Bitcoin Evolution Review 2020

Everything you’d ever needed to know about Bitcoin Evolution

Since the time crypto trading began, there has been a splurge of great possibilities. Never seen before trades take place every now and then, the accuracy of the crypto trading platforms is breathtaking, and the profits are so happily assured!

But in all these great turns of events, many fakesters also got a sweet chance to play it ugly in the name of tall promises. That is why issues like Bitcoin trader scams, doubts around a trading platform’s authenticity, the quality of customer service after, whether people get to make money or not, etc cloud our minds. And that is the very reason why we have taken the responsibility to clear the air. This review is all about Bitcoin Evolution. All your questions Everything was in our Bitcoins Review about this trading system you’d ever needed to know. So let’s get started!

What is Bitcoin Evolution, and how does it work?

Bitcoin Evolution crypto robot is basically an auto trading platform that conducts trade transactions on behalf of its cryptocurrency traders. It is able to do so with the help of an intelligent algorithm, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) backed robot. What this trading robot does is- it scans the cryptocurrency market thoroughly on a global scale. It watches it closely on a 24/7 basis. Therefore, it is aware of all the cryptocurrency market trends, any upsurge or downfall in any crypto prices, and can intuitively predict the price movements.

Now, when such a trading robot works for you, you basically have a 24/7 switched ON intelligent software assistance to carry on your trade transactions. Wondering what your role is in all this auto trading setting? Well, Bitcoin Evolution is simple. All you need to do is make your trade settings clear to the software, and watch this trading robot for everything time to see if everything is going as per you. When you wish to call off for the day, you can ask the robot to stop trading. Yes, this trading system is that simple. It offers such AI-backed intelligence for you to take advantage of.

The way Bitcoin Evolution works:

Bitcoin Evolution crypto robot offers a risk management trading feature that enables its cryptocurrency traders to specify how much they are okay to risk in every trade transaction. This makes the trader aware of the trader’s risky side and makes them aware of every trade transaction’s responsibility. As a thumb rule, you should not risk more than 10 percent of your investment per trade.

If you risk more than 10 percent, it may result in greater profits if things go in your favor, but if it swings otherwise, you risk losing all your capital in your Bitcoin Evolution account. Therefore, sticking to the 10 percent risk rule is a good way to go about it.

This trading system offers a leverage trading of 1:100. This ratio magnifies the percentage at which you make money and the percentage at which you may lose money. So, it makes it all the more important for you to stay within your risk capacity and investment capacity.

Here is a screenshot from the Bitcoin Evolution crypto trading system for you that explains how does Bitcoin Evolution software works:

Bitcoin Evolution Reviews – How it Works?Bitcoin Evolution Reviews – How it Works?

Is Bitcoin Evolution a Scam?

Yes, auto trading can sound too good to be true. That is why we were all after Bitcoin Evolution to test it thoroughly and to dig out the bare truth in this Bitcoin Evolution reviews. It turns out; It is not a scam; instead, it is a 100 percent legit platform. It is not at all a Bitcoin trader scam. Bitcoin Evolution works for you on your behalf to gain maximum profits out of every trade opportunity. Our thorough analysis and users’ testimonials across various social platforms prove its authenticity and we can says Bitcoin Evolution legit is true!

The automated software claims that its win rate is 99.4 percent. This means almost every time a trader uses this trading system, he or she makes a decent profit.

Regulated brokers: Along with impressing us with its accuracy, it also impressed us on the security front. When you start a live trading session at the Bitcoin Evolution crypto trading system, then it connects you to reputable and regulated brokers. These brokers are responsible for good trade decisions, and to watch the overall performance delivery of the trading robots.

Adherence to local regulatory framework: Further, Bitcoin Evolution software works following the local regulatory rules of the trader’s location. This ensures that the entire trading session works as per the laws, and the trader’s funds are safe and secure.

User Data is SSL protected: The trader’s information at this trading platform is protected with SSL technology, which ensures protection through encryption. The client and the servers are well encrypted to offer the best and much-needed security.

Why Bitcoin Evolution?

There are so many auto trading software out there in the crypto market, then why should one choose it. Well, first of all, it is a valid question and deserves a proper answer. That’s why in this section of our Bitcoin Evolution reviews, we will look at what Bitcoin Evolution has in store for you:

The success rate of Bitcoin Evolution is 88 percent, which is a fantastic assurance that most of the trades will give out results.

Use Bitcoin Evolution, it offers manual trading mode and auto trading mode. This feature allows both the expert traders and the beginners a chance to use Bitcoin Evolution.

