Dash’s Heavy Plummet Pulls the Price to $50

The crypto market is exhibiting a moderate downtrend for a couple of days. The top players in the market like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. are also spotted affected by the same. The downward momentum is lowered today, but the possibility of improvement is still quite thin.

Dash coin has reflected a heavy drop from a few days. The traders are likely to wait for some days for a substantial price recovery.

Dash Price Analysis

Yesterday, Dash coin started dealing at $52.38. The price dropped to $51.38 by 1.90% fall. Then, the currency moved to $52.93 by a 3% hike in the later hours. The price of the DASH crypto was locked around $52.93 for a while and later, it escalated to $53.10 by 1.36%. The price slipped to $51.27 by 3.52% drop. The coin price recovered again and touched $52.38 by 2.18%. The price slipped to $50.12 by 4.32%. The closing hours reflected the upsurge in the DASH price. The counters moved to $50.5 by 0.69%. The intraday movement exhibited an overall fall of 3.64%.

Today, Dash cryptocurrency began with a slight upside movement. The counters changed from $50.5 to $50.9 by 0.82%. After that, the coin took a tremendous drop, and the price counters moved from $50.9 to $50.3 by 3.42%. The price jumped to $50.69 again by 2.15% and then, DASH price has returned to $50.24.

Dash price movement in the intraday chart is indicating a lock around $50 mark. If the price trades downwards, then the coin would find immediate support at $49.83. However, the chances of trading above $50 are higher than falling below the same. Dash is recommended for long-term investors due to its moderate price movement.

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