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Bitcoin digital is one of the well-known automated Bitcoin trading robots developed to trade with cryptocurrencies using the market trends available in the cryptocurrency market. The market is prone to volatility and difficult to understand especially for new traders.  Hence the user should exercise caution when they are investing in cryptocurrency. According to the Bitcoin digital website, it mentions that users who have traded on the platform have got a success rate of 98%. Several positive reviews are claiming that with Bitcoin digital, users have earned $1000 daily. This platform uses algorithms that are highly intuitive to speculate on the market. It provides a bitcoin digital trading app for traders to use automated robots to trade the market.

Bitcoin Digital


Review by: Thomas Gillard

Bitcoin Digital Review Summary

As per our Bitcoin digital review, this app is developed to trade the cryptocurrency market using market volatility and price fluctuations. Even though the cryptocurrency market is difficult to navigate especially for new traders, using this robot they can trade successfully. As per our review, this platform has a higher win rate and traders have made huge profits by trading in this robot. This gives a competitive edge against other crypto assets trading platforms by predicting the market price movements to trade cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin digital software uses sophisticated algorithms to search for profitable trade signals and it makes decisions on the accurate data. This robot constantly works to search the market for profitable opportunities for trading and to generate revenue on behalf of the users.

If the trader wants to trade with Bitcoin digital, the first step is the need to open a Bitcoin digital account and add a minimum deposit of $250 through the platform’s dashboard. Further, the payment method will be based on the partner broker and the platform also provides few payment methods that can be used for depositing funds like credit and debit cards, Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, and wire transfer.

The trading platform is free to use and it associates with regulated brokers. Bitcoin digital software predicts the signals offered by the brokers and these signals rapidly analyze the market to predict the profitable trades on the market. It has a higher success rate; in this way, it gives a competitive edge to have a higher win rate over traditional methods.

Creating an account with Bitcoin digital is simple and it does not take more than a few minutes. The trader should spend at least 20 minutes a day setting the trading parameters and monitoring the platform. We recommend the users do market research about trading with cryptocurrencies and do not invest money that they can afford to lose.

Bitcoin digital bot does not have any restrictions on the withdrawals or the time duration to withdraw amounts. This platform does not place any restriction on withdrawals and the amount will be credited to the user’s bank account within 24 to 48 hours.

Bitcoin Digital - About

What is Bitcoin Digital?

Bitcoin digital is a trading Robot that helps users to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets automatically. Bitcoin digital was created in 2017 and since then it has been catering to cryptocurrency traders worldwide.

Bitcoin digital robot uses advanced algorithms to research and analyze the crypto trading market and predict trades. Bitcoin digital robots trade cryptocurrencies through CFDs (Contract of Difference).

Bitcoin digital uses the latest technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning to analyze technical trading charts and data. Additionally, Bitcoin digital platform also provides a social trading feature that helps the users to copy the trades of advanced traders working on the platform.

Registering on the platform is a simple process and the user need not have to submit any lengthy documents for this purpose. When the registration process is complete the trader should add a minimum deposit of $250; it is not taken as registration fees but taken as an initial investment. As per the website, this robot claims that the users who have traded on the platform have generated $1000 daily by using this platform.

This platform uses algorithms and using this, Bitcoin digital analyzes the price fluctuations in the market volatility and predicts the profitable deals for buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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Is Bitcoin Digital Legit or a Scam?

As per our Bitcoin digital review, Bitcoin digital is a legit platform and not a scam. This platform provides tools and charts for the traders to access the platform through automatic trading or manual trading. This robot analyzes huge market data within seconds which is not possible by any human trader. The user need not be an expert to trade cryptocurrency on this platform because the trading is carried out by automated systems.

As per our review, the testimonials offered on the website have several positive reviews. They have remarked that using this platform they have made profitable trades. Always do your research and analyze the market before proceeding to trade with them; this might be considered investment advice.

Bitcoin digital associates itself with regulated and reputable brokers to execute the trades on behalf of the trader. It also provides the user both manual and automated crypto trading to trade digital assets. Further, the trader can make use of social trading where they can copy the trades of successful traders who have already used Bitcoin digital.

