Dogecoin Price Plunge Reversed to Uptrend in a Day

Dogecoin News Price

The crypto market is currently dealing with huge volatility. However, most of the coins have improved and the same has brought the hope of early back. The intraday traders weren’t expecting Dogecoin price to drop to $0.019. However, the nightmare seems to be over as the coin is back at $0.0020 mark.

Intraday trading is anticipated to bring expected profit to the traders. We are positive that the bullish trend might stick around for a while.

Dogecoin Price Analysis

DOGE Price AnalysisYesterday, Dogecoin began the day at $0.001919. The price escalated to $0.002012 by 4.87%. The price dropped to $0.019 by 5.6%. DOGE price escalated to $0.0020 by 5.3%. After that, there were fluctuations recorded between $0.0020 and $0.0019, which were followed by uptrend of 11.17%. The escalation took the price counter to $0.00217 from $0.00193. The coin price dropped to $0.00202 by 5.91%. The coin struggled again and moved to $0.00213 by 5.06% hike. The intraday movement in the Dogecoin brought an 11.03% progression. The currency slipped to $0.0020 by 6.21%. Further, the price escalated to $0.00207 by 4.17%.

Dogecoin price is currently dealing at $0.00207 above the immediate resistance level at $0.00206. The chances of reaching the immediate resistance level at $0.0022 are bright. Intraday trading is likely to bring for investors.

Resistance LevelPrice
Support LevelPrice

DOGE has given the desired result in the past and the same is expected from the future. The interested traders are recommended to opt for the long-term investment for a colossal profit.