusion that a trader may otherwise face. When we researched the user feedback, we got re-assured that the Bitcoin News Trader robot has brought a high win rate to its users, bringing them the opportunity to make money every single time.

Please Note: No algorithm trading robot can give you a 100 percent profit result, as there are always a few factors that keep on fluctuating. Therefore, our word of advice is that you should always invest as per your risk capacity. Also, good background research about any platform before investing in any platform is a wise way to assure protection. It’s always wise to start with 250 U.S. Dollars, which is the minimum deposit at Bitcoin News Trader.

Now that you understand how Bitcoin News Trader works, let’s take a look at how to sign up and make a trade for yourself.

Let’s get started at Bitcoin News Trader:

As we have mentioned earlier in this Bitcoin News Trader review, this trading platform is known for its user-friendly features; therefore, going through this section of the review would be a breeze. Here we have mentioned a few very simple steps that can help you to start trading at this platform in no time. So, without wasting a single moment, let’s get going!

Here is a screenshot from the official website of Bitcoin News Trade to show you the easy process which can get you started with the platform in no time:

Bitcoin News Trader Review – How Bitcoin News Trader Works?
1. Registration

The registration process at Bitcoin News Trader requires a few very basic user-information from the user, such as full legal name and active email address. Once you are done with the submission of the basic info, and then simply follow the following steps:

  • Feeding the basic user information: After submission of the basic user information, Bitcoin News Trader sends an email in which they share a registration link. Please click on this link.

Here is a screenshot from the official website of Bitcoin News Trade to show you the initial stage of registration with the platform:

Bitcoin News Trader Review – Get Start Bitcoin News Trader!

  • Finishing the registration process: The link takes the user to a form, which asks detailed information related to your profile. This includes your phone number, country of residence, and setting up of a user password. Upon successful completion of registration, now the user is in a position to open his or her account.
  • Demo Accounts: At this point, the expert traders can start trading. But if the trader has no prior experience in trading, they can try using Bitcoin News Trader’s ‘Demo Account.’ The demo account is basically an account that has all the running functions of a live trading account, except the fact that the user does not have to make any kind of deposits to try their hands on it, and neither can they earn any money through these accounts. Demo accounts are a good starting point to understand the know-how of the trading account and get confident with its features.
2. Depositing the funds:

This is a crucial step that initiates the user into trading. The minimum investment amount that Bitcoin News Trader asks the user to submit is 250 U.S. Dollars. If you are just starting in the trading world, stick to the minimum as you can always deposit more money. Begin with wisdom instead of excitement, we would suggest.

Another suggestion from us would be to withdraw your profits as soon as you make them instead of putting all of the money into the next trade because the crypto world is very volatile. Work as per your risk capacity. Going slowly, steadily, and gaining authentic confidence along the way is the way to go about it.

3. Time to trade!

After successfully creating an account, trying out the demo account to understand the functions of the platform, and after making a few successful trades, you can now consider investing in Bitcoin (BTC).

Bonus tip: the 50-50 mantra:

As success favors you as you trade, you should make a habit of withdrawing profits regularly. Go by the 50-50 rule. The rule dictates that the user should save 50 percent of the profits and invest the other 50 percent. This way, you maintain a financial cushion for the future and always have money available. In addition, you will be able to make more investment returns. This 50-50 mantra is the secret that turns traders into professional traders.

Why Bitcoin News Trader?

It is a valid question, as there are many robot trading platforms out there. Why out of so many options, should one go for Bitcoin news Trader? In this section of our Bitcoin News Trader review, we will answer this question. Following, you will find some very important points that make Bitcoin News Trader so special and a worthy choice of many:

Bitcoin News Trader Review – Why Bitcoin News Trader?
  • Bitcoin News Trader offers high quality auto trading services. The platform uses real world events to offer intelligent trading insights. It is a good mix of understanding global trading trends, and accurate predictions based on high tech robot algorithms.
  • The minimum deposit 250 U.S. Dollars which is quite affordable that suits almost everyone’s investment capacity. Given a single BTC costs 3000 U.S. Dollars, the minimum deposit is quite a good deal to venture into crypto trading.
  • The demo account feature by Bitcoin News Trader is another very interesting feature that gives confidence to the new traders before they venture into the real trading arena. It allows them to understand all the features and functions of the trading platform without having to risk anything.
  • Understanding cryptocurrency and its trading can be daunting as there are many complex details related to it, but with Bitcoin News Trader’s robot trading, it has become an incredibly user-friendly and easy to use thing to do!

Profiting with Bitcoin News Trader:

Bitcoin News Trader Review – Profiting with Bitcoin News Trader!

