The cryptocurrency market though in its infancy has encompassed diverse sectors including education, science, technology, computer science, business, philanthropy et al. Digital currency and cryptocurrency exchanges are evolving as wondrous assets. However, their true potentiality remains to be recognized and embraced by the mainstream population.

One major challenge befitting the crypto world is the prevailing wide gap between traditional exchanges and cryptocurrency traders. As a result, pricing and liquidity traders are deprived of the gains in fair pricing. A lack of transparency, inconsistent regulation, lack of liquidity and availability are the factors affecting mainstream acceptance.

New York-based Ibinex, a full stack institutional white label platform, mobile wallet provider, and ICO blockchain developer can be the one-stop solution to all your apprehensions regarding the cryptocurrency culture. In its White Paper released earlier this month, Ibinex outlined that it has developed ‘Connect’ to channelize existing major exchanges and Ibinex exchanges into a unified backend trading infrastructure. This will usher in stability to the cryptocurrency market by standardizing onboarding, KYC (Know Your Customer) and consumer education with the latest security-hardened technologies.

KYC and Onboarding Exchanges are today congested due to a tremendous influx of traders caused by lack of KYC and onboarding infrastructure. Ibinex’s turn-key solution assures to provide fully automated live and demo account opening through optimized and responsive online application forms, and its automated KYC/AML process permits quick customer onboarding. The firm also confirmed that no inputs from the client’s respective IT departments are essential.

Connect’s innovative technology backs every single trade on white-label exchanges. One unique feature is its liquidity aggregator which renders customers access to a unified order book listing pricing at any of the premier currency exchanges. Users can buy or sell cryptocurrency from any exchange without having an account, thereby saving the expenses and trouble of aggregating multiple liquidities and multi-asset instruments.

Another daunting challenge in the crypto space is coin listing which incurs millions of dollars per exchange. The constant rise in demand for listings is directly proportional to a persistent increase in rates charged by 3rd party exchanges. This also includes enhancing the onboarding process as a means to get the proposed listing approved.

Ibinex’s affordable listing solution allows clients to add any coin they choose via their own exchange at a zero fiat cost. This not only makes clients’ coins accessible to the entire Connect trading network but also spares them of the inflated costs they are compelled to incur while listing coins on major exchanges. This distinguishing characteristic of Ibinex would definitely augment user adoption and unfold newer avenues in the cryptocurrency exchange market.