Big Money Rush Review 2023

With the rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies, there has been a rise in many trading mediators, both manual and automated. These trading robots allegedly help you to take advantage of the Bitcoin rush; they help you trade in Bitcoin and increase your chances of accumulating profit. This rise in trading boots has made trading handier for new users but also has given rise to a lot of scam software on the other hand.

These risks associated with the use of trading robots make it imperative important to know your crypto robot’s characteristics and authenticity in the first place before placing your hard earned money through its trading accounts.

Big Money Rush review – Overview of Big Money Rush

Big Money Rush Platform – Overview

What is Big Money Rush?

Big Money Rush is a cryptocurrency trading robot that applies a powerful algorithm to help you to venture into the Big Money Rush for quick money and profits via Bitcoin trading.

Big Money Rush claims an efficiency rate of more than 94%, which is impressive for a new trusted bitcoin trading platform. Big Money Rush review has taken a comprehensive perspective to check all the claims made by the website so that users get the practical solution on the authenticity, use, and efficiency of this trading robot.

How does the Big Money Rush Work?

Big Money Rush review at first place will provide you an idea on the working of the Bitcoin money rush, so you could decide if it is user friendly or not. In the Big Money Rush review, it has been found that it has very simple and easy steps to follow for sign up.

Big Money Rush reviews - How does it Works?

How Big Money Rush Works?

At the very first stage, you need to check whether this trading platform is available in your country or not. For doing so, you need to check the list of the countries where the Big Money Rush trading robot is available. To add on, the countries where Big Money Rush is available have broker assistance also available to make the process easy.

Step 1: Registration

Step one includes filling up the registration form at the left column of the website. The information asked for is namely name, email address, and phone number. If the website is not available in your country, the same information will be provided, as you will enter your phone number with country code.

Step 2: Deposition

Step two includes making a min deposit of $250, in the account to begin the trading. The deposit could be made through any of the deposit methods like wire transfer, credit card, master card or Bitcoin wallet. The website provides a “safe & secure “billing procedure term and conditions to safeguard your information. The money deposited by you will be handled by the professional partner brokers who act as mediators. Big Money Rush provides a demo trading option.

Step 3: Live trading

Once you reach step three, you can start trading live with the trading capital deposited. On the Big Money Rush live trading, there are many brokers associated, which will help you venture into the Bitcoin rush for quick money through Bitcoin trading. The Bitcoin rush is now considered equivalent to the gold rush that happened some years back. It has a well regulated brokering process, which makes it a safe platform to use.

Key Features of Big Money Rush

The trading platform of Big Money Rush has a certain special feature that provides it leverage upon other Bitcoin robots. Some of the major features of Big Money Rush are as follows –

  1. Accurate performance: The trading app of Big Money Rush has demonstrated a very high-performance rate. Though the Big Money Rush website claims to have a win rate of 99.4%, on performing the cryptocurrency trading live on a Big Money Rush, it has been found that it has an accuracy rate of 88%. On the basis of the trading robot rating features, such a high success rate and smart trading could help you to magnify your profit.
  1. Better technology: The trading algorithms working behind Big Money Rush have been upgraded recently, which has made it an efficient technology. Big Money Rush has advanced programming software, which keeps its traders 0.01 second ahead of the crypto market. With this “time leap,” Big Money Rush has managed to be one of the most consistent trading software available.
  1. Award-winning trading app: The trading robot of Big Money Rush is available in the app form. The app of Big Money Rush has received many prizes and accolades for its efficient performance. The US trading association has designated a Big Money Rush app as one of the efficient apps in the crypto industry.
  1. Trustworthiness: The Big Money Rush app is very transparent in operation. It does not have any hidden fees associated. Customer care is also very cooperative and helps you to understand the process. You can contact the customer care via a phone call, live chat using your trading account username email address. On proper investigation, it could be construed that, Big Money Rush app is trustworthy with a genuine reputation.

Moreover, on the website of the Big Money Rush, the fee mechanism has been provided. The information provided states that there are no license fees required to operate a Big Money Rush.

Big Money Rush review - Technology and Awards

Big Money Rush review – Technology and Awards

Here point to remember is the fact that Big Money Rush claims commission on the profit generated by the traders. Though with this clause attached, Big Money Rush always works in favor of the client so that they generate more profit.

Efficiency rate


Minimum Deposit


Deposit and withdrawal mode

Credit card

Work Mode

Fully automated

Is Big Money Rush legit or a scam software?

There are many contradictory claims by many reviewers on the legit nature of the Bitcoin money rush. Big Money Rush review will provide you a genuine insight into its authenticity in the first place so that you get the precise idea on it. This Bitcoin trading platform claims to help you to earn $1500 per day with its powerful algorithm.

Start trading with Big Money Rush

Start trading with Big Money Rush

How much should I deposit with the Big Money Rush?

Sometimes in the money rush, big trading mistakes are made by traders. They often tend to get carried away by emotions; in this rush, big money is lost.

The deposition of money depends upon your trading experience. As always advised, if you are a newcomer, always begin with a minimal deposit. Also, firstly make yourself skill full with a demo account and the articles on Bitcoin trading before beginning the live trading.

In case you are an expert, then you could initial with a minimal amount at your very first transaction to get an idea on its working and then gradually raise your bar, by analyzing its performance.

Can I withdraw my profits from the Big Money Rush?

One of the features which make Big Money Rush a favored Bitcoin trading platform for the users is “seamless withdrawal.” With Big Money Rush, big money can be earned easily and can also be withdrawn as easily. You do not have to go through any tedious withdrawal process. It has the following simple steps for withdrawal.

  • Click on the withdrawal option icon on the dashboard.
  • Fill the withdrawal request form with the requisite information to validate your identity.
  • Fill the withdrawal mode, with trading account details.
  • Your money will be transferred within 24 hours of the request.

Though the website claims the withdrawal time of only 24 hours, after considering the review of many users, it has been noted that it took 48 hours at max for a withdrawal request to be processed.

Overall it could be said that it has an efficient withdrawal process with fewer processes and lesser processing time. To add on, you do not require any mandatory broker assistance to withdraw the money. So in the Big Money Rush, withdrawal of money will be completely on your discretion. In case you face any issues in the process, you can definitely get in touch with the customer care via your mobile number, e-mail from your registered name email address, or live chat.

Should I invest Money in the Big Money Rush?

If you are searching for a legit platform that will provide a high-efficiency rate with Bitcoin trading, then Big Money Rush is your platform. With Big Money Rush, big money has been earned by traders. Reviews all over the internet have been found wherein users enjoyed the following benefits while using the Big Money Rush platform.

Big Money Rush reviews - Read Users Experience!

Big Money Rush reviews – Read Users’ Testimony!
  • Efficient brokering service:Big Money Rush has a broker associated with it, which assists the user while trading on the Bitcoin trading software. These brokers whether they are forex brokers or crypto brokers, have a well-regulated structure and proper regulation to trade. All brokers are members of the top-notch regulating body of the USA and UK and have a good track record.The regulators act as the yardsticks which segregate clients based on pre-set criteria. These regulators also make sure that all regulating processes should be strictly followed by the brokers. These efficient working of regulators, weed out any possibility of mishandling of money by the brokers. And this is one of the features which make the Big Money Rush an efficient and legit platform to trade.
  • Consistent profitability:
    The website claims Big Money Rush a high return generating trading robot. After going through all the reviews, it is safe to say that Big Money Rush provides a consistent profit. It is one of the features which make sure that you do not go through a sudden loss on investing a high chunk. The high algorithm tries to make sure that the consistency of your earning should always remain constant. On a proper analysis of the background, it could be construed that the website manages to provide a profit of around 12% per day depending on the crypto market’s trading conditions.
  • Strong Robot algorithm:Like other trading platforms, a Big Money Rush is also a completely automated platform. The robots have been designed with a strong algorithm. This is one of the reasons that the Big Money Rush provides such a high and consistent return.These robots speculate on the movement of the price of cryptocurrencies to initiate Bitcoin trading. Being fully automatic, the Big Money Rush could be used by both new and experienced traders.

Big Money Rush review – Verdict

To conclude, a Big Money Rush is a legit platform. The trading platform of Big Money Rush has managed to gain positive feedback from its users. One of the major upvotes of the Big Money Rush website is the fact that it is very easy to use with proper safety guaranteed. The easy setup process and user-friendly interface take no time for the first time user also to become familiar with the working.

On the final verdict, it could be said that it is one of the efficient trading app available in the Bitcoin trading platforms. But it is advisable to invest less in the beginning with timely withdrawals so that any chance of sudden loss could be mitigated.

Also, the trading platform of Big Money Rush provides a consistent profit with an average return of more than 12%. The positive and genuine review second its return claim, which makes Big Money Rush an efficient platform to trade.


1. Is Big Money Rush legit?

Ans. Yes, Big Money Rush is a completely legit platform. It has revamped the Big Money Rush website. And on proper analysis of all the claims and reviews, it could be confirmed that it is a completely legit platform. It also complied with some of the top-notch regulations for safety and brokerage, which second its legit claim.

2. Is Big Money Rush a good platform for new traders?

Ans. Yes, Big Money Rush is a good platform for new traders also. This is so because Big Money Rush is a fully automated platform. This makes Big Money Rush web trader very easy to use and invest for both new as well as experienced traders. The brokers associated with the platform flows strict GDPR compliance, which makes sure that brokers could not misguide the new traders.

3. How safe is the Big Money Rush?

Ans. On browsing through the details, it could be assured that a Big Money Rush is a safe platform to trade on. To add on, Big Money Rush comply with standard safety regulations to make sure that hackers could not hack the website.

4. How can I withdraw money from a Big Money Rush?

Ans. If you want to withdraw money from a Big Money Rush, you have to fill the withdrawal form and withdrawal mode. The website of Big Money Rush claims that withdrawal could be processed within 24 hours. Practically, after going through the reviews, it could be said that the withdrawal from Big Money Rush could be made within 48 hours.

Big Money Rush













  • Efficient withdrawal process.
  • Efficient customer service.
  • Secure crypto robot platform
  • High efficiency


  • Limited payment and withdrawal mode with a credit card option only.
  • Limited country operation
  • Only automated option available
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