The intelligent algorithm backed trading robots work tirelessly to bring the users more and more profit every single day. To fully understand and find the evidence behind this claim, we dug in deep on all the major forums to find the first-hand experiences of traders to know some of the best ways to reap most profit at Bitcoin News Trader. Here they are:

  • The demo account can be your dark horse. Just don’t buy that fantasy of making huge profits in no time. Everything happens with time. Along the same lines, you need to learn the basics of the trading account at Bitcoin News Trader before you try to put in bigger investments at stake. Demo accounts, therefore, are a good way to gain confidence in knowing how the entire platform works without having to risk any money.
  • Start with small investments. As time progresses and you gain more and more confidence, you can pitch in more money. The trading platform allows you to invest with an amount as low as 250 U.S. Dollars, which is quite affordable and does not end in great financial losses.
  • Our research into the most beneficial trading tips confirmed the importance of the 50-50 trade rule. It’s always wise to save 50 percent of your profits, and invest the remaining 50 percent into the next trade. This way, you never run out of funds and always have the financial cushion to back your passive income, as well as future investments. Simply resist investing the entire amount of your profits, and you are good to go.
  • You must always keep in mind to withdraw your profits regularly as the crypto market is quite volatile and unpredictable in nature. Therefore, staying proactive is good insurance against any shocking turn of events.
  • Whenever any platform does well, there arise many imitators. Therefore, we would suggest you be very cautious about such fake and scam platforms. Doing your credibility research and background check always pays off on a longer run. Look for things like finer details, testimonials, website’s authenticity, etc., to ensure the platform is safe and credible.
  • Another reason that backs the habit of withdrawing profits often is that famous platforms often have to deal with heavy traffic, which makes it crash every now and then. Such events can make you lose access to your account. Therefore, you should always withdraw your profits from time to time as you make them. Be proactive always.
  • Before joining any trading platform, know your goals, your inclinations, your trading style, your risk capacity, your commitments, your investment plans, and so on. Only after deciding these factors, you should choose a trading platform. It is a wise thing to compare several trading platforms before you decide to go with anyone based on your unique needs and trading ambitions.

Busting the rumours around Bitcoin News Trader:

1. Has Bitcoin News Trader aired on television?

Well, there have been all kinds of rumors related to this question. SO we decided to clear the air and answer it straight up in this section of our review. Well, the clear answer is that Bitcoin News Trader has never been on television. Since we are on this topic, allow us to clear another rumor here. Well, there are no celebrities or any TV shows that are tied to this trading platform. If you find any news or article online, understand that it is not true. Common sense dictates that if ever in future Bitcoin News Trader decides to do any of the above things; it will officially announce on its official website.

2. Has Bitcoin News Trader appeared on Dragon’s Den?

The answer is straight- nope! Bitcoin News Trader has never appeared on Dragon’s Den. There are many internet rumors that support this, but as of now, there is no evidence that the trading platform has or will appear on the British TV show- Dragons’ Den.

3. Has Bitcoin News Trader appeared on Shark Tank?

Shark’s Tank is another show like the British TV show- Dragons’ Den, where regular people participate in the show. They reveal their business ideas to rich entrepreneurs to gain their financial backing for their business ideas. Dragons’ Den is a British TV show, whereas Shark Tank is an American TV show. Coming to the question of whether Bitcoin News Trader has appeared on Shark Tank or not- well, the trading platform has not participated in this show either. By far, there are no pieces of evidence of this platform to appear on Shark Tank in the future, either.

4. Does Bitcoin News Trader have Elon Musk’s backing?

Elon Musk is tied to many innovative technologies. So it is quite easy to make this mistake that is tied up to Bitcoin News Trader too. Well, the reality is that Bitcoin News Trader is not linked to Elon Musk or vice versa.

Our Verdict:

Needless to say that Bitcoin News Trader is most definitely a legit trading robot platform. It is known to give accurate trade readings, perfect timings to gain the best trade dealing, and stands true to its claim of offering profits daily. It is a clear and straightforward platform that relies on an algorithm and does not believe in making tall promises that one can’t follow up on. Therefore, we will give you 100 percent assurance that you can confidently go with Bitcoin News Trader and place your valuable trust in it.

It is a universal fact that every investment opportunity has innate risk possibilities too. They can be avoided by practicing good trade habits, good research, and investing wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bitcoin News Trader:

1. Are there any additional offers given to a user if the user links of his or her friends on to Bitcoin News Platform?

Well, it is quite a common market strategy to rope in more users. But Bitcoin News Trader does not use this feature. As of now, there are no bonuses or offers, or free money, or discounts, or any privilege if a user brings new users to the Bitcoin News Trader platform.

2. Why should I try Bitcoin News Trader?

Yes, there are many brilliant trading robots out there. Bitcoin News Trader is one of them. We are not tying anyone to use any specific trading platform. Rather we always encourage research and compare different trading platforms and then go with the one that suits your trading needs instead of going by anyone else’s opinions. For a detailed answer, please refer to the ‘Why Bitcoin News Trader’ section of our review.

3. What about the mobile app by Bitcoin News Trader?

Despite the trading platform offering great performance, surprisingly there is no mobile app by Bitcoin News Trader as of now. There is no mobile app by Bitcoin News Trader either for the Android platform or the iOS platform. It is not to say that there will be no mobile trading app in the future either. Maybe it is a wait and watch thing before I answer this question in affirmation. Given the trading platform is growing rapidly, and its popularity is sky-rocketing, we might see it launching a mobile app quite soon. Finger-crossed!

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