Pakistan, Malaysia launch first blockchain-based cross-border service

As per the telecommunications company, Telenor Microfinance Bank, incorporation with Valyou of Malaysia, has recently started Pakistan’s very first blockchain-based cross-border payment facility, power-driven by blockchain expertise of industry-leading developed by Alipay, the online payment platform functioned by Ant Financial Services Group.

With the help of Valyou, the service will allow Pakistani users of Malaysia to send money home promptly and steadily Telenor’s remittance service provider.

According to governor SBP Tariq Bajwa mentioned that at around the US $20 billion per year, global payments were significant from the viewpoint of general macroeconomic constancy and their positive spillover in refining survives of many families.

The service purposes to endorse and inspire the use of official channels for payments, with all current inducements obtainable by State Bank of Pakistan for the elevation of global payment via mobile wallet being relevant for this service.

The SBP lately took severe measures to control AML during and illegal transactions such as Hawala and Hundi. Currency experts stated that these days illegal sales are becoming impossible.

According to the data, highest inflows came from Saudi Arabia at $2.152bn during 5MFY19 showing a growth of 2.5pc through the United Arab Emirates closely followed, with payments growing 10.6pc to $1.95bn. The United States came in third, with influxes during the period rolling by 33.2pc to $1.393bn.

Roar Bjærum, Senior Vice President, Head of Financial Services, Telenor Group & Chairman Valyou, said,

Roar Bjærum said

Further he added,

Further he added

Moreover, the administration has been preparation inducements for foreign Pakistanis who direct giving payments.

At the same time, it is trying to export about 100,000 Pakistani workers to Qatar, which has promised to provide jobs. This could increase payments which now stand close to the total export proceeds of the country (which have fallen by about $5bn in the last five years).

The data also stated that Malaysia had arisen as a fundamental innovative purpose for payments to Pakistan. Throughout 5MFY19, influxes spanned half a billion dollars for the first time as they rose by 53.3pc to $616 million, from $401.78m as compared to 2017.

On the other hand, Eric Jing, Chairman, and CEO of Ant Financial stated that

Eric Jing, Chairman, and CEO of Ant Financial stated