The technology called as XYO Network is getting blockchain to the everyday life, it has recently stated that it has been accepted and soon be listed on Estonia-based cryptocurrency exchange LATOKEN, with purchasing and exchanging starting from December 7, 2018. XYO is happy to enter itself in the listing news as the customer experience with LATOKEN is identified to be optimistic, and the exchange has an imposing regular day-to-day transaction volume of $50 million. With more than one million place confirming encouragements already constructed, and hundreds of thousands ready to be empowered, it has arrived as blockchain’s first cryptographic location network.

The company even stated that it would be shaping the world’s first public power-driven site network created on blockchain technology. The technology that the firm is building at present will power the world of tomorrow. Also, the XYO and the used to power it is the cryptocurrency.

As per Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, CEO of Latoken, the company is proud to have XYO Network list XYO on LATOKEN. He further added that the firm appreciates the leadership the company is presenting in the location-validation space and the numerous requests of what they are doing. It’s clear they are on the edge of doing even more incredible things. The future is bright for XYO, and we’re happy to have them launch on our exchange.

On the other hand, as per Scott Scheper, XYO Network Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, the new network is in regards to price stability. Being listed on many exchanges must make good charge stability for XYO. As part of a secure system network, collaborating with more exchanges like LATOKEN will offer the firm the best chance to make a more unchanging XYO price, making it a more smart enticement device for Geominers. He stated that one additional important thing I know our community will like since we listen cautiously to the contribution and response we get frequently: By ending our GAMMA Stage XYO Token Sale and preparing to list on exchanges, the market will now control the price of XYO Tokens.

About XYO Network:

Blockchain, the extensive expertise fundamental Bitcoin, removes the requirement for the trust for the reason that it makes all communications clear, decentralized and safe. It has quite accurately transformed online commerce. XYO Network is an exertion to create a massive and best, blockchain-powered location system presently under expansion with the aim to offer precise, inevitability driven data of location on the whole thing from smartphones to cars, etc. By uniting sites ideas with IoT and mobile devices, the XYO Network ecosystem helps to offer the confirmed organizes and information required to plan keen contracts, run smart cities, stand-in commercial relations, and power a legion of location-centric requests.