Bitcoin Formula Review: A Comprehensive Guide

Since its conceptualization in 2008 and launch in 2009, Bitcoins have taken the world by storm. Initially created as a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged globally, Bitcoins are a cryptography-based virtual currency that is both decentralized and open-sourced.

Bitcoins are backed by complex algorithms, preventing the crypto’s unauthorized replication and duplication. Further, the blockchain system that records each and every transaction of bitcoins makes it virtually impossible to hack into the cryptocurrency’s source code. It is for this reason bitcoins are a highly valued and volatile digital asset. 

Although many virtual currencies are regularly introduced into the cryptocurrency market enabled by hedge funding, Bitcoins are the only crypto valued on par with high-valued currencies like USD, EUR, AUD, among others. And, many technology giants and corporations like Microsoft and Expedia are accepting bitcoins as payment for their products and services.  

With the rising popularity of bitcoins, everyone wants to own this cryptocurrency. Needless to say, investing in Bitcoins promises greater rewards as bitcoins is a highly volatile and liquid digital asset. Moreover, Bitcoin investors or traders can easily trade bitcoins for other liquid assets like gold, soft commodities, or cash at extremely low fees. Thus, bitcoins are an ideal investment asset due to their high demand.

What is Bitcoin Trading?

Trading bitcoins is buying bitcoins at a lower price and selling them back at a much higher price. Trading bitcoins typically involves making use of any opportunity to buy bitcoins when the price is low and selling when it’s priced high.

Successful trading is all about looking for the right trading signals for executing a trade. And, this involves monitoring the price movement of the digital coins in the cryptocurrency market. In fact, there are different trade styles similar to Forex and CFDs trades. Some of the common ones are day trades, scalping, position trades, among others. 

The exploding interest in making money online through trading bitcoins has paved the way for many automated Bitcoin trading platforms like Bitcoin Formula. In this Bitcoin Formula review, we will examine its features and deduce whether it is an ideal automated trader or not.

What is Bitcoin Formula?

Bitcoin Formula Reviews - Automated Trading Robot
Bitcoin Formula Review – Overview

Bitcoin Formula is an online auto trading platform for bitcoins and some of the other altcoins.  Backed by a powerful algorithm-based automated trading robot, Bitcoin Formula is suitable for both new and experienced traders. As per our findings for this review, Bitcoin Formula has a success rate of 94 to 99%, and thus presents the potential to earn $1,000 to $10,000 every day.

The trading robot provided by Bitcoin Formula uses artificial intelligence and machine learning for executing profitable trades. Users must select the trading parameters for the auto trading robot to execute trades for appropriate trading signals.

Automated trader apps are not confined to human limitations. The cryptocurrency market operates 24/7 meaning there are many opportunities to earn money in that span. Automated trader bots work 24/7, identifying the best signals to execute many lucrative trades. It is for this reason, experts believe many can earn a steady passive income without having to dedicate much time or effort. Also, many traders hesitate to take major risks due to stress and anxiety, making them make decisions that lack logical and rational thinking. 

Auto traders or robots are the key to avoiding such human errors. Unlike traditional traders, auto traders are not influenced by emotions. They use analytics, logic, and rational thinking to make the most of the profitable crypto market trends and signals. Simply put, they are designed to constantly monitor the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin Formula as an auto trader executes trades, however, users can stop the trade from occurring by simply turning off the software. 

During our research for this Bitcoin Formula review, we found that the user account generated was connected to VPS to carry out real-time trades with a time-lapse advantage of 0.001 seconds. This means traders registered with Bitcoin Formula can execute a trade 0.001 second faster than the rest of the world.

Operating System

Windows, ios

Minimum Deposit


Success Rate

94% to 99%

Demo Account


How Does Bitcoin Formula Work?

Bitcoin Formula is an auto trading or algorithmic trading system that enables traders to execute the trading of bitcoins seamlessly. Here, the trader determines the trading rules for both entries and exits of trades. Such auto trading platforms like Bitcoin Formula also enable the backtesting of strategies and also provide information on the price movements of the cryptocurrency.

How to Start Trading with Bitcoin Formula?

Trading on the Bitcoin Formula trading system requires traders to follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Account registration

To use the Bitcoin Formula platform, one must first open a Bitcoin Formula account by providing their basic information like name, phone number, email address, etc.

Step 2: Funding the trading account

Once the account is created, the user can then link their crypto wallet to their Bitcoin Profit account. The minimum deposit amount is $250, which once deposited is credited to the trader’s account as the trading capital. 

Step 3: Make money with live trading feature

After making the initial deposit, users can start trading to make money online. All they must do is choose the automated trading mode enabling the trading robot to execute the trade. 

Bitcoin Formula Review: Important Features

Bitcoin Formula Reviews - How does it work
Bitcoin Formula Reviews – How Bitcoin Formula works?

Below are some of the key features of Bitcoin Formula that make it an ideal software for trading bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. 

