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If you are looking for a trading platform that goes far beyond countries’ borders and reaches more than 16000 markets worldwide, InvestXE should be your first pit stop. What is attractive for the InvestXE system is that investors, regardless of whether they are beginners just testing the trading waters or professionals with years of trading experience under their belt, have something to cheer about. The reason for this is that InvestXE simplifies the trading to an extent where it is accessible to all without the usual complexities found on other sites.

The real benefit of InvestXE is that you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the instruments available for trading on InvestXE. Start with commodities, go on to Forex and currency pairs, touch cryptocurrency, and round off your day with commodities. And if you want to try your hand in areas that you are not familiar with, there is always a range of specialized tools and resources to ensure that you can trade optimally in the instrument of choice. For any problems, you can always depend on their highly effective customer service and support to handhold you on your trading journey.

InvestXE Review

InvestXE Review – Overview of Platform

This InvestXE review will take you through the various features of the trading platform in detail. This post aims to make a clinical analysis of the trading platform that has caught the imagination of investors worldwide. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight in.

Trading Accounts on Invest XE

InvestXE offers a wide range of accounts, so you can have one that best suits your needs and with which you are comfortable. What is critical here is that the various accounts have been created to cater to different levels of expertise of the traders. You can begin with primary and basic accounts and move forward to other more complex but rewarding ones. But the bright side is that all the accounts structures are flexible and can be customized by you as per your convenience.

Here are the various types of accounts provided by InvestXE on their trading platform.

Primary Accounts

This type of accounts range from the basic to the more complex advanced ones and allows you to trade efficiently and optimally on the platform. This is one of the highlights of trading on InvestXE and is focused on all InvestXE reviews. The primary accounts can be categorized into three sections.

  • Standard Account: This is the best account if you are starting in the trading field. But you will not be restricted in choice as you can still trade in a large number of instruments and assets with the standard account. You can trade in different markets and pick up the required expertise to trade in various assets. The standard accounts will assist you in trading smartly and making money. In case of any difficulty, you can always fall back on professional analysts to get updated market information and guidance on the right choice of techniques. For opening a standard account, you have to deposit BTC that equals in value to $500.
  • Progression Account: Once you open a progression account, you will get access to all the tools and resources that will help you to become a seasoned trader. Hence this account is beneficial for beginners too. You will learn how to increase your knowledge of trading techniques and sharpen your skills in this field to start making real money and get ahead of the competition. Most importantly, those having progression accounts have access to the highly optimized trading platform MarketPro 1.0 of InvestXE. Further, account holders get a membership to the extensive webinar library as well as 90 days of training at the trading school of InvestXE. This will be dealt with in detail later in the post. The minimum deposit account for opening a progression account in BTC equivalent to the value of $5000.  
  • Advanced Account: If you are a professional trader and want to use advanced tools and capabilities, this is the account for you. An advanced account lets you trade like a pro with excellent customer service and support round the clock. Increase your chances exponentially of trading successfully with access to the InvestXE Trading School for 180 days against the 90 provided by the progression account. The minimum deposit required for opening an advanced account in BTC equivalent to $25000.

InvestXE Account Types

InvestXE Types of Account

These are the three types of primary accounts provided by InvestXE.

Professional Accounts

As you progress up the trading path, you will require additional resources to get more trading opportunities and options. This is where you will have to open a professional account. There are several benefits to professional accounts. These include updated information and trading signals sent directly to your phone over SMS or WhatsApp, bespoke insights, tighter spreads, access to training sessions, and invitations to exclusive events usually reserved for the VIPs.  

There are two categories of professional accounts.

  • Gold Account: If your eyes are set on large volumes and big trades, the gold account is perfect for you as it has several in-built tools and abilities as well as assistance and guidance from the professionals to carry out winning trades. Secure access to the MarketPro1.0, along with bespoke and personalized sessions, are the highlights of this account. Most critically, InvestXE provides a hot-line for traders direct to their trading room, where you will get unlimited help from the experts, 24/7 as well as live review sessions with top analysts. This will help you to become acquainted with all the cutting-edge features of the platform and trade optimally. Included in the gold account is a membership to the webinar library, where you will get information and tips to trade successfully. The minimum deposit to open the account is a BTC equivalent of $75000.
  • Platinum Account: This is the top-of-the-line account from the InvestXE trading platform and is particularly suited for real and professional traders carrying out precise and complex trades. With the platinum account, you will get high-tech tools, superior and committed customer support, and lots of resources to maximize your trading experience. As in Gold accounts, you get exclusive access to VIP rooms, but there is another benefit. The spreads are tighter and lower up to 5% than gold accounts. To open an account, the minimum deposit is $150000, equivalent to BTC.

