Malta getting a bank for crypto services

Malta getting a bank for crypto services

Malta is about to get a bank which will start the services of crypto tokens and the blockchain companies. It is have been avoided by the traditional banks on the so-called ‘blockchain Island’.

OK, blockchain capital limited announced that it is going to present the investor a Maltese based company named RnF Finance Limited. It is applying with the Malta Financial Services Authority for accessing to act as the credit firm.

Roderick Psaila is the CEO and founder of RnF Finance Limited firm. It has been in the banking sector for almost 28 years and it has started a lot number of banks in Malta over the past ten years. Now, he was also the CEO of the AgriBank. It is the Malta-licensed credit institution.

Roderick commented that the Bank is planning to get back the proper banking services to all the clients. The bank shall capture into four main business series. The four streams are offering banking services to corporate companies, lending, wealth administration, and private banking services.

They are focusing big corporate companies and the private clients so that no institutions are rejected.

This mantra should offer the crypto exchanges and the firms which are offering the tokens a chance to be service like other firms. The bank is intending to invest in blockchain technology and AI during the first years of operation management. This can allow the bank to onboard clients in a well-planned manner in ensuring that risk-based agreements are carried out.

Founding partner of OK Blockchain Capital Limited, Ms. Tian Ying said that they are glad to partner with the RnF and the team of it in the Maltese project. Tian said that they are excited to be involved in the new venture of the banking system on Blockchain Island.

RnF is set to begin the operations management of the banking system by next year in the middle by subjecting the regulatory approval.