Zing Yang appointed as New Senior Vice President for VNX Exchange Asia

Zing Yang

VNX Exchange has worked the services of Zing Yang as its senior vice President in Asia, to accompaniment the recent thrust by the corporation to get its tokenized undertaking investment market into the region. The experience of Yang cuts on different arenas, companies, and organizations. Zing Yang has a vast variety of knowledge in private equity, undertaking capital, tokenized investment and community equity. This new senior VP is quite lively in use referring professional exemplary project and policy.

Temasek, Capital Group and BlockAsset Ventures are some of the reputed companies where Yang has worked for many years she was even a director at the Litecoin foundation.

In a bid to expand the company in the Asian market, VNX Exchange has appointed Zing Yang as its Senior Vice President Head of Asia. Yang will assist the company in achieving its aims and objectives in the continent.

Preserving a constancy amid the firms aim and business public accountability, founding original footmark, savers relations and network improvement in the landmass might be the original purposes of the recent Senior VP of VNX Exchange. Yang will also be contributory in serving the company to expand to South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Expressing her excitement in teaming up with VNX, Yang said:

“I am very happy to join the VNX Exchange team at what is presently a promising time for capital market development”. She stressed further, saying “While the global interest in the ICOs has decreased dramatically, the current global venture is still healthy. With VNX seeking to unlock liquidity through the blockchain technology, this solution will not only see high demand in Asia but globally.”

About VNX:

VNX Corporation is located in Luxembourg, however with a wish to demand to the worldwide marketplace and reach clients internationally. It is an interchange policy and a market for the project and tokenized venture money assets.

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