An operator of crypto exchange is forcing many severe ordinaries in the digital currency exchange industry in reply to research presenting few of the transactions are unprotected to safety concerns.

As per the report published in Cryptovest, ABCC CEO Calvin Cheng stated that though the viewpoint seems disturbing, its state might be less disruptive in real life. “There is a study showing numbers that are not weighed by exchange volume,” Cheng said. “It said that although there are numerous poorly-secured crypto exchange venues, they only account for a small fraction of the trading volume. Looking at the industry figures, exchanges with strong security still account for a much higher transaction volume. Security has always been a top priority and fundamental of ABCC.”

For numerous years, in spite of favorable rules for crypto-related trades, Singapore has tumbled behindhand Malta, Switzerland, Japan, and South Korea regarding market development. Exactly, the crypto exchange market of Singapore has thrashed to see an exponential upsurge in trading volume. As per Kim, Singapore has agreeably comprised crypto and blockchain technology related trades, which will let cryptocurrency exchanges based in Singapore to follow numerous projects and opportunities in the blockchain sector.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance has earlier this week announced the launch of Binance Singapore, assimilating fiat combinations against the Singaporean dollar for the first time in the company’s history. Upbit has reinforced fiat pairings in contradiction of the Korean gained in the local cryptocurrency exchange market of South Korea since mid-2017. The self-assurance of Upbit in mixing the Singaporean dollar proves the obtainability of tough banking associates in the country that would be able to upkeep the interest and demand in the direction of crypto trading.

As per Kim, the company is confident about Upbit’s secure and convenient exchange service, combined with the ability to trade in Singapore dollars, as well Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT via Bittrex support will allow us to attract users and establish Upbit’s presence in the global market. On the other hand, Coinbase makes it informal and simple to exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin in Singapore. The company functions in 33 different countries all over the world.