Ripple announces the latest new partners in global University Blockchain Research Initiative

Ripple, one of the most established corporations in the blockchain space, is presently serving major development for blockchain-focused university and research.

The blockchain based worldwide settlements network hurled its University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) in June 2018 to start academic research, practical growth, and novelty in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital payments universe. Ripple has dedicated more than $50 million in backing, subject matter know-how and practical resources to UBRI’s initially upsurge of university partners, which comprises 17 significant institutions from around the world.

According to updates to the program, the corporation is now supporting student-led groups at the University of Berkeley, with stress on cross-departmental courses that will help for a larger distribution for the technology of blockchain. The program also proclaimed a variety of shops being held at Georgetown and Duke such as blockchain, cryptography, and cyber-security.

In addition to the progress being made on campuses throughout the world, a powerful network effect has been created through UBRI that is not only spanning across specific college campuses, but also within each partner institution.

There is really a growing interest in the blockchain, cryptocurrency and digital payment systems among the best students and faculty in the world. I think that this will continue to flourish, as there is a real interest in this broad space and the application of this technology to solve major social challenges. Moreover, the students and faculty conducting work in this area are creating a powerful network effect in terms of learning and research, both on the Berkeley campus and across the campuses that Ripple has funded. For example, people are now able to identify others working on something similar to what they are researching, which they might not have known otherwise. There is real opportunity here to foster innovation and forward leading research through this network effect,” explained Tyson from U.C. Berkeley.

Eric van Miltenburg, SVP of Global Operations at Ripple stated that we launched UBRI back in June of 2018 to provide support for 17 different universities around the world to help progress their study of blockchain technology, cryptography, digital assets, and fintech. The blockchain is an incredibly transformational technology and helping advance the best minds in the world, who are already showing interest in this field, is sure to benefit the entire ecosystem. We’ve added 11 new universities this time around and now have 29 schools involved with the program.

Expanding the ecosystem to a more global, diversified network of UBRI partners will only continue to enrich these projects,”

In spite of the positive news being created by Ripple and the declaration out of Binance, the price of XRP failed to appreciate to any noteworthy extent. The exchange ensures trading on the rest of the market, as investors wait to see which way the marketplace will take after the most recent sell-off.

As per, Miltenburg of Ripple, scholars in specific have promoted from this program, as the subsidy from UBRI has aided them to grow in their research.

“One of the common themes across all the schools we’ve spoken with is that the demand coming from students far outweigh the ability for the faculty administration to meet that demand. There is no surprise that both the students and faculty at these schools are very excited about UBRI.”

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