Further, it allows its users to customize the trade settings. They can change the investment time to 20 minutes per day. This feature assures good profits for all the people.

It offers excellent customer service. You can reach the professional team of this auto trading platform through name email address, phone number, or live chat at any given point of time and day.

Bitcoin Evolution Reviews – Why to choose it?Bitcoin Evolution Reviews – Why to choose it?

Is Bitcoin Evolution any good?

This is the first thing that comes to everybody’s mind before selecting any trading platforms. So, after testing this trading robot from various angles, we compiled a comprehensive list of pros and cons here in our reviews on Bitcoin Evolution. Looking at the pros and cons of an auto trading platform is an instant way to figure out if it suits your particular expectations or not. So without wasting any moment, let’s go through the points:


It has great testimonials and reviews from users across multiple social platforms. This reflects the trustworthiness of the trading platform.

Bitcoin Evolution, like all other trading platforms, is subject to crypto market risks, which is the trading world’s nature by default.

Use Bitcoin Evolution, it performs exceptionally well, and has a success rate of 88 percent.

The auto trading platform offers demo account trading options for practice trading which makes it suit both the beginners as well as the expert crypto traders.

Bitcoin Evolution does not offer demo account balance.

Although it is an automated trading platform, it offers both manual and auto trading options.

Bitcoin Evolution has made its name for exceptional 24 hours and 7 days customer service and education material offered to their crypto traders.

Bitcoin Evolution is not yet available in all the countries.

Users don’t have to wait for too long as Bitcoin Evolution offers quick processing of deposit and withdrawal process requests.

How to join Bitcoin Evolution?

Now that you are convinced about the effectiveness of Bitcoin Evolution, it is time to look into how you can make your new trading account at Bitcoin Evolution. Joining the Bitcoin Evolution team is pretty straightforward. You go through the following stages:

  • Sign up to create a new Bitcoin Evolution account
  • Deposit money in your new trading account
  • Time to trade live!

It is simple, isn’t it? Well, you may be having a few questions on what are the particular steps to complete the above stages. Well, here they are:

1. Registration/ Signing up on the Bitcoin Evolution website:

Getting yourself registered on Bitcoin Evolution is very easy and is the first step to create an account at this platform. You simply need to go on the official website of Bitcoin Evolution. Then click on the sign up/ register option. This will take you to an online account registration form which will ask you for the following basic information:

  • Full legal name
  • A valid email address
  • An active phone number
  • Creation of a strong password for your Bitcoin Evolution account

See, how simple it is to open an account at Bitcoin Evolution. Here is a screenshot from the official website of Bitcoin Evolution:

Bitcoin Evolution Review - Creation of a New AccountBitcoin Evolution Review – Creation of a New Account

Please Note: When you supply the above information, you must ensure that the information is correct and that there are no errors. This is because Bitcoins Evolution verifies your information before creating an account for you. When we tested, the verification process and account creation process took only a few minutes.

Another thing that we found unique about Bitcoin Evolution is that it asks the users if they would like to receive emails from Bitcoin Evolution. You don’t get to find this option on other automated trading platforms.

2. Depositing money in your Bitcoin Evolution account:

o begin a trading session, you need funds to start with. That is why Bitcoin Evolution asks you to minimum deposit money in your new Bitcoin Evolution account. The minimum deposit amount that you are required is 250 U.S. Dollars. You can deposit it through various payment methods:

  • Master Card
  • Visa Card
  • Skrill
  • Krarna
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Wire transfer

Please note: There are no deposit or withdrawals charges or any kind of hidden charges at Bitcoin Evolution. Your money may get deducted by other institutions used in the transfer process, such as bank account charges.

3. Time to start trading Sessions live!

If you are an experienced trader, by all means, start trading sessions live as you know how to go about it, But if you are a new trader, Bitcoin Evolution takes your care through:

Demo Trading Platform: Demo account trading, as the name suggests, is for demonstration of the trading functions. Here a trader can get familiar with the trading console, its various functions, and get an overall feel of how the trading experience feels like. Once you are confident, you can start trading sessions. Please Note: Whatever money you gain or lose in the demo trading is not for real. It is just for a demonstration.

