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Bitkub’s 2025 IPO fuels bold ASEAN expansion drive

Bitkub Capital Group, the most reputable company in the cryptocurrency exchange sector in Thailand, has planned an IPO (Initial Public Offering) at the end of 2025, which will be its catalyst to grow more prominent. The IPO (Initial Public Offering) of Bitkub Online, its trading platform, is therefore aimed at cultivating a strong presence among Southeast Asia’s booming cryptocurrency markets and undeveloped markets such as Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos.

Jirayut Srupsrisopa, the chief executive officer of Bitkub Capital Group, said that their organization would avoid highly competitive situations in countries like the Philippines and Indonesia. This is because they have already entered into the markets that the incumbent players rule. Rather than this, Bitkub’s approach is to build robust networks with regulators in less developed industries. This way, they seek to develop the most trusted and credible cryptocurrency community from day one.

In an interview with Nikkei Asia, Topp affirms that focusing on developing countries is strategic. The associated phenomenon results from the fact that these countries are less dependent on the traditional financial system, making it easier to implement more advanced technologies than developed countries. Such positioning might significantly decrease the economic burden of adopting new financial technologies.

The planned IPO is not just a growth strategy for the platform but also a way to legitimize this platform and one of the most important steps towards acquiring trust and broader recognition. Bitkub currently hosts over $3 billion in deposits from customers, making its activities crucial enough for the country to the point where any form of instability can pose a systemic risk to Thailand’s economy.

However, big international companies such as Binance have not discouraged Bitkub’s domination of the Thai market, which has a massive 95% “real trading volume,” says Topp. This tight market is due to the company’s strategy of putting trust and reliability before mass scale.

Bitkub is not merely concerned with its share of the digital economy market. The company’s chief executive, Topp, believes that Bitkub Online shares will be more than just a symbol of Thailand’s developing digital economy but also an indicator of it being different from other traditional industries such as agriculture and manufacturing. Foster digital and green trade, targeting Thailand’s struggling “middle-income trap”.

In addition, the company focuses on investing in the Thai startup ecosystem through the venture capital fund it has a subsidiary, which is a rare case in Thailand where it lags behind its neighbours in creating unicorns or billion-dollar valued startups. As such, even the mishap of the aborted acquisition by Siam Commercial Bank during the recent cryptocurrency market crash does not stop Bitkub’s effort to grow aggressively.

While Bitkub experienced a decline in revenues by half during the “crypto winter” of 2022, it still remained profitable. Their success made them stand out and increased their market share as their competitors struggled. While the “move fast and break things” business model may bring instability for companies like Binance and FTX, Topp’s approach to leadership seems to disregard this concept.

With the stabilization of the global regulations for cryptocurrencies marked by major developments such as the approval of bitcoin spot exchange funds in the US, Bitkub has observed an improved market performance. However, while decentralized exchanges are gaining some adoption, Topp predicts that top money from institutional investors will still be concentrated on centralized platforms such as Bitkub, which will continue to dominate their niche as they revolutionize the financial realm.

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