Bitcoin Digital - Registation

Bitcoin Digital Trading App

Bitcoin digital automated trading software can be used by both new and experienced traders; they do not have any experience to trade on this platform. This robot uses algorithms to predict market trends because the cryptocurrency market is prone to volatility. Using the Bitcoin digital app’s trading tools, the users can trade on the platform.

The software of the Bitcoin digital app is free to use and it does not charge any fees as registration fees. This software associates itself with regulated brokers and this helps them to carry out the trades on behalf of the users. Using the crypto trading signals emitted in the cryptocurrency platform, this crypto trading bot analyses it and executes the profitable trades to generate profit for its clients.

Bitcoin digital trading bot is easy to set up and several traders have taken advantage of these robots and have earned good profits. Bitcoin digital robot is 0.01 seconds ahead of the market and it executes trades faster than its competitors.

The associated brokers will assist the users if they want any help with this automated robot.  When the trade parameters are set by the users they need to click the live trading button. When this is done, they can sit back and monitor the trades that are executed by the robot.

How Does Bitcoin Digital App Work?

Bitcoin digital is an automated cryptocurrency robot established in 2017, to help traders execute trades. This robot uses advanced technology and API to transmit the data to its partner brokers. When the trade conditions have been met the robots through partnered brokers execute the trades and generate profits.

The trader needs to spend 20 minutes every day and set the trade conditions to trade. When the trade conditions are set the robot automatically proceeds to trade through the profitable signals received from the cryptocurrency market.

This digital online platform uses sophisticated algorithmic trading technology to analyze the market price movements, volatility, and predict the buy and sell features for trading cryptos.

Bitcoin digital does not offer demo trading but it provides manual trading options for experienced traders. Advanced traders can use the manual trading option when they want to trade. The automated bot scans the market for trading opportunities to open and close the position automatically when the condition set by the trader matches.

Bitcoin Digital - Work

Unique Features of Bitcoin Digital Platform

Here are a few unique features of Bitcoin Digital –

No Fees

Bitcoin digital does not charge any fee and it does not charge any additional cost associated with it. We can see on the company’s official website that this trading software is free to use; even though the software is free to use you need to pay a certain amount as commission or fee for each trade transacted on the broker’s platform when the trade is completed.

Advanced Algorithms

Bitcoin digital uses advanced algorithms for its trading operations and it is highly intelligent and extracts the data from global news and the crypto markets; this algorithm can detect even the tiniest signals from the cryptocurrency market.

Verification Process

For creating an account the user should go to the website of Bitcoin digital and provide details like full name, phone number, and email address. When the account is created the user will be matched to their associated broker located near their jurisdiction. The trader should provide additional information to their broker and provide additional identification to their broker. Also Bitcoin digital asks its users to undergo KYC (know your customer process) which is mandatory. This process requires the traders to provide a government-issued ID and the recent utility bill for their address verification. This process does not take more than two hours.


If the user requests a payout, they need to complete the withdrawal request form found on the control panel on the trading dashboard. Bitcoin digital does not have any withdrawal limits and the user can receive the payouts every day. Also, there are no restrictions on the limit when the user wants to withdraw. When the withdrawal request is received,  Bitcoin digital processes the request and it takes less than 24 hours to process the transaction and the funds to be reflected in the bank account.

Customer Support

Bitcoin digital offers dedicated customer support and they can be contacted 24×7. To contact customer support, the user should go to the website and fill the contact us form. They can also reach customer service through live chat or email anytime during the day.

Secure Platform

Bitcoin digital app provides the highest safety and security for the traders and ensures that the data security measures are implemented properly. When compared with other similar robot platforms Bitcoin digital complies with strict GDPR (general data protection regulation) of the European Union. Under this regulation, the auto trading platform should maintain strict confidentiality when they are dealing with their user’s data.

Regulated Brokers

Bitcoin digital work only with reputable cryptocurrency exchanges and brokerage firms and the list of brokers is available on the website. Their brokers are granted a license from the financial entity in their country. All the user’s personal information is encrypted and highly secure; the user need not have to worry about whether their information is leaked or stolen.

Minimum Deposit

As per our Bitcoin digital review, the user should add a deposit of $250, if they want to start with the live session on this platform. When they have earned profits, they can reinvest the amount gradually to earn more. Cryptocurrency markets are prone to high volatility; the trader might lose all the Investments if they start trading without researching or analyzing the financial markets, as they are unpredictable.