Live Trading Session: If you are ready for a live trading session, then just quickly go through the settings section. Adjust the stop loss and take profit settings based on your risk capacity and investment capacity. Once all is done, press the live trade button. It’s time to chill out, watch the auto trading robots do all the hard work for you, and watch it make money for you. It is wise to check for Everything time to ensure everything is going as per your desired way

Bitcoin Evolution Reviews – Live TradingBitcoin Evolution Reviews – Live Trading

Important: Yes, Bitcoin Evolution trading app uses computer algorithms to analyze big cryptocurrency market data very accurately. But there is still a scope of error like it is with any other trading platform. Therefore, stick to minimum trading capital amounts, especially if you are a beginner at trading.

Once you are ready, to begin with, live trading, all you need to do is adjust the trading settings as per your requirements, watch the trading robot from time to time, and then stop it for the day once your trade targets are achieved.

What can you trade at Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin Evolution offers a variety of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies to trade with. For instance, you can trade Bitcoins (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), Monero (XMR), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), etc. On the other hand, you can trade these fiat currencies at Bitcoin Evolution trading app: EUR, USD, CHF, CAD, and NZD.

Crypto Trading insights to keep in mind:

The crypto trading world is very enticing. But the excitement can turn into great disasters in no time if you are not careful. This is not to scare you, but to tell you how unpredictable the crypto trading world is. Therefore, we decided to give you a few trade insights that will, for sure, help you. Here they are:

  • Start small: What we mean by start small is that if you are new investors, you will benefit from investing small amounts. This way, you will get to understand how the trading system works, what possible mistakes you can make (while keeping the trading losses and risk at its lowest due to small capital investment). How different cryptocurrencies behave when paired with others, how frequently the crypto market fluctuations occur, and you will have a sense of control over your trade transactions.
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit: These are two trade setting options that you should check before going for live trading. These options ensure that the robot does not plummet all your funds when the cryptocurrency market heads down to the valley.
  • Withdraw regularly: It is wise to withdraw your profits regularly and as soon as possible. Why? Well, it is because the cryptocurrency trading market is very volatile in nature. The price can drop off way too quickly than you can imagine. So in the times when the price is good, and you have made profits, it is wise to withdraw it quickly and safeguard it.
  • The save-first and invest-later rule: Whenever you make a profit, please ensure that you save 50 percent of the profit made, and invest the remaining 50 percent. This way, you will always have the capital to invest. And you will also maintain your risk capacity.
  • Know your risk capacity: Everyone desires to make a profit. Big profits are directly proportionate to big capital investment. In situations when the trade is unfavorable, will you be able to bear the brunt? If yes, then you know your risk capacity. Otherwise, please be aware of it. Before make the decision related to trading, always think twice and never let excitement rule your trade decisions.

Our final say:

We think, after reading this Bitcoin Evolution review, you can already guess what’s to come. Bitcoin Evolution is a 100 percent authentic platform. Its auto trading software delivers what it promises. With great security features, high success score, transparent charging structure, high tech AI trading in addition to robot-based intelligence, exceptional customer services, auto cryptocurrency trading, and manual trading options, we don’t need to say anything more. All we will say is go ahead with trading at Bitcoin Evolution and see your money grow.

Just keep in mind that the crypto market, by default, is volatile in nature. Therefore, please follow the informed decision approach whenever you decide to trade, and never allow excitement for great profits to rule your common sense.


1. Is Bitcoin Evolution a legit platform?

Yes, Bitcoin Evolution is 100 percent a legit trading platform.

2. Has Bitcoin Evolution been aired on any media platform?

There are many spam advertisers online that are spread all over the internet escape that are spreading such rumors. It has never been aired on any TV show or any other media platform, be it- The Morning Post, Dragon’s Den, or any other such platform.

3. Does any celebrity endorse Bitcoin Evolution?

Again, nope! Yes, there are many fake celebrity endorsements and claims such as Peter Jones and Elon Musk endorse Bitcoin Evolution, but there is absolutely no truth in such rumors. Whenever in doubt, you should consult the official website of it to get to the truth.

4. What are the charges of using Bitcoin Evolution trading app?

It does not charge any money for using it as your crypto trading platform. There are no account registration fees, no deposit fee, and no withdrawal fee. It is a completely transparent platform, and does not have any hidden charges.

5. What are the withdrawal limits on Bitcoin Evolution?

It does not limit the withdrawal amounts. If you wish you can withdraw all your profits in one go.

6. What is the minimum deposit amount at Bitcoin Evolution?

It asks for 250 U.S. Dollars as the minimum deposit amount. Please note this deposit amount is not any kind of fee but is trader’s trade capital.

Bitcoin Evolution













  • The trading platform offers demo trading options
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Offers both manual and auto trading options.


  • Does not offer demo balance.
  • Not yet available in all the countries