Withdrawals:- Bitcoin Formula trading supports multiple payment options. The withdrawal requests are processed much faster when compared to the other automated trading systems, and the time taken to process a withdrawal request is less than 24-hours.

Payouts:- The Bitcoin Formula trading platform supports instant payouts and may sometimes take up to 24-hours. Whenever users make a lot of money, it is important to withdraw the same. Typically, the Formula trading app calculates the profits made after every trading session. Thus, making it convenient for users to withdraw the earned income every day.

Customer Support:- Bitcoin Formula offers 24/7 live customer support. Apart from this, the website also has a contact form. The users can fill the form and expect the BTC Formula support team to reach them either over the phone or via email.

Live Trading:- To earn much money, traders must go for the live trading session. New users are advised to try the demo account to learn the basic fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading. Experienced traders practicing the traditional or manual trading can also make use of a demo account for backtesting the trading strategy. The trading bot identifies trading signals by tracking the crypto’s price movement in the crypto market and thus, providing ample opportunities to make money.

Service Charges:- During our Bitcoin Formula review, we found that users can register and use the trading platform for free. There are no hidden costs or service charges. However, standard exchange fees apply as per the exchange.

Broker Services:- Bitcoin Formula is associated with many cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers. The latter monitors the automated trades to ensure successful trade execution.

Bitcoin Formula Pros and Cons


  • High success rates
  • Time leap advantage of 0.01 seconds
  • Faster withdrawals
  • Live auto trading
  • 24/7 customer service


No mobile app

Is Bitcoin a scam or legit currency?

Bitcoins are highly valued virtual liquid currencies. Trading bitcoins is fast turning out to be a preferred method of generating income daily. A trading platform like Bitcoin Formula is a fair and legit trading app that offers a plethora of trading tools for better trading experience. The Formula trading system is protected by powerful SSL encryption. Further, the Bitcoin Formula trading system employs an automated trading robot, which is controlled by the user via the trading parameters like stop-loss limit, take profit, trade size, etc. For more information, visit the Bitcoin Formula official website.

Is Bitcoin Formula auto trader safe?

Protection from hackers or anti-theft features is the primary concern of the Bitcoin Formula trading platform. The site is protected by SSL encryption to safeguard the trader’s privacy and user information.

Trading Tips for New Users

When you trade for the first time, limit your deposit amount to the bare minimum, which in this case is $250. As per our findings, nine out of every 10 trades are successful. Thus, to maximum wins, starting small is a must.

Low risk mode. The crypto trader has different risk options like high, low, etc. Choosing the low risk mode and a very small trade size is the key to efficient risk management. 


With many people actively using the cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange, trading bitcoins is turning out to be a highly volatile trading opportunity. In fact, trading bitcoins is a surefire way of earning money as a passive income every day. Moreover, trading cryptos and speculating their price movement in the crypto market gets easier when using auto trading robots like Bitcoin Formula. 

Bitcoin Formula FAQs

1. What is the Bitcoin Formula minimum deposit amount?

Trading involves a trading capital that must be invested to earn money. The minimum trading fund any trader must deposit is the key to generating profits. Starting from $250, the maximum amount that one could deposit for earning more money is $15,000. Nevertheless, choosing a low trade is equally important to avoid losing money.

2. Is Bitcoin real and safe?

Yes, bitcoins are a one of a kind cryptocurrencies that are globally exchanged as a digital currency and traded for generating passive income. With the rising popularity of bitcoins and the many bitcoin millionaires is inspiring other people to own a piece of this virtual currency.

3. Can you actually make money from Bitcoin?

There are two ways in which people can make money with bitcoins: Bitcoin Mining and Bitcoin Trading. Bitcoin mining is time-consuming and requires very powerful computers for solving complex mathematical problems. When a person solves the problem by creating a new block, and in turn, a new Bitcoin, it is awarded to the miner. Apart from mining, trading bitcoins in the crypto market is a far more easier means of making money with bitcoins.

4. Is Bitcoin a good investment?

There are many reviews about Bitcoin that provide insight into how bitcoins generate passive income. In most of the bitcoin reviews, the common means of acquiring bitcoins is either by mining or trading. Cryptocurrency trading apps like Bitcoin Formula.

5. How can bitcoin be worth anything?

Initially, the value of Bitcoins was anywhere between $1 to $3. Today, Bitcoins have risen in value where a single BTC is more than $10,000. Traders who had invested in Bitcoins and recognized its potential back then, would be millionaires today, with the Winklevoss twins being a popular example.

6. What are the Bitcoin Formula restricted countries?

The Bitcoin Formula official website does not provide information about the restricted countries and jurisdictions. Nonetheless, visitors are advised to access the site only if they are from countries that consider Bitcoins as a legal currency and digital asset. Here are some of the countries where bitcoins are legal; Morocco, Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mexico, United States, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, to name a few.

Bitcoin Formula




Bitcoin Formula is in trend now and known as an automatic trading app that allows traders to trade using Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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