Bitcoin Digital - How it works?

Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Digital

Pros Cons
      Bitcoin Digital is an automated trading platform.       It does not offer a demo trading.
      There are no hidden fees or charges.       No Mobile app.
      Faster and easier registration process.       Trading with cryptocurrencies involves high risks.
      Bitcoin digital works only with reputable brokers.
      The withdrawals process is faster.

Bitcoin Digital Account Opening Process

According to the online reviews, Bitcoin digital is a legit platform and not a scam. The sign-up process on the platform is straightforward. The user will receive a phone call from customer support to start initiating the process. The customer support will ask the user to fill in the basic details and the users should undergo the KYC and AML process which is mandatory.

Bitcoin Digital - Sign Up

Here are the few steps outlined for the account opening process –


The user should go to the website of Bitcoin digital and they need to fill the form found on the home page. They need to provide a few details like their full name, credit card information, phone number, and a valid email address. The next step would be to verify the email address and the phone number. A verification link will be sent to the e-mail address given by the user and by clicking upon the link their account is verified. The user will also receive an SMS to their given phone number; once it is verified they can go to the trading dashboard to begin trading bitcoin.

Bitcoin Digital - Create Account

Adding Deposit

When the trader has completed the registration, the next step is to add an initial deposit of $250. The user should know that this initial deposit is no registration fee; it is taken as initial capital for trading the robot. The robot charges a small amount as commission on the user’s profit on the trades executed. Moreover, this platform accepts deposits through debit cards, credit cards, bank wire transfers, Skrill, Neteller, etc. Also, the users can deposit funds using cryptocurrency wallets like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum for the user’s benefit.

Live Trading

This trading platform does not offer a demo account and the user after adding the minimum deposit of $250, can begin trading bitcoin directly. Before proceeding with the live session, the trader should assess the level of risk they are willing to take on each trade. We highly recommend that the user should not put more than 10% of their money in a single transaction to avoid risk.

Tips for New Traders

Learn About Cryptocurrencies

Before getting started the user should learn about different types of cryptocurrencies and master a few key terms involved in the cryptocurrency trade.  The traders need not find using bitcoin robots for trading digital currencies difficult because Bitcoin robots offer the majority of information to the user before they start trading on the platform. The user should understand the different types of assets and their need to develop good trading strategies based on the performance of the asset over some time. Rather insufficient information can expose a trader to higher risk and might lead to loss of their investment.

Invest What You Can Afford to Lose

To start trading the platform the trader should make $250 as an initial investment. The user should not invest more money to trade cryptocurrencies which might lead to loss; later they can gradually increase their investment and make a profit as trading with cryptocurrencies involves the risk of losing money. New users should have strong knowledge about cryptocurrencies and they should learn the nuances of the trade. The new users should start with less investment and they can gradually increase the amount of money to earn more profits.

Take Time

The digital currency market is becoming more competitive day by day; this does not mean that the user should start the transactions immediately. They should take time to think about their goals, choices, and risk before they proceed with trading. This is one of the secret mantras for achieving financial success. Several people try to make financial decisions hastily that might lead to financial mistakes when they are trading.

Trade Consistently

Using automated robots the user can trade consistently as the trading platform is available 24/7. The user can make daily financial transactions; they need to spend 20 minutes every day to monitor their trades.

Withdraw Your Profits

After executing trades the user should ensure that they withdraw their profits and deposit the amount to their trader’s account. This will help to calculate the amount of trading capital and profits they have earned.

Can You Make Money With Bitcoin Digital?

This Bitcoin trading application is completely free to use and it uses several brokers to facilitate the trades and user transactions. This trading software analyses the trading signals from the cryptocurrency market and global news to arrive at detecting profitable signals. These signals are used to execute trades and earn profits for the traders.

The traders can make money through Bitcoin digital and much depends upon the investment made by the user. We highly recommend the new traders to start with the minimum amount and after knowing the nuances of the trade, they can go for investing more amount.

Using an automated trading robot ensures that the user gets higher returns thereby trading and taking advantage of the volatility of the market. This robot uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to find profitable trading opportunities to trade. The user should not trade the amount of money they can afford to lose or their life savings by trading the cryptocurrency market.

Several users who have used automated robots for trading digital currencies have made massive profits within a few weeks of joining. But we suggest the trader should use the free demo account trading feature to test the platform and familiarise with the features and automated trading tools and proceed with the live trading feature. Trading cryptocurrencies are highly complicated and the user should have the required tools and charts to succeed in the cryptocurrency trading market.

Trading with cryptocurrencies is subject to market risk and it involves the risk of losing funds and should be carefully considered before you invest money.

Bitcoin Digital - Reviews

Why Do People Prefer Bitcoin Digital Over Other Platforms?

When compared with other trading platforms which are extremely difficult to register, this might hinder the new traders to proceed further. Using Bitcoin digital provides an intuitive interface preferred by new traders.

Bitcoin digital helps users to trade with Bitcoin and their preferred cryptocurrencies. It provides an app developed by professionals to save money and time to buy and sell Bitcoins. The technology used in the software is highly advanced and this software can function 0.01 seconds ahead of the crypto market.

Bitcoin digital website uses SSL certification and it is encrypted. The site does not encourage third-party apps and the website confirms that it does not reveal the confidential information of their clients as it is safe and secure.

When compared with other trading platforms the customer support offered by Bitcoin digital is highly responsive; the customer support is available 24/7 and it can be reached through live chat and email. They can be contacted anytime.


Bitcoin digital is one of the best online platform to trade cryptocurrency and using this platform several people have earned profits using the online robotics software. Cryptocurrency trading is not simple and it involves high risk; one of the major risks is high volatility. Bitcoin digital robot scans the cryptocurrency market, analyses the market trends, and predicts profitable deals. Even though this trading robot does not offer a demo account, it has a higher success rate and it does not mean that all the trades might end up in profit. Hence the user should do their research and analyze the market before proceeding to trade with automated robots.


1. Is Bitcoin Digital a scam or Legit?

The online reviews offered by various users who have used the platform have given positive feedback which implies that Bitcoin digital is legit and not a scam. This does not mean that there is no market risk involved; we highly recommend the users use caution when they are trading in the digital currencies markets. Further Bitcoin digital offers an easy-to-use interface, simple registration process, and it also offers an account manager.

2. How Much Can I Earn on Bitcoin Digital Daily?

Traders who have used the platform have traded and have generated $1000 daily. However, there are certain factors the user should consider carefully before they proceed with trading as their investment is at risk. Since the market is prone to volatility, they should carefully assess the market conditions and the risk parameters as there are no guaranteed profits in return.

3. Is Bitcoin Digital Easy to Use?

Bitcoin digital trading application was developed for the users to trade cryptocurrencies by using algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze the market trends and to make trades. Bitcoin digital has a high success rate and it has helped several users to generate profits daily.

4. Is the Bitcoin Digital app available?

Bitcoin digital can be used only in web interface and it can be used on the mobile browser without any hassles. It does not have any Android or iOS applications; it provides a web-based application. This can be accessed from mobile devices that include tablets and smartphones.

5. Are funds secure on Bitcoin Digital?

As per our review, we can say that Bitcoin digital offers the highest security to safeguard the user’s funds. It ensures that all the security measures are implemented properly and it uses encryption methods to save the user’s data. This platform complies with the GDPR rules of the European Union, which implies that the user’s data is safe.

6. How to Open An Account on Bitcoin Digital?

Opening an account with Bitcoin digital is easy and it can be done within a few seconds. They need not submit any identification proofs to use the trading platform, but they should comply with the KYC process before they proceed with live trading with their partner brokers. But Bitcoin digital services are limited and not available in certain jurisdictions.

Investment advice – Trading with cryptocurrencies is subject to market risk and it involves the risk of losing funds and should be carefully considered before you invest a lot of money. Further, your investment might not qualify for investor protection. Stock trading, trading with cryptocurrencies, and CFDs are complex instruments and you should consider whether you fully understand and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Bitcoin Digital













  • Bitcoin Digital is an automated trading platform.
  • There are no hidden fees or charges.
  • Faster and easier registration process.
  • The withdrawals process is faster.


  • It does not offer a demo trading.
  • No Mobile app.
  • Trading with cryptocurrencies involves high risks.
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