InvestXE Professional Account Types

InvestXE Professional Account Types

These are the two types of professional accounts that take you beyond the benefits of primary accounts.  

AutoXE Accounts

InvestXE reviews show that the third and final type of account offered by the platform is the AutoXE account, where you can operate your brokerage account based on automated strategies. Since the algorithms are created by professional analysts based on historical data, you can increase profits and make more money while saving a lot of time and effort. While the funds stay in your account, you can start and stop the system any time that you want. You have the choice of going through a single algorithm trading strategy or a number of them simultaneously. You can also choose to follow the legends at InvestXE and use the best strategies suggested by them. Either way, it is a win-win situation for you.

Instruments that can be Traded on InvestXE

Few platforms offer you more than 16000 assets under different instruments to trade in, as is the case of InvestXE. An InvestXE review shows the following range of assets.

  • Cryptocurrencies – It is not necessary to own cryptocurrencies to trade on the platform. InvestXE has the most sophisticated tools to identify the trending markets and values in the crypto world. It is easy to recognize the best opportunities in crypto trading well before the other traders come into the fray. This will enable you to increase your profit from the trading manifold. The platform also provides detailed insights and information about the crypto world that will help you trade more effectively.  
  • Currency Options – Trading in currency options and pairs is rapidly expanding the world over and is a very lucrative option for traders. For the uninitiated in this trade form, InvestXE provides several forms of assistance that will help you make money. These include competitive pricing, round the clock chats support, round the clock trading, and different maturity ranges. Moreover, trading in currency options can be from any device, and you can conduct trades and make a real-time analysis of the market from your mobile device while on the go.
  • Energy Commodities – InvestXE reviews prove that trading in energy commodities is a unique offering of the platform. Non-renewable energy commodities are coal, gas, and oil, while renewable energy commodities are biomass, solar and wind, and geothermal. The prices of these commodities are dependent on various factors like the introduction of new technologies and weather conditions. But InvestXE offers all options to trade smartly by providing all information to help you make smart choices.
  • Precious Metals – On the InvestXE platform, you can trade in precious metals like gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. This form of asset is perpetually high, and many buy to create a hedge against inflation. Precious metals increase in values and are a favorite trading option. You can trade in precious metals profitably on this platform.
  • Soft Commodities – Cotton, sugar, cocoa, coffee, sugar, soybean, and all similar items fall in this category. This market sees frequent price fluctuations, and hence guidance is required to navigate this volatility. InvestXE provides cutting-edge strategies that can be used in the soft commodities market trading to make profits even in a bearish situation.  

When you are on the Invest XE system, the asset choice before you is more extensive than what other platforms offer.


Any advanced trading platform offers customers in-depth training and education courses to understand the finer training points well and does not lose money in trades. InvestXE reviews show that when it comes to education for clients, they offer excellent options. Here are three of them that help investors reach their profitability goals.
InvestXE Education

InvestXE Education

  • Educational Courses – When you want to master the various trading modalities and methods and build your skills and knowledge about trading, educational courses of InvestXE can make it happen. The aspects of trading covered in the courses include stocks, commodities, indices, market trades, trading strategies, crypto leveraging, and more. Both beginners and professionals can benefit extensively from the courses.
  • Online Trading Courses – It is not necessary that you have to take up these training programs at fixed hours; the online trading courses can be browsed at your convenience. You can learn about the various facets of trading through webinars conducted by well-known trading professionals and industry experts. You will be taught about optimized trading strategies to use for different instruments. All that you need is I-click access to take part in virtual learning.
  • Personal Coaches – Personalized training instead of mass participation always helps clients get a better overview of the various trading features. Personal trading coaches of InvestXE provide individual mentorship where you can ask questions and request help in a one-to-one environment. Avail of personal sessions from the trading experts on the platform.

Get trained by professionals from InvestXE and be among the best in trading.  

Trading Platforms

InvestXE offers several platforms where you can trade in assets and instruments. From desktops to mobile apps that help you get market quotes and trade on the go, being on the InvestXE system is very convenient.

In this InvestXE review, let’s check out the various platforms you can trade on.

  • iPhone Trading App – The iPhone trading app is fast and convenient. InvestXE has ensured that its trading platform’s interface on the small screen is just as smart and with all the functionalities of the larger screens like laptop or desktop. Hence the trading opportunities are optimized with all the required tools and superior customer service.
  • Android Trading App – With this trading app, just like the iPhone trading app, you can have all the functionalities of InvestXE at your fingertips while on the go. This app too offers excellent customer service, all the needed tools, and resources, and sends push notifications.
  • Tablet Trading App – With the tablet trading app of InvestXE, you can trade like a pro at your convenience. Get all the updated market data and information, check the live prices, and track the latest trends – all on the go. All the features and functions you would expect from a conventional trading platform are available on the tablet trading app.
  • MarketPro 1.0 – This is the leading trading platform of InvestXE and provides all the details and tools that you would need to trade like a pro. You can develop the capability to assess the market in real-time before making your move. All assets and instruments can be traded optimally on the Market Pro 1.0 system, and the cutting-edge features will assist you in getting ahead of the others in the completion of trades. MarketPro 1.0 is available to customers of InvestXE on browsers and devices, with some functions free and others to be paid for. MarketPro 1.0 provides quick access to developers, strategies, currency options VPS via virtual hosting, advanced trading algorithms, and real-time technical indicators.
  • Web Trader – This platform is primarily for beginners as it has made trading a simple operation. New traders are educated on the finer aspects of trading and helped on their way to becoming a pro. For those who want to learn and pick up trading skills while carrying on with their trades, this is the platform to be on. You can access various financial assets, browse historical trading data, and compare various tools and risk management options.

These are the trading platforms you can use on InvestXE.

Crypto Funding

You can now leverage crypto funding without depositing funds in your account, thereby making high profits, regardless of whether you are a new trader or a seasoned one. When you are unable to keep aside funds required for trading, InvestXE provides the necessary monetary leverage so that you can get big profits. Moreover, you can avoid the volatility of the crypto markets by leveraging crypto options. Buy currencies at the lowest prices through short positions on the crypto with this platform.

Services Offered by InvestXE

Both beginners and professionals can avail of a range of services on InvestXE.

  • Dedicated Analysts – An in-house analyst of InvestXE will help you with insightful tips and advice so that you can navigate the pitfalls and hurdles of trading easily. This is especially useful for those wanting to reach the top of the trading structure and get an edge over the others.
  • Sales Traders – A personal sales trader will guide you and make the entire trading process simple for you. A sales trader will handle the sales, admin functions, and funding and ensure that you get the full value of their knowledge and skills in this field.
  • Personal Relationship Managers – A personal relationship manager will assist you in unraveling the complexities of trading with all the help and guidance you might require at any time about trading. You can seek advice even when you are not actively trading to sharpen your skill sets. Such a manager will inform you about the trades you should aim and avoid the usual traps while trading. The managers can be reached via email, phone, or chats.
  • Personal Trading Courses – It is critical to know the intricacies of the various aspects of trading before you can become a successful trader. By enrolling in the programs, you get a clear insight into how markets work so that you can better understand the finer aspects of trading to become a pro.  

These exceptional services are generally not available in trading platforms of the same class as InvestXE.

Customer Service and Support

InvestXE is a global trading platform with services in nearly 170 countries and offers excellent customer service and support round the clock via email, WhatsApp chats, phone, and telegram. 

InvestXE Customer Services

InvestXE Customer Services

The telegram support is through the Telegram message app at InvestXE. Any issues related to technical aspects, queries on service and platforms, and trading will be quickly resolved here. Email support is provided through different addresses, and customers can reach out to the Analyst Desk, Trading Desk, and Compliance Desk. All the services are available 24×7.


This InvestXE review shows that it is one of the most optimized platforms to meet all your trading requirements. With outstanding customer service and cutting-edge technologically advanced features, the platform has made its mark globally. Most importantly, all traders, regardless of the levels of expertise, can trade comfortably on InvestXE, not to speak of the range of trading instruments and assets at their disposal. Crypto trading options are also given to those without the required funds. Overall, InvestXE has a rich and rewarding trading experience.





InvestXE is a global trading platform that provides you wide range of accounts for trading. It provides the best education courses for both beginners & advanced traders.

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