CoinSwitch setting to eliminate the need for open trading account exchanges

Digital coin exchanges have increased since the year began owing to a couple of market factors within the cryptocurrency world. The existing coin exchanges offer a variety of services to the cryptocurrency users which aim for a competitive advantage over the peers.

CoinSwitch Exchange Aggregator set to eliminate the need for opening Trade Accounts in various Coin exchanges.

The crypto market is populated with the digital currency exchanges making it hard for the new clients to choose a platform. To make it worse, the veteran crypto traders are in a dilemma which networks to capitalize on.

CoinSwitch Company is an aggregator for the digital coin exchange platforms. It aims to remove this market inconvenience with its new network design. Sequoia Capital is the firm backing to facilitate information provision to new market entrants and veterans who wish to engage in the crypto world.

The platform links its uses with a wide range of trusted crypt exchange platforms. The traders can even customize their website to launch a coin exchange that suits their needs.

CoinSwitch is barely a year old yet boasts of listing over 400 digital assets with a number of exchange pairs. This achievement is attributed to strategic alliances with crypto players in the industry. It works popular crypto exchanges like KuCoin, Changelly, ShapeShift and HitBTC etc.

ShapeShift has changed its policy in the recent days to increase best practices with its clients including Coinswitch. This has led to a KYC process integration which changes ShapeShift’s privacy-oriented outlook as was before.

CoinSwitch users have other options if they are seeking anonymity. Given the platform’s functionality as a coin exchange aggregator, it will link its users with their desired coin trading avenues. At the moment, anonymous digital currency exchanges accessible via CoinSwitch include IDEX, Changelly and Changer among others.

The CoinSwitch idea is to offer a platform where users can access coin exchanges without having to open accounts in the multiple networks. Users can compare the market prices through the information provided on the website to get the best coin market to deal with. CoinSwitch can be categorized as a coin exchange market.

CoinSwitch is designed to be compatible with users preferred crypto wallets. This can eliminate the associated security risks with the hacking of coin exchanges as seen in the recent past.

Customization of exchange:

CoinSwitch’s infrastructure enables the participants whom own websites to integrate ‘Instant Exchange’ networks with no requirement of coding. This can earn the website owners revenue in cryptocurrency depending on the volume transacted via the customized instant